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HRH Geology

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2021-01-08

Главная / ПО для геологов, горняков, буровиков / Каталог / HRH Geology

HRH Geology


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HRH Geology is the leading operational geology service and solutions provider in the oil and gas industry. Established in 1989 the company has a global presence, operating in over 55 countries.
Геология HRH - ведущее эксплуатационное обслуживание геологии и поставщик решений в нефтегазовой промышленности. Установленный в 1989 у компании есть глобальное присутствие, работающее в более чем 55 странах.

Программное обеспечение:

Gravitas - The Integrated Operational Geology Software Suite.Gravitas comprises of a number of application modules, including Winlogng the world leading log drawing solution.
These fit together to provide a rich operations geology toolset to manage the geological workflow and seamlessly integrate with other disciplines such as drilling.
Scalable from a single laptop user to a multi-user centralized system, Gravitas gives the client flexibility to monitor, log, chart and report operations as required. Information held in the Gravitas database may be instantly shared to facilitate collaboration and avoid duplication of effort.
Gravitas provides a flexible, systematic solution to the problems faced by assets in today’s digital oilfield and ensures that organizations can make informed decisions throughout the well lifecycle.

Winlogng - The next generation of Winlog. Rewritten from the ground up to support increasingly sophisticated E&P log drawing requirements, our breakthrough technology sets a new standard for the industry.
Built with the latest software development tools and techniques, Winlogng introduces unparalleled innovations that reinforce its position as the industry’s premier log drawing solution.
Unsurpassed power delivered to the end user, both in the field and in the office via an intuitive user-friendly interface enables easy field data collection and world class full well lifecycle data visualisation.
Winlogng is the principal module of the Gravitas Operational Geology Software Suite.

EZ-Correlate - The Correlation Option for Gravitas.Easily create quick, simple and beautiful correlation charts of well data.
For the first time, wellsite geologists and operations geologists have access to intuitive correlation tools to compare a drilling well against offset or drilled wells.
There is no requirement to re-key data into other systems, everything that is needed to better understand the subsurface during operations is within the Gravitas system.

Gravitas Connector for Petrel*
Gravitas Connector for Petrel*.Extends and enhances the software’s capabilities by connecting the Petrel user to operational geology data and interpretation via a direct link to Gravitas.
For the first time, asset geoscience can seamlessly integrate workflows with operations geology through the sharing of data and interpretation before, during and after drilling.

WinDOT - The Digital Oilfield Toolkit.WinDOT is an enabling technology that allows customization of Gravitas to provide plug-in solutions to specific business needs.
Gravitas has always been highly flexible and customizable to suit the needs of operational geology. Now the scope has been widened to truly integrate with and enhance corporate workflows.
Tools may be created for WinDOT to perform a range of tasks from data entry forms to complex data manipulation, data auditing, customized QA/QC workflows, calculation and mapping. These tools may be categorized for easier management.
In addition to the custom tool ability, WinDOT offers standard tool options including a WITSML client.

WinDART - The Data Acquisition Module.Direct, central collection point for real-time drilling data at the rig, including MWD, LWD, drilling instrumentation and mudlogging.

WITS (Wellsite Information Transfer Specification) Level 0 is used to collect standard or custom data records across a network using TCP/IP or via the traditional point to point RS-232 serial interface.
Data can be processed and stored over depth, lagged depth and time based intervals. The stored data is instantly available for display and distribution to all connected users and Gravitas applications. Thus the process of collecting data at the well-site is simplified and time is saved. For example, if Winlogng references a table being written by WinDART it will be informed of the new data and this will be shown on the chart with no user interaction.

Repgen - The Report Writing Module.Produces accurate, consistent and high quality reports utilizing data that has been collected throughout the well lifecycle and stored in the Gravitas database.
Repgen reduces the time taken for geologists to complete their important reporting tasks thus releasing them to spend more of their time on interpreting the geology.
Automated population of report sections using stored data and client defined formatting ensure that every report conforms to specification.
Output formats of rich text format (RTF) and Adobe PDF satisfy client requirements for both report distribution and archiving as well as future editing in common word processing packages.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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