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Hexagon Geospatial: ERDAS IMAGINE®, GeoMedia®,ImageStation®,ERDAS® Apollo ,ER Mapper и др.

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Hexagon Geospatial


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Hexagon Geospatial Products
Hexagon Geospatial technology provides you the platform to design, develop, and deliver solutions
that solve complex, real-world challenges.With a rich technical foundation spanning decades, Hexagon Geospatial solutions integrate sensors, software, domain knowledge, and customer workflows into intelligent information ecosystems that deliver actionable information. They are used in a broad range of vital industries.

Producer Suite®

ERDAS IMAGINE®. полнофункциональная растрово-векторная ГИС для работы с данными дистанционного зондирования Области применения охрана окружающей среды, военные приложения, геология, геофизика, кадастр, лесное хозяйство, телекоммуникации, инженерные коммуникации, океанография и др.
The World's Leading Geospatial Data Authoring System
ERDAS IMAGINE® performs advanced remote sensing analysis and spatial modeling to create new information. With ERDAS IMAGINE, you can visualize your results in 2D, 3D, movies, and on cartographic-quality map compositions. Optional modules (add-ons) provide specialized functionalities to enhance your productivity and expand capabilities.
ERDAS IMAGINE: World-Class Remote Sensing Software.
Geographic imaging professionals need to process vast amounts of geospatial data every day — often relying on software designed for other purposes and add-on applications that create almost as many problems as they solve. Is it possible to save both time and money, leverage existing data investments, and improve your image analysis capabilities, with just one software application? Yes, it is…
ERDAS IMAGINE is offered within the Producer Suite of the Power Portfolio™. The Producer Suite empowers you to collect, process, analyze and understand raw geospatial data, and ultimately deliver usable information. This includes Hexagon Geospatial’s desktop-based GIS, remote sensing, and photogrammetry offerings.
ERDAS IMAGINE provides true value, consolidating remote sensing, photogrammetry, LiDAR analysis, basic vector analysis, and radar processing into a single product. We offer many solutions in one, incorporating the following standards, enterprise capabilities, and products:
Image analysis, remote sensing, and GIS
Support for optical panchromatic, multispectral and hyperspectral imagery, radar, and LiDAR data
User-friendly ribbon interface
Multi-core and distributed processing
Spatial modeling with raster, vector and point cloud operators, as well as real-time results preview
High-performance terrain preparation and mosaicking
A variety of change detection tools
ERDAS ER Mapper algorithm support
Ability to convert more than 190 image formats into all major file formats, including GeoTIFF, NITF, CADRG, JPEG, JPEG2000, ECW, and MrSID
Comprehensive OGC® web services, including Web Processing Service (WPS), Web Coverage Service (WCS), Web Mapping Service (WMS), and Catalog Services for the Web (CS-W)
Imagery and LiDAR are the primary sources of data for mapping and managing features or resources. Whether you are studying changes in urban growth, sensitive environments, mapping resources, or assessing damage from natural disasters, a geospatial data archive enables you to reference and measure the amount of change that has taken place in a geographic area. Accurate and up-to-date data leads to quicker, more informed decisions.
ERDAS IMAGINE unites users from different departments within your organization, saving training time and increasing productivity. Your co-workers, business partners, and clients can now work on a project and produce consistent results through a single intuitive interface. You can also customize ERDAS IMAGINE to simplify your workflows.
For organizations with extensive collections of geospatial data, ERDAS IMAGINE supports enterprise-enabled geospatial image processing that utilizes a centralized relational database to store geospatial information. This provides enormous benefit to an institution, making data visible and accessible to end users through data management solutions such as ERDAS APOLLO. Existing and future investments in image and feature geospatial information are exploitable by the greatest number of decision-makers.
As users upgrade their hardware and operating systems, ERDAS IMAGINE takes advantage of these new technologies through threading, parallel processing, and minimizing the number of times the pixel is touched on the hard disk. Batch tools in IMAGINE Advantage® and IMAGINE Professional® enable multi-core and distributed processing jobs, allowing large projects to fully leverage system and network resources.
How do you maximize the investment in your geospatial data? ERDAS IMAGINE simplifies classification, orthorectification, mosaicking, reprojection, and image interpretation while maintaining the integrity of the geospatial data you need for updating your GIS in multiple formats.
The intuitive ERDAS IMAGINE interface streamlines your workflow and saves time. Powerful algorithms and data processing functions work behind the scenes so you can concentrate on your analyses. The quick display and ability to work with multiple datasets in geographically linked viewers in ERDAS IMAGINE dramatically reduces the time you would otherwise spend trying to manually relate information from various sources.
ERDAS IMAGINE is easy-to-use, raster-based software designed specifically to extract information from images. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, easy-to-learn ERDAS IMAGINE enables you to process imagery like a seasoned professional, regardless of your experience in geographic imaging.
ERDAS IMAGINE is the most powerful package for derived information (data production), supporting multiple workflows, including:
Data conversion
Color balancing, mosaicking, and compression
Land-cover mapping and terrain categorization
LiDAR editing and classification
Map and report generation and printing through the map composer, PowerPoint®, or Word
Feature capture and update
Spatial modeling and analysis
Terrain creation, editing, and analysis
Available in three product tiers, ERDAS IMAGINE is capable of handling any geospatial task. Simple enough for the most novice user to get started, to those requiring robust accuracy suited for any application or project that any organization demands. All three tiers offer remarkably fast viewing and processing performance, even when handling massive data sets from any sensor in any format, dynamically.
IMAGINE Essentials®: A powerful, low-cost image and LiDAR mapping and visualization tool that allows different types of geospatial data to be combined and quickly organized for projects. IMAGINE Essentials provides a robust set of tools for geocorrection, analysis, visualization, and map output.
A geographic imaging toolset that extends the capabilities of IMAGINE Essentials by adding more precise mapping with sensor model support and geospatial data processing functions.
The IMAGINE Advantage level allows for Point Cloud editing and includes a complete set of tools to analyze data from imagery via mosaicking, surface interpolation, radar analysis, advanced image interpretation, and orthorectification.
The most sophisticated software for geographic imaging, the Professional level of IMAGINE, includes complex hyperspectral image analysis, and advanced multispectral image classification and point cloud classification tools. It also includes graphical spatial data modeling, which is a unique capability for analyzing spatial data.
The robust spatial modeler is a dynamic, graphical, spatial data modeling environment that provides real time feedback and previews. The modern interface includes extended analysis operators (including Point Cloud) as well as support for Python scripting. Authored models can be easily run in batch or published to a server (ERDAS APOLLO WPS).
With a wide array of tools enabling you to analyze data from virtually any source and present in formats ranging from printed maps to 3D models, ERDAS IMAGINE offers you one comprehensive solution for all of your geographic imaging and image processing needs. It simplifies and streamlines your production workflow, saving you time, money, and resources without sacrificing accuracy.
ERDAS IMAGINE fully enables the display, editing, and analysis of point clouds derived from LiDAR or generated from point correlation of stereo pairs. It also allows direct reading of LAS-formatted points clouds, enabling 2D/3D/profile viewing, symbolization, measurement, editing, and classification
Increase your accuracy using the flexible and comprehensive toolset of the standard in imaging software — ERDAS IMAGINE, from the inventors of commercial remote-sensing software. Additionally, Hexagon Geospatial provides an array of add-ons that expand the core functionality of ERDAS IMAGINE so you can tailor it to your organization’s individual geospatial and business needs.
These innovative products include the IMAGINE Photogrammetry, IMAGINE Expansion Pack, IMAGINE Auto DTM, IMAGINE Terrain Editor, and many others. For more information about these add-ons, please contact your Hexagon Geospatial sales representative.

ERDAS IMAGINE Add-Ons. Дополнительные модули и программное обеспечение .
Computer cluster-enabled automatic surface modeling.
IMAGINE Terrain Editor
An extensive toolset to edit your terrain data draped directly over a stereo image pair.
IMAGINE Photogrammetry (formerly LPS)
Efficiently transform raw imagery into accurate and reliable ortho images, terrain models or point clouds with dozens of rigorous and RPC models.
IMAGINE Expansion Pack
Advanced tools for realistic 3D, NITF support, radar DEM extraction, stereo feature collection, wizard-based change detection, and automated image to image registration.
IMAGINE GeoPDF Publisher
Create geospatially-enabled GeoPDF maps and access in Adobe Reader.
Easily reduce atmospheric effects from your imagery to normalize multi-date imagery.
IMAGINE Objective
Intuitive Object Based Classification to identify and extract feature data from imagery.
IMAGINE SAR Interferometry
Advanced radar interferometry including coherence change detection, time series change analysis, displacement mapping, and DEM extraction.
ERDAS Engine
Expand your processing power by distributing demanding, resource-intensive processes to more cores and workstations.
IMAGINE Developers' Toolkit
Extend the capabilities of ERDAS IMAGINE to meet your specific project needs.
IMAGINE Defense Productivity Module
Use data formats, sensor models, and workflows common in the US defense and intelligence community. Sold by Intergraph Government Solutions.

GeoMedia® is a flexible and dynamic GIS package for creating, updating, managing and analyzing your valuable geospatial information. Generate and update vector layers. Perform dynamic spatial analysis and generate reports. Automatically create and update maps. Manage data and map production more efficiently. Назначение- универсальная ГИС, позволяющая напрямую (без конвертации) подключаться и работать с геоинформационными БД большинства индустриальных форматов, эффективно интегрировать геоданные в единую информационную систему масштаба от рабочей группы до предприятия, полнофункциональная ГИС
Области применения ввод, сопровождение и администрирование геоинформационых БД, ГИС-анализ, тематическое картографирование, другие функции любого уровня для различных областей использования: правительство всех уровней; кадастр и управление территориями; экология; инженерные коммуникации; телекоммуникации; транспорт; добывающая и перерабатывающая промышленность; военное применение; планирование и маркетинговые исследования в коммерции, политические исследования и др.
Структура системы центральный модуль (объектное ядро) содержит основные ГИС-функции и полностью интегрируется в операционную среду Windows, что делает его доступным для всех приложений; имеются десятки дополнительных прикладных модулей.

GeoMedia: Dynamic GIS Mapping Software for a Changing World
Maps present data visually, allowing people to infer information about their subjects. Making the information-gathering process easier— making a good map—requires powerful analytical tools and clear symbolization. Dynamic GIS mapping software like GeoMedia combines tabular and geographic data to produce actionable information.
GeoMedia is offered within the PRODUCER SUITE of the Power Portfolio. The Producer Suite empowers you to collect, process, analyze and understand raw geospatial data, and ultimately deliver usable information. This includes Hexagon Geospatial’s desktop-based GIS, remote sensing, and photogrammetry offerings.
GeoMedia is a powerful, flexible GIS management platform that lets you aggregate data from a variety of sources and analyze them in unison to extract clear, actionable information. It provides simultaneous access to geospatial data in almost any form and displays it in a single unified map view for efficient processing, analysis, presentation, and sharing. GeoMedia’s functionality makes it ideal for extracting information from an array of dynamically changing data to support making informed, smarter decisions.
GeoMedia gives you the freedom to spend less time trying to connect to your data so you can focus on what you want to achieve with it. GeoMedia is a leading GIS software choice among users who want to connect directly to the spatially- enabled databases they already use—such as Oracle, SQL Server, and PostGIS data server—without using importers or converters. Additionally, GeoMedia can access many common geospatial file formats, most computer-aided design (CAD) formats (MicroStation and AutoCAD), Esri’s ArcView and File GeoDatabase, KML, simple text files, and OGC web services such as WMS, WMTS, and WFS. GeoMedia also includes an ERDAS APOLLO catalog explorer to spatially search, find and display image data directly in the map window.
GeoMedia offers a multitude of options for ensuring the data you add to your GIS is high quality and that it remains that way during its lifespan.
GeoMedia streamlines the addition of large volumes of data to your enterprise database, ensures the data meets your standards for completeness (attributes are populated and geometry is valid), and matches the data model your organization uses. It lets you ingest and integrate multiple data sources with differing schemas into a single, high-quality source.
Once data has been incorporated, GeoMedia can monitor and control changes, allowing you to see specific changes made by users, and establish a quality assurance checkpoint before the database is updated. It also facilitates resolution of any conflicting or ambiguous changes.
GeoMedia provides smart feature modeling capabilities that recognize the relationships between features representing real-world objects in a network, such as sewer, water, electric, or gas assets. By recognizing those relationships during the editing process, GeoMedia increases operator productivity and helps ensure that edits are consistent with real-world business rules so the network is always represented correctly within your GIS. It also provides temporal query and visualization capabilities that enable you to pinpoint network changes that have occurred over time and analyze the possible causes and real-world implications.
GeoMedia gives you the power to perform sophisticated analysis to extract information from data stored in multiple databases on different platforms and a variety of different files, all at once. It also enables you to create queries of unlimited intricacy, creating and concatenating queries together so that the results of one query feed into another query dynamically.
As the data changes, GeoMedia updates the results for you automatically, giving you a living picture of the real-life situations portrayed by your data. This capability can also be used to conduct powerful “what-if” analyses for strategic planning.
While competing GIS platforms may allow the same type of analytical concatenation as GeoMedia, they rely on the creation of intermediate files to accomplish the same result. As one query is executed, the results are stored in a temporary file, and the data in that file is used for the following query. If the original data changes, the GIS cannot automatically reflect those changes in the results it gives you. With this static approach, you have to rerun the entire analysis to obtain results that reflect the current state of the data.
Due to these unique analysis advantages, GeoMedia is the ideal platform to manage linear networks that are the mainstay of agencies who operate and maintain roads, railroads, transit, pipelines, and waterways.
These analysis capabilities allow you to track information about your network and perform specialized analyses to help make better decisions about public safety, maintenance priorities, and the expenditure of funds. GeoMedia supports the maintenance and analysis of both single and multi-level linear referenced and routing networks. Its multi-level linear referenced system (MLRS) supports multiple geometric representations of a network synchronized with event data and other information to ensure valid analyses.
Whenever you need to find a location or address as part of your analysis, GeoMedia’s address geocoding and matching is fast and accurate and works with your data regardless of where you are in the world. GeoMedia lets you properly identify a location within your street network using both rooftop and centerline models.
GeoMedia supports a wide range of coordinate reference systems from around the world and seamlessly performs on- the-fly transformation of both vector and raster data into the CRS you choose for your map.
In addition to ERDAS IMAGINE, GeoMedia now also delivers Spatial Modeler for visually authoring simple to complex workflows using raster and feature operations. Many capabilities, some only available using GeoMedia or GeoMedia Image Commands, can now be used with Spatial Modeler to process files, data, or other information that previously required programming or building GeoMedia custom commands.
Productivity and accuracy are essential aspects of vector feature capture and editing for enterprise geospatial databases. GeoMedia provides focused functionality for the creation, manipulation, and maintenance of geospatial information. It supports the essential, day-to-day operations required to maintain map information.
GeoMedia makes it easy for organizations with a large number of users to work with data productively. You can easily share geospatial content inside a department or enterprise. If your department has standards for styling, text properties, or structured analysis and queries, a supervisor can ensure consistency throughout the group by specifying those standards and queries, centralizing them, and sharing them.
GeoMedia’s easy-to-use graphical user interface is well- organized and streamlined to minimize mouse movement and button clicks, increasing productivity and reducing costs.
GeoMedia lets you modify and customize aspects of the interface, which makes it easier to optimize specific workflows. Individuals can also tailor the user interface to their particular needs and purposes. You can also hide parts of the interface, uncluttering the viewable work area and enabling faster recognition and access to work functions and tools.
GeoMedia connects the entire geospatial Power Portfolio of products to comprise a seamless, complete solution to geo-enable your enterprise.
GeoMedia is available in three product tiers. These tiers enable you to acquire the functionality you need. It also allows you to more easily adjust the scope of the software to match your GIS management needs, analysis requirements, and budget.
GeoMedia Essentials
Enables you to query and analyze a wide variety of geospatial data sources. It also includes IMAGINE Essentials, giving you the ability to do simple image preparation.
GeoMedia Advantage
It has all the functionality of GeoMedia Essentials and is excellent for data collection and editing, processing and analyzing elevation and terrain data including LiDAR, and it includes data validation and sophisticated raster analysis tools. Four commands that were previously available only in the GeoMedia Professional tier are also now available in the GeoMedia Advantage tier: Insert Area by Face, Insert Interactive Area by Face, Dimensions, and Insert Dimensions.
GeoMedia Professional
It includes all of the features of the previous tiers and provides enterprise-wide, multi-user data management and analysis. Manage linear networks, produce professional cartographic maps, conduct advanced feature editing, manage parcel holdings, conduct utility network analysis, monitor and control changes, integrate data from multiple sources, design and use spatial models, and assure overall data quality with GeoMedia Professional.
Hexagon Geospatial offers additional capabilities to expand the core capabilities of the GeoMedia tiers.
GeoMedia Transportation Manager provides tools to help professionals in municipalities, airports, seaports, departments of transportation (DOTs), rail companies,waterway agencies, and pipeline operations efficiently analyze their transportation infrastructure. This includes capabilities for tracking network information and performing specialized analyses. In addition, users can build a linear network model supporting both multi- level linear referencing system (MLRS) and vehicle routing applications. (GeoMedia Professional Tier Only)
GeoMedia Mapping Manager enables enhanced cartographic capabilities and GIS mapping automation to produce map series products and construct cartographically accurate map products. (GeoMedia Professional Tier Only)
GeoMedia 3D enables 3D visualization in GeoMedia. It addresses the increasing demand for realistic three- dimensional views of geospatial data by adding a 3D map window through which you can visualize, navigate, analyze, and interact with 3D data in GeoMedia. The GeoMedia 3D map window blends seamlessly into the GeoMedia interface, permitting complete and simultaneous access to all GeoMedia’s standard 2D analysis capabilities. (All GeoMedia Tiers)
GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst Professional integrates full motion video into the geospatial environment by dynamically projecting video over GIS data. (All GeoMedia Tiers).
GeoMedia Image provides advanced image enhancement, registration, extract, and save capabilities.
GeoMedia Image Professional provides a superset of GeoMedia Image, including many additional commands and an integrated high-performance electronic light table application.
ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia enhances the feature collection capabilities of GeoMedia by providing a stereo map window for the display of imagery and 3D feature data with smooth roam, dynamic zoom, and on-the-fly image enhancement.
ImageStation DTM for GeoMedia provides a set of tools to collect and edit terrain data to generate surface files for photogrammetric, mapping, and engineering workflows.
ImageStation OrthoPro provides a high-throughput ortho production system that includes ortho project planning, orthorectification, tone balancing, mosaicking, true ortho capability, automatic seam line generation, and quality assessment.
ImageStation PixelQue provides tools for checking and enhancing the quality of orthophotos and mosaics. It allows users to systematically review and mark up errors, to fix errors, and also to do image enhancements on an individual or project basis.
GeoMedia helps you easily unlock and understand the dynamic stream of real-world geospatial information that flows through your organization. It lets you conduct a variety of analyses, from the very simple to the very sophisticated, on data from disparate sources. It connects directly to the spatially-enabled databases already in use by your organization.
GeoMedia allows deep analysis and dynamically updates results. Its flexible tier and extensions structure allows you to tailor the system to your specific business requirements. GeoMedia enables you to create intelligent, intuitive maps, unleashing the information locked in your data, making it easier to make informed, smarter decisions.

GeoMedia Add-Ons. Дополнительные модули и программное обеспечение .
GeoMedia 3D
An integrated 3D visualization and analysis environment supporting realistic, three-dimensional views of your geospatial data.
GeoMedia Advanced Collection
GeoMedia Advanced Collection supports data collection and map production workflows used by international mapping agencies, in particular for the Multinational Geospatial Co-production Program (MGCP) program. It enhances productivity when collecting and validating vector feature data.
GeoMedia GI Toolkit
GeoMedia GI Toolkit is a set of productivity tools designed to extend the capabilities of GeoMedia Professional. It supports data and map production workflows, including data collection, data integration and management and data dissemination.
GeoMedia Image
GeoMedia Image provides advanced image display and processing capabilities for GeoMedia Desktop.
GeoMedia Image Professional
GeoMedia Image Professional fully integrates Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) and Imagery Analysis (IA) functionality and workflows into a single solution package.
GeoMedia Mapping Manager
Enhanced cartographic capabilities for producing map products. Includes GeoMedia Map Publisher and GeoMedia Feature Cartographer.
GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst Professional
A high-productivity environment for analysis of motion video taken from UAVs and other moving vehicles.
GeoMedia Objects
An advanced toolkit consisting of GIS and cartographic functions that allow custom-built GIS solutions based on the GeoMedia platform.
GeoMedia PDF
GeoMedia PDF is an add-on to GeoMedia Desktop that allows you to create highly intelligent georeferenced PDF files from map sheets in the layout window of a GeoMedia GeoWorkspace.
GeoMedia Transportation Manager
Helping transportation professionals efficiently analyze and maintain your linear features and infrastructure.
GeoMedia Viewer
A complimentary GIS application for displaying, analyzing, and printing map data.
GeoMedia VPF
GeoMedia VPF provides a production environment for the generation of digital map products.
Image Scout
Contains all the necessary tools you need for a complete geospatial exploitation workflow. Includes GeoMedia Professional, GeoMedia Image Pro, GeoMedia GeoDEX, and GeoMedia 3D (Image Scout 3D).
Incident Analyst
Incident Analyst provides an intuitive, user-friendly mapping environment for analyzing and understanding any type of event-based information.

ImageStation is offered within the Producer Suite of the Power Portfolio.

ImageStation® enables digital photogrammetry production workflows, including project creation, orientation and triangulation from aerial and satellite imagery. It also provides stereo GIS feature collection and editing and digital terrain model (DTM) collection and editing, as well as orthophoto production and editing. ImageStation is specially designed for high-volume photogrammetry and production mapping customers who need to move large quantities of raw spatial information to an actionable or exploitable format. ImageStation® позволяет цифровые производственные технологические процессы фотограмметрии, включая создание проекта, ориентацию и триангуляцию от воздушных и спутниковых образов. Это также обеспечивает сбор особенности СТЕКЛА стерео и редактирование и коллекцию цифровых моделей ландшафта (DTM) и редактирование, а также orthophoto производство и редактирование. ImageStation особенно разработан для фотограмметрии большого объема и производственных клиентов отображения, которые должны переместить большие количества сырой пространственной информации к преступному или годному для использования формату.
Continued focus on being the highest throughput, highest capacity, and most advanced end-to-end photogrammetric production solution with:
New 64-bit bundle adjustment in ImageStation Automatic Triangulation (ISAT) for increased speed and virtually unlimited capacity
New storage structure in ISAT for bundle results – able to load the adjustment results 30x faster and use 3x less disk space
New blockwise matching option added to ImageStation Automatic Elevations-Extended – reduces amount of redundant coverage and can speed jobs by 3x or more
Orthorectification (including dodge, dehaze, and ADRA) step in ImageStation OrthoPro is now a 64-bit process
ImageStation Image Formatter is now a 64-bit application
DTM merge in ImageStation DTMQue is faster by an order of magnitude by opening a single output file one time and merging multiple input files into it, and removing redundant data checks
New product ImageStation DTM for GeoMedia
Works with ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia to collect and edit terrain data to generate surface files for photogrammetric, mapping, and engineering workflows
Initial release June 2015 compatible with GeoMedia/ImageStation 2015
New View Contours and Create True Ortho Surfaces commands added in 2016 release
Improvements to GIS-based feature collection & editing
New commands in ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia to aid DTM editing workflows:
New Custom Edit Commands to delete, flatten, and change elevation within a polygon
New Dynamic Point Editor command to interactively delete, flatten, and change elevation while roaming
New option to delete points while digitizing linear features
New ISSG Redigitize Geometry command to work more effectively in stereo environment
New option to display actual symbols in stereo view, rather than the simplified place holders that were used in the past
Performance of digitizing features with orthogonal mode enabled has been improved
Modified cursor behavior when finished digitizing in a plain map window to not automatically toggle back into roam mode
Expanded format support
Added support for WorldView-3 and GeoEye-1 in ImageStation Satellite Triangulation
New option in ImageStation DTMQue to export LAS or LAZ file to Hexagon Point Cloud (HPC) format
New option in ImageStation Automatic Elevations-Extended to add coordinate system information to LAS files
Added support for JPEG 2000 format in ImageStation Photogrammetric Manager > IKONOS/GeoEye Reformat Images command
Improved interoperability with ERDAS IMAGINE
Improved Export to ImageStation Project command in IMAGINE for aerial BLK files
Export to RPC command in IMAGINE now writes RPC.txt files which can be used for satellite import into ImageStation rather than NITF files
Include the 64-bit version of ERDAS Spatial Modeler run-time environment for IMG format support in 64-bit ImageStation products and components

Provider Suite®
Provider Suite gives you the power to organize all of your geospatial and business data into one centralized library, and deliver it to others easily. Plus, powerful compression technology optimizes disk space requirements and ultimately reduces your total cost of ownership.


ERDAS® Apollo
ERDAS® APOLLO is a comprehensive data management, analysis, and delivery system. It enables organizations to organize and deliver massive volumes of data, and consistently delivers geospatial data faster and with less hardware than competing server-based products.
ERDAS APOLLO - решение направленное на устранение границ между понятиями ГИС, фотограмметрией и дистанционным зондированием Земли. Задача продукта – распространение геопространственных данных для бизнес приложений. APOLLO обеспечивает для пользователя единую геопространственную платформу, с помощью которой производится управление и обслуживание больших массивов данных. Используя сервис – ориентированную архитектуру (SOA), пользователю достаточно легко настраивать свои «правила» для публикации и контроля доступа к данным.
Image Chain rendering engine gives ERDAS APOLLO users fantastic benefits:
Configurable web service parameters give end users the power to control their imagery display, from basic contrast and brightness to fine tuning adjustments, from a thin web client.
Defence SIPS compliance ensures strict U.S. Defense requirements are met.
Full sensor model support provides on-the-fly ortho calibration and geometric correction.
Expanded format support for consistency with ERDAS IMAGINE.
Advanced monitoring and logging captures information about requests made to the server, generating insight into server activity for troubleshooting and security.
Geoprocessing services, new lightweight geospatial information services, return informational responses from customizable Spatial Models to answer an almost unlimited array of different geospatial queries. This service augments the existing WPS Geoprocessing service that focuses on generating new output products.
ERDAS APOLLO Connector for ERDAS IMAGINE provides better interoperability with ERDAS IMAGINE, letting users search the ERDAS APOLLO catalog using text, advanced and temporal criteria, and then load an image from the search result directly into the active IMAGINE viewer.

Compression Products
ECW Compression
Shrink Big Data With Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW)GeoCompressor

A stand-alone, high performance geospatial image and point cloud compression application designed to simplify the creation of ECW, JPEG2000 and HPC formats.
Empowering software developers to integrate high performance image compression and decompression directly into their applications. Available in read-only or read-write versions, for desktop, server, and mobile platforms.
ERDAS ECWP Browser Plugin
Rapidly stream ECW imagery over the web into your browser.
ECW for ArcGIS Server
Enable Esri ArcGIS for Server to read and serve ECW imagery via standard web services.
ERDAS ECW Plugin for ArcGIS Desktop
Extend the significant viewing and streaming advantages of ECW into the Esri desktop environment.
ECW Plugin for AutoCAD
Greatly improve AutoCAD raster handling with ECW compression.

Geospatial SDI
Geospatial SDI is offered within the PLATFORM SUITE.

IMAGINE Photogrammetry
IMAGINE Photogrammetry is offered within the PRODUCER SUITE.

Geospatial Portal
Geospatial Portal is offered within the PLATFORM SUITE .

Other Producer Products
Additional Producer Suite Products

ER Mapper
ERDAS ER Mapper technology saves time and disk space with revolutionary algorithm processing and other geoprocessing tools.ERDAS ER Mapper предоставляет пользователям дополнительные возможности для анализа и сжатия изображений, используемых в различных отраслях промышленности, например, поиске и разведке нефтегазоносных месторождений, месторождений других полезных ископаемых. ERDAS ER Mapper обладает полным набором инструментов для визуализации, улучшения качества и комбинирования изображений с целью последующего их использования в широком круге программных приложений. Извлекая необходимую пользователю количественную информацию, ERDAS ER Mapper делает собранные данные более значимыми для решения бизнес задач.

ER Viewer
ERDAS ER Viewer displays popular geospatial file types in a free desktop image viewer application and Microsoft Office Plugin.
ERDAS Extensions for ArcGIS
?ERDAS Extensions for ArcGIS unlocks the power of remote sensing and stereo photogrammetry inside your ArcGIS environment.
Spatial Modeler SDK
Hexagon Geospatial Developer Network subscription provides a C++ toolkit for building, modifying, and running workflows on geospatial data.
?PRO600 provides stereo viewing and terrain editing inside of a MicroStation environment.
ORIMA supplies engineering-grade aerial triangulation for ADS and frame sensor imagery

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