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RockWare Consulting

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2021-01-08

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RockWare Consulting


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With years of experience working in multiple industries, the RockWare Consulting team offers services ranging from simple borehole/well log reporting to the creation 3D models and animations. These services are reasonably priced and projects can typically be completed quickly.

Oil & Gas
RockWare offers cost effective and professional geological services to the oil and gas industry, working with modern and historic data sources to create contour maps, cross-sections, 3D models and volumetric estimates.
With more than 25 years of industry experience, RockWare consultants offer a wealth of mining-related services, including basic drillhole and core log creation, 3D block modeling of assay data, volumetric computations and the creation of animations and videos.
RockWare offers a plethora of services related to the modeling and display of subsurface soil and groundwater plumes. The RockWorks and LogPlot software can be used in conjunction with GIS, CAD and flow and transport programs such as Groundwater Vistas to create 2D and 3D diagrams, as well as volume and mass calculations

Программное обеспечение:

Geological modeling software
RockWorks — приложение, используемое для обработки геологических данных и просмотра результатов .
RockWorks включает в себя модули по точечному картографированию, построению изолиний, поверхностей (в т.ч. объемных), моделированию вертикальных разрезов скважин, построения стратиграфических шкал, графиков, диаграмм, статистическому и гидрохимическому анализу, преобразованию проекций, трехмерному представлению данных. Использование литологических данных. Специальный метод моделированияRockWorks позволит Вам создать непрерывную литологическую модель, где литологический состав может быть отображена различными способами.
Отображает изучаемые литологические интервалы в виде двухмерный и трёхмерных колонок и секций. Литологические модели продольных и поперечных профилей. Отображает непрерывную литологическую модель в виде колонки или в виде разреза в 2-х мерном виде в виде непрерывной 3-х мерной модели а также создание геологических карт, основанных на литологии.
RockWorks is a comprehensive software program for creating 2D and 3D maps, logs and cross sections, geological models, volume reports, and general geology diagrams for the environmental, geotechnical, mining, and petroleum industries.
RockWorks is the standard in the petroleum, environmental, geotechnical and mining industries for surface and subsurface data visualization, with popular tools such as maps, logs, cross sections, fence diagrams, solid models and volume calculations.
RockWorks offers numerous options for analyzing your surface and subsurface data, and accepts many different data types, such as stratigraphy, lithology, downhole geochemistry / geophysics / geotechnical measurements, color intervals, fractures, and aquifer data.Display RockWorks graphic output in its built-in 2D and 3D viewing/editing windows, or export to CAD, Google Earth, and other GIS programs. Use the ReportWorks module to create page layouts for reports and posters.
RockWorks Maps
Use RockWorks to represent your data with dozens of different map types: Points, contours, range-township-section boundaries, images, geology, and many specialty maps.
RockWorks Logs, Log Cross Sections, and Log Maps
Create individual logs or multi-log cross sections and maps in 2D and 3D. Arrange log columns using the interactive design windows. Display both vertical and deviated/inclined wells.
RockWorks Cross Sections
Create single- and multi-panel 2D cross sections through surface-based and block models of interpolated data: lithology, stratigraphy, geochemical/geophysical data, fractures, aquifers, colors, and vectors.
RockWorks Fence Diagrams
Create three-dimensional slices through surface-based and block models of interpolated data: lithology, stratigraphy, geochemical/geophysical data, fractures, aquifers, colors, and vectors. Include logs, coordinate labels, titles.
RockWorks Solid Models
Use RockWorks to interpolate continuous 3D "solid models" or "block models" of simple XYZG points or sub-surface borehole data, for display in 3D or sliced as cross sections.
RockWorks Volumetrics
Create detailed reports and models, as well as interactive views of volume computations of ore / soil or rock materials / contaminants.
RockWorks Borehole Data Types
Display and model different types of downhole data: lithology, stratigraphy, aquifers, quantitative measurements, fractures, colors, and more.
RockWorks EarthApps & Google Earth Exports
Create Google Earth output from source data - point maps, flyovers, contours. Export to Google Earth from RockPlot2D and 3D - maps, models, cross sections.
RockWorks Hydrochemistry, Hydrology Diagrams
Create Piper, Stiff, Durov and other hydrochemistry diagrams, calculate water level drawdown and generate hydrographs.
RockWorks Structural Geology Tools
Use RockWorks to generate rose diagrams and stereonets - individual and in map displays - as well as strike and dip maps, lineation maps, and more.
RockWorks Import/Export Features
RockWorks offers many import and export options for data, graphics, grid models and solid models to provide connectivity to other software programs.

Striplog, borehole log plotting
Used by geoscientists since 1983 to display their geotechnical, environmental, geophysical, mud/gas, and mining data as a graphic boring
LogPlot- законченное решение для отображения вертикальных разрезов, скважин для нефтяной, горнодобывающей промышленности.Программа LogPlot предназначена для обработки геологической и геофизической информации, с последующим построением геологических и стратиграфических разрезов, построением каротажных диаграмм, и оформлением.
LogPlot – the standard in log plotting software
LogPlot is an easy-to-use log plotting program with a flexible log layout and intuitive data editor. LogPlot software has been used by geoscientists since 1983 to display their geotechnical, environmental, geophysical, mud/gas, and mining data as a graphic boring log.
Plot single-page logs for shallow borings or multi-page/continuous logs for deep wells. Share logs with clients via PDF or post HTML log pages on your website. Export single pages or continuous logs to JPG, BMP, TIFF, and PNG images.
Point-and-Click Log Designer
The new and improved Log Designer offers great flexibility in borehole log designs – use a pre-configured design as-is (40+ shipped with the program) or create your own. The LogPlot Designer is easy to use, with point, click, multiple-select and alignment capabilities. Create detailed headers, footers, and log bodies in their separate design areas. Toolbar buttons offer quick access to the 10 header/footer tools and 18 log body tools.
Easy-to-use LogPlot Data Editor
Tabbed spreadsheet windows make entering data a snap. Point-and-click selection of rock or soil types. Type, paste, or import data from outside data sources. The LogPlot Data Editor includes tools for automatic depth intervals, arithmetic operations, data smoothing and filtering, and import from LAS, Excel, RockWorks boreholes, text, and DBF. Users have access to USGS and USCS lithology patterns and keywords, international users have access to foreign language keyword sets. Export data to ASCII, Excel,
Easy Borehole Log Compiling
With your log design and data file open, just set your plotting scale in English or metric units, click OK, and see your borehole log displayed on the screen in the LogView window. Compile multiple logs at one time!
Interactive Log Viewer
Use the Log View window to view the completed log display. Scroll up/down through the log page(s), adjust vertical scale, page breaks, page numbers, and more.
Print the log to any printer or plotter you have installed on your Windows system. Single-sheet and continuous printing are supported.
Save the graphic log as a LogPlot “.LPT8” file for later viewing. Export the log to PDF, PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, or HTML.
Project Manager for Quick File Access
The Project Manager window allows you to view all of the Data, Design and Plot files within a designated project directory. The Project Manager also reads and links directly to borehole data stored in a RockWorks database file. Open multiple LogPlot data files, Rockworks boreholes, and graphic log files in one easy step!
Batch Compiling
Build an on-screen list of data files to be compiled into graphic logs, which can be printed and/or saved.
Built-in Tutorial
The LogPlot tutorial takes you step-by-step through the processes of designing borehole logs, entering data, establishing program settings, and compiling logs.
USCS/USGS Patterns and International Keyword Sets
RockWare staff have meticulously designed pattern files and keyword sets that comply with the United Soil Classification System as well as sets that comply with USGS internal standards. Additionally, lithology keyword sets have been created for our German, Spanish, French and Italian speaking users.

RockWare GIS Link
Cross-section plugin for ArcGIS

RockWare GIS Link - Плагин поперечного сечения для ArcGIS
Import your RockWorks borehole locations as a layer in an ArcMap geodatabase.
The RockWare GIS Link toolbar installs into ArcMap.
Create Profiles and Sections using the RockWorks engine and any of the following data types: Logs only, Lithology, Stratigraphy, Interval(I)-Data, Point(P)-Data, Time(T)-Data, Aquifer Data, and Fracture Data.
Point Snapping Tool allows you to snap to the closest borehole or well location when choosing your Section Lines
Create 3D Fence Diagrams using the RockWorks engine and any of the following datasets: Lithology, Stratigraphy, I-Data, P-Data, T-Data, Aquifer Data, and Fracture Data.
Create line- or color-filled contour maps of ground surface elevations or formation tops. The resulting map is displayed as a DXF layer in ArcMap
Create isopach maps of individual formations or adjacent stratigraphic layers.
Create 2D striplogs for individual borehole locations, with all available data options.

Water chemistry diagrams

Software for water analyses: unit conversion, ion balance, sample mixing, basic fluid properties calculations, water chemistry diagrams (Piper, Stiff), and more.
AqQA-Программное обеспечение для водных исследований: преобразование модуля, ионный баланс, демонстрационное смешивание, основные жидкие вычисления свойств, водные схемы химии.
AqQA’s Data Sheet
Paste data directly from Excel.
Use common spreadsheet tools such as copy, paste, transpose, sort, and many others.
Convert units with a mouse click – no more keying in mole weights!
Compare replicate analyses and check standards.
Mix samples
Flag exceedances of regulatory limits
Data Analysis Tools
Check for internal consistency against AWWA standards
Calculate fluid properties such as water type, TDS, hardness, conductivity and carbonate speciation
200 pre-defined analyte types – inorganic, organic, biological assay, radioactivity, isotopes – or define your own
Diagram Options
Create water chemistry diagrams with the click of a button.
11 plot types: Series, Time Series, Cross Plot, Ternary, Stiff, Piper diagram, Durov, Schoeller, Ion Balance, Pie Chart and Radial Plot
Toggle between samples and graphs
Customize symbols and plot options

Gridding & contouring for AutoCAD

The fastest, most powerful gridding and contouring software for AutoCAD.
QuickSurf - программное обеспечение для построения сеточных и контурных карт, плагин для AutoCAD.
Slope analysis
3D flowlines
Thickness maps
Contaminant modeling
Cross sections and profiling
Faulted geology
Mine planning
Petroleum engineering/geology
Site visualization/animation
Civil engineering – Road design

CAD software
CAD Viewer, CAD Markup, SymbolCAD, and QA-CAD

CAD Viewer is a DXF and DWG viewer that is designed to be especially easy to use for the non-CAD user, but even CAD professionals will appreciate features such as Back and Forward browsing, and multiple file selection and batch printing. CAD Viewer supports all DXF and DWG versions through to AutoCAD® .
Advanced versions of CAD Viewer are also available. Click the links below for more information or here to view a comparison chart.
CAD Markup – An advanced CAD Viewer product that includes markup/measurement features
SymbolCAD – Creates a library of symbols that can be added to AutoCAD, DGN, PDF or raster drawings
QA-CAD LT – An an easy-to-use and low-cost balloon drawing software (bubble drawing software)
QA-CAD – A quick and easy First Article Inspection software (FAI software) or AS9102 software with very reasonable price
CAD Batch Command – AutoCAD drawing to PDF or raster images batch conversion, batch printing and more

Программное обеспечение для стереографических проекций, роз-диаграмм, петрофизики, петрографии, минералогии и статистики.

Stereonets & rose diagrams
StereoStat is an integrated platform for organizing, manipulating, visualizing and interpreting geological datasets.

Geostatistics software
GS+ provides all geostatistics components, from semivariance analysis through kriging and mapping in a single integrated software program widely praised for its flexibility and friendly interface.

Igneous petrology software
Igpet provides tools for teaching and research in Igneous Petrology, allowing users to develop their own data files and to use graphics routines to discover and interpret patterns of geochemical variation.

RockPack III
Rock slope stability software
RockPack III is a package of programs useful for all phases of rock slope analysis and design.

Circular data statistics software

Scientific graphing software

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