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ENVI - Harris Geospatial Solutions

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2021-01-04

Главная / ГИС/GIS / Каталог / ENVI

ENVI - Harris Geospatial Solutions


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Harris Geospatial Solutions (ENVI) - программный продукт для визуализации и обработки данных дистанционного зондирования Земли.
На сегодняшний день программный комплекс ENVI является одним из наиболее удачных и доступных программных продуктов для визуализации и обработки данных дистанционного зондирования Земли (ДЗЗ), который включает в себя набор инструментов для проведения полного цикла обработки данных от ортотрансформирования и пространственной привязки изображения до получения необходимой информации и её интеграции с данными ГИС.

Коротко история миграции ПО ENVI :
Through the years the company name has changed, but our commitment to developing scientifically proven solutions using cutting-edge technologies has remained constant. Our products have helped scientists explore space, see the human body in new ways, and understand the world around them. Building on this rich and principled history, Harris Geospatial Solutions has recently expanded its offerings both in depth and breadth.
2004 год - ITT Corporation - RSI along with the Remote Sensing Systems division of Eastman Kodak Company were sold to ITT Corporation and is renamed ITT Visual Information Solutions.
2012 год - Exelis -ITT Corporation is spun into three standalone companies; ITT Visual Information Solutions becomes part of Exelis, Inc. with the rest of the ITT Defense & Information Solutions organization.ITT Visual Information Solutions is renamed Exelis Visual Information Solutions.
2015 год - HarRis -Harris acquires Exelis.Exelis Visual Information Solutions becomes part of the newly formed Harris Geospatial Solutions.

Harris Geospatial Solutions

Harris Geospatial Solutions continues to be the leading provider of software products that extract meaningful information from all types of remotely sensed data. An in-depth knowledge of geospatial analytics and a highly-tuned process for applying machine learning technologies let us deliver game-changing, enterprise-level solutions across industries. Our latest offerings provide a new level of visibility to enable even more-informed decision making. These offerings include high-resolution LiDAR data collected by our own proprietary Geiger-mode sensor, an online Geospatial Marketplace where imagery, data and data-derived products can be procured, and Maritime data and solutions that provide real-time global vessel tracking.

Whether you are looking for a finished geospatial product, a custom solution, or data and analytics to support a project, we can meet your needs.

Extract meaningful information from imagery to make better decisions. Извлеките значащую информацию из образов, чтобы принять лучшие решения.
ENVI image analysis software is used by GIS professionals, scientists, and image analysts to extract meaningful information from imagery to make better decisions. ENVI can be deployed and accessed from the desktop, in the cloud, and on mobile devices, and can be customized through an API to meet specific project requirements.
Назначение - визуализация и обработка данных дистанционного зондирования; обработка и анализ мультиспектральных и гиперспектральных снимков; исправления геометрических и радиометрических искажений; интерактивное улучшение изображений; пространственная привязка изображения; ортотрансформирование; создание ЦМР на основе стереоизображений; трехмерная визуализация; интерактивное дешифрирование и классификация; анализ растительности с использованием индексов NDVI; анализа снимков в радиодиапазоне; векторизация растровых данных поддержка широкого диапазона растровых и векторных форматов; калибровка и атмосферная коррекция.
Достоинства системы - широкий выбор входных и выходных форматов; нет ограничений по размеру обрабатываемых изображений; автоматическая и ручная векторизация растровых данных динамический доступ к данным ГИС и СУБД; подготовка карт, и вывод их на печать; обработка гиперспектральных снимков; содержит инструменты, позволяющие автоматизировать и сделать максимально удобной для пользователя комплексную обработку и анализ изображений (спектральный и топографический анализ, а также анализ растительности); удобный on-line help (технические подсказки, с помощью ресурсов Интернета); использование формул и фильтров при обработке изображений.

В состав входят модули:
ENVI image analysis software uses scientifically proven analytics to deliver expert-level results. Businesses and organizations choose ENVI because it integrates with existing workflows, supports today's most popular sensors, and can easily be customized to meet unique project requirements.
ENVI SARscape®
When you need every piece of the puzzle.
ENVI SARscape® is used to process and analyze SAR data acquired from all existing spaceborne and selected airborne platforms, taking the data from hard-to-interpret numbers and turning it into to meaningful, contextual information. SARscape generates products and offers the option to integrate this information with other geospatial products. ENVI SARscape modules are integrated with ENVI providing the added benefit of image analysis tools and SAR processing functionality in one package.
Отдельные модули:
Analyze the Phase
This module enables the generation of DEMs (InSAR technique) and surface deformation maps (DInSAR technique). State-of-the-art methodology, applied to data acquired from SAR sensors, generate accurate (up to a vertical resolution of few meters) and detailed surface and terrain height products. The DInSAR technique can detect centimeter-scale displacements over time spans of days to years. The interferometry module is applicable in geophysical monitoring of natural hazards like earthquakes, volcanoes and landslides. It is also useful in structural engineering, particularly for the monitoring of subsidence and structural stability.
The Interferometric Stacking Module integrates point-based (PS-like) and area-based (SBAS-like) techniques for the processing of interferometric stacks. This combined approach enables users to obtain accurate results on both point and distributed targets.
The ENVI SARscape Interferometry Module allows you to process Interferometric SAR (2-pass interferometry, InSAR), and Differential Interferometric SAR (2/3/4-pass interferometry, DInSAR) data.
Agricultural operations work on razor thin margins. One key to profitability is being able to use the minimum amount of crop inputs while simultaneously maximizing yields. This is often easier said than done since conventional field inspection methods are time consuming and inefficient. Missing a small area of pest or insect infestation can result in a big loss come harvest, and over fertilizing can be just as costly as using too little fertilizer over the long term.
Satellite and UAV imagery offers an efficient and effective way to survey small to large scale farming operations to assess overall crop health. Remote sensing techniques can then be used to analyze aerial imagery to pinpoint areas of crop stress and determine exactly what is needed to remedy the situation. This type of analysis provides actionable information to determine when, where, and how much water, pesticide, and fertilizer is needed to produce a healthy crop.
ENVI OneButton™
Image processing made easy for your drone/UAV data.
ENVI OneButton speeds up the time between image capture and decision making by using the most advanced photogrammetric and computer vision algorithms. Use ENVI OneButton to create fully georeferenced 2D and 3D products from UAS data, and produce outputs including orthomosaics, Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), true color 3D point clouds, orthorectified multispectral mosaics, and controlled oblique imagery. These products can be used as inputs for ENVI to support projects across industries including precision agriculture, utilities, transportation and more

ENVI® Deep Learning
ENVI Deep Learning is commercial software that removes the barriers to performing deep learning with geospatial data. It plugs directly into the ENVI interface and does not require any coding.

ENVI SARscape®
ENVI SARscape allows you to easily process and analyze SAR data acquired from all existing spaceborne and selected airborne platforms. Generate products, and integrate information with other geospatial products.

Jagwire is web-based geospatial data management software that helps quickly discover data, transform it into information, and put it in the hands of the people that need it most – regardless of location.
Discover, Transform, and Deliver Geospatial Data . Узнайте, преобразуйте и поставьте геопространственные данные.

agwire is web-based geospatial data management software that helps quickly discover data, transform it into information, and put it in the hands of the people that need it most – regardless of location.
Jagwire allows users across the organization to quickly locate critical intelligence with advanced discovery and filtering capabilities. Whether in the field or in an operations/data center, users will have access to the data they need to make decisions with a high degree of confidence. Conserving enterprise infrastructure, whether it's disk space or bandwidth, keeps a systems up and running and costs under control. The Jagwire architecture is designed to get the most out of existing infrastructure. It is even optimized for low-bandwidth and high-latency networks, including dissemination to thin clients and mobile devices. JPIP streaming enables delivery of imagery data to low-bandwidth users without loss of resolution. FMV is transcoded on the fly at lower bit rates to support low-bandwidth delivery. Jagwire delivers across all networks and devices, from data centers to hand-held devices.
Operations such as monitoring oil and gas assets, responding to natural disasters, gathering strategic intelligence, or any other number of scenarios would all benefit from on-the-fly information for quicker, more accurate decisions. When Jagwire is combined with a cloud-deployed version of ENVI, the analytics are moved to where the data resides — making it possible to quickly create on-the-fly geospatial products with thin and mobile clients. Now, you can use the most up-to-date data to get answers in near real-time to ensure safe and successful operations. Some examples of supported image analytics capabilities include pan sharpening, change detection and land use classification.
Transform Big Data into Information
From the Jagwire interface, or as a stand-alone desktop product, any end user can rapidly transform big data into information using scientifically proven image analytics from ENVI software. When Jagwire is outfitted with ENVI, it’s possible to provide multi-INT fusion for Intel/Map product generation, enabling more informed decisions using all the information available. Or, ENVI can act as a completely interoperable solution with existing products and infrastructure.

IDL is the trusted scientific programming language used across disciplines to extract meaningful visualizations from complex numerical data. With IDL you can interpret your data, expedite discoveries, and deliver powerful applications to market.
Interpret data, expedite discoveries, and deliver powerful applications. Интерпретируйте данные, ускорьте открытия и поставьте сильные заявления.

IDL is the trusted scientific programming language used across disciplines to extract meaningful visualizations from complex numerical data. With IDL you can interpret your data, expedite discoveries, and deliver powerful applications to market.
The Language
IDL is the programming language of choice for many scientists and engineers because it’s easy to learn, easy to use, and requires fewer lines of code than other programming languages, making it easier and faster to go from data to discovery.
Produce insightful graphical visualizations of your complex numerical data quickly and easily with the IDL graphics system. With its intuitive syntax, the IDL graphics system gives you the flexibility to create high-quality graphic visualizations to help interpret your data and share results with colleagues.
The IDL development environment provides an intuitive, modern code interface that enables you to quickly create programs and build applications.
В состав входят модули IDL MODULES:
Advanced Math & Stats Module
Quickly add advanced mathematical and statistical functionality to an IDL application with the IDL Advanced Math and Stats Module. This add-on solution combines advanced data visualization and analysis capabilities with the comprehensive mathematical and statistical routines of the IMSL™ C Numerical Library — a set of pre-written mathematical and statistical algorithms that can be embedded into your program. The IDL Advanced Math and Stats Module gives you the ability to directly access nearly 200 proven algorithms and routines from within the IDL environment. Additionally, you can easily call these mathematical and statistical functions from new or existing IDL applications and immediately visualize the results.
IDL Dataminer Module
IDL Dataminer is an easy-to-use add-on module to IDL that provides the technology you need for accessing, querying and editing information from common databases, including Oracle, Sybase, MySQL and more. IDL Dataminer makes IDL an even more convenient, flexible tool for scientists, engineers and application developers who do not have the time or expertise to write their own database access routines. Yet it is still advanced enough for power users to design their own SQL queries.
This ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) compliant module is an off-the-shelf solution with pre-made routines for calling databases. Now you can get the data you need, regardless of your experience level with ODBC or SQL queries.
IDL Virtual Machine
The IDL Virtual Machine (IDL VM) is designed to provide IDL users with a simple, no-cost method for distributing IDL applications. This execution mode of IDL allows you to easily distribute IDL application SAVE files to your colleagues or your customers, without requiring them to own an IDL runtime license.*
You can obtain a copy of IDL to run your IDL VM application by contacting Harris Geospatial Solutions Technical Support or your local IDL distributor: Contact Us. In some cases, the provider of an IDL VM application may also provide their own custom distribution of IDL to use with their application.
IDL DICOM/Medical Solutions
IDL has played an integral part in medical imaging technology, beginning with analysis and visualization solutions for some of the first imaging modalities, and continuing with advancements today. Sophisticated software solutions developed with IDL are packaged with leading medical imaging instruments, including PET, CT, ultrasound, and MRI. Programming flexibility and advanced visualization and analysis capabilities have allowed IDL to play an integral role in medical research advances by the world's foremost laboratories and hospitals.

Geospatial Services Framework GSF
Bringing powerful analytics and information across an organization.Обеспечение сильной аналитики и информации через организацию.

Geospatial Services Framework (GSF) is deployed in the enterprise and makes powerful analytics, and the information they provide, available across an organization. Better access to information results in better and more confident decision making. GSF is elastic and easily scales up or down to meet demands and is cloud and data agnostic. This means GSF easily installs within existing infrastructure and takes advantage of the data assets an organization has already invested in.

Helios weather analytics bridge that gap with fast and accurate local ground weather intelligence to enable real-time decision making for organizations that rely on location-specific weather information to inform, react, and protect.

MapMerger is a data conflation tool that manages two or more overlapping vector datasets and merges them seamlessly. The tool resolves vector data conflicts in seconds, transferring metadata and attributes to the newly integrated data. MapMerger can be used as an extension to Esri’s ArcGIS software.

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