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Starpoint Software Inc. Global Provider of Quality Software

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2024-01-05

Главная / ПО для гидрогеологов, гидрологов, инженерных геологов / Каталог/ Starpoint Software

Starpoint Software


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Starpoint Software Inc. Global Provider of Quality Software Applications since 1994

Starpoint Software Products:

Environmental Data Management and Statistics. Управление данными о состоянии окружающей среды и статистика

-- Environmental Data Management for Windows . Управление данными о состоянии окружающей среды.
Powerful data management of surface water, ground water, soil, ash, sludge, bio-tissue, and air pollution monitoring data.
-- RCRA Subtitle C & D Statistical Analysis for Windows
Full featured RCRA compliant statistical analysis of ground water data. Includes most methods described in 1989 and 1992 USEPA statistical guidance documents, and other common statistical references.
ChemStat is powerful
Data set size limited only by computer memory for most tests
Unlimited number of parameters
Unlimited number of wells
Unlimited number of sample dates
Unlimited parameter name and well label length
Easily exclude individual data points from analyses
Fast Performance
Full report and graph printing and print preview
Export reports to tab-delimited ASCII text file
Export reports to a word processor in rich-text format
Numerous choices for page headers and footers, page left, right, and center
Choice of multiple fonts and colors in graphs and reports
Highly customizable user-interface
ChemStat is easy to learn
Easily select parameter for analysis from drop-down list
Complete on-line help with “what’s this” context sensitive help
Advisor Window displays information about the method and suitability of the method to the data set
Method selector tree allows easy selection of the appropriate statistical test for your data
Data Set Transformations
Quickly convert from original data to log-transformed and back
Easily represent non-detects with 0, 1, DL/2 or DL for any test
Accommodate censored data with Cohen’s or Aitchison’s adjustments
ChemPoint® и ChemStat® входят в состав RockWare Consulting и возможно включены в продукт RockWorks. Подробно здесь - https://www.rockware.com/by-application/graphingplotting/

Aquifer Test Analysis Applications for Windows. Испытательные заявления анализа водоносного слоя.

Infinite Extent:
Aquifer Pumping Test Analysis
Includes Theis, Hantush, Walton, Neuman, Huisman, Thiem, Specific Capacity, Distance-Drawdown, Theis Recovery, and more.
Maximum of 2000 time and drawdown values for five wells
Import time and drawdown data logger files for single or multiple well file formats
Arithmetic, Semi-Log, and Log-Log data graphs
Special calculators estimate well yield, radius-of- influence, and steady-state well drawdown
Huisman I and II partial penetration correction
Specific capacity calculator estimates transmissivity with partial penetration using Bradbury and Rothchild algorithm
Enter data in calculators in any of the available units
Context Sensitive Speed Menus
Context Sensitive Help from F1 key, and "What's this" help
Specify maximum values for axes
Set major and minor tick mark spacing
Option to scale axes with grids or tick marks
Choice of graphs symbols
Choose from a wide variety of units for transmissivity and hydraulic conductivity
Aquifer Step-Drawdown Pumping Test Analysis
Includes Birsoy-Summers, Eden-Hazel, and Hantush-Bierschenk. Most advanced step-test software available.
Accepts up to twelve pumping rates (it is not necessary for rates to be consecutively increasing or of the same duration)
Write tab delimited tables of special values Eden- Hazel's H and Birsoy-Summers adjusted time. This allows further independent analysis.
All calculations are displayed in moveable, customizable text boxes.
Arithmetic, Semi-Log, and Log-Log graphs
Extensive ability to eliminate unwanted data or entire steps from the analysis
Super Slug:
Aquifer Slug Test Analysis
Considered by many to be the easiest and most complete application for slug test analysis.
Automatic determination of head ratio
Import data from time and drawdown data logger files without prior editing
Automatically adjustment of data so that maximum head change occurs at time = 0, with manual override
Specifically designed to work on actual field data without user editing, and extensively tested on numerous real-world data sets
Five types of data graphs
Extensive ability to exclude unwanted data points from analysis
Accept and graph data from slug tests where the water level oscillates beyond the original level
Drag-and-drop type curve matching for Cooper method
Simplification of Auto-Solve methods
Bouwer and Rice Auto-Solve method calculates flow rate into the well (based on Herman Bouwer's 1989 article in Ground Water

Compliance Management. Управление соответствием требованиям.
Compliance Taafi® -- Regulatory Compliance Management for Windows and Web
Taafi (pronounced toffee) - SQL Server-base database application for compliance management
Taafi gets it's name from the five primary compliance entities:
Tasks - Recurring tasks based off of a hierarchical compliance model.
Audits - Audits performed as part of the regulatory process.
Actions - Actions scheduled or performed to address compliance issue.
Findings - Findings are the result of audits. This is documenting problems that need to be addressed.
Issues - Compliance Issues that need to be addressed to maintain compliance. These differ from tasks in that tasks are generally recurring and all tasks or associated with a compliance requirement in the compliance model. Issues are independent from the compliance model.
Taafi also includes document management, but the 'D' just didn't seem to fit! The compliance model along with our tool TAAFI emphasizes prevention as the key element to improve compliance, reduce costs and empower personnel.

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