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Группа компаний - LMKR-Landmark-Halliburton

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Дата: 2024-01-09

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Группа компаний - LMKR-Landmark-Halliburton

http://www.lmkr.com https://www.landmark.solutions/ http://www.halliburton.com/

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Интегрированное программное обеспечение и услуги Landamrk помогают специалистам нефтегазой отрасли максимально эффективно использовать всю имеющуюся в наличии информацию
LMKR is a petroleum technology company with an extensive E&P Software Solutions Portfolio as well as Geoscience and Information Management consulting solutions – all focused towards lowering the risk associated with conventional and unconventional resource plays.
Halliburton Halliburton comprises 14 product service lines (PSLs). The PSLs operate in two divisions: Drilling and Evaluation, and Completion and Production. Our Consulting and Project Management PSL works across both divisions and is the spearhead of our integrated-services strategy. Its financial results are included in the Drilling and Evaluation Division. PSLs are primarily responsible and accountable for strategy, technology development, process development, people development and capital allocation.
Landmark, a Halliburton business line, is the leading technology solutions provider of data and analytics, science, software, and services for the exploration and production industry.
Landmark, a Halliburton business line, is the leading technology solutions provider of data and analytics, science, software, and services for the exploration and production industry. Landmark's innovative, integrated technology and services provide support for key decision points in the oil and gas life cycle, enabling energy companies around the world to lower costs, boost production, and increase productivity and profitability.

Программные продукты от LMKR:

LMKR GeoGraphix®
GeoGraphix Suite . The industry's most complete and integrated Windows®- based Geology and Geophysical Interpretation System .Пакет программ для геолого-геофизической интерпретации.
The Discovery Suite™ is a powerful Windows®- based geologic and geophysical interpretation system that combines industry-leading technologies supported by a common data and project architecture. It enables an individual geoscientist or the entire asset team to work more efficiently in a fully integrated and collaborative environment. The Discovery Suite™ provides unparalleled benefits across your company by reducing business risk and increasing asset team productivity while keeping IT costs in check.
The Discovery Suite is ideal for more effectively interpreting reservoirs, supporting field development and exploiting mature assets. It provides all the tools necessary for seismic, geological and petrophysical interpretations. Fast QC interpretations in "what-if" scenarios can be conducted during the asset evaluation phase resulting in faster turnaround and better, more accurate decisions. And, because all members of the asset team work with the same data simultaneously, costly mistakes caused by out-of-date versions of the project are eliminated.The Discovery Suite includes LMKR GeoGraphix's Advanced Geologic Interpretation and Petrophysical System, the Advanced Seismic Interpretation System, and LeaseMap™. For operators needing more advanced interpretation functionality, LMKR GeoGraphix also offers numerous add-on and stand-alone geology modules for the Discovery Suite including FrameBuilder™ and smartSTRAT™.
LMKR GeoGraphix 3D Visualization Software
GeoGraphix 3D software brings your maps and interpretations together in a cutting edge 3D visualization environment. It is fully integrated with interpretive applications enabling data, map layers, well paths, microseismic, and geologic models to come together with the full power of 3D visualization with the click of the mouse.
Project Explorer provides direct access to data import and export for LMKR GeoGraphix Discovery applications and manages coordinate systems and sub projects.
GeoGraphix 3D visualization is included with all LMKR GeoGraphix software packages.
Framebuilder™ 3D Modeling Software
The LMKR GeoGraphix 3D modeling solution, Framebuilder™ software, supports powerful stratigraphic workflows critical in uncovering subtle fault offsets and unconformable relationships that could make or break a well's profitability. When paired with Discovery smartSECTION software, it enables robust well control allowing exploration geologists to pin-point.
The LMKR GeoGraphix Basic Geologic Interpretation System is composed of core applications that the petroleum geologist needs to interpret and map subsurface data and works with well data with no need to incorporate geophysics or detailed well log analysis into the interpretation.
Well Planner
Designed with the key needs of efficient field planning in mind. Well Planner unlocks a multiple well planning approach, with the ability to visualize geologic surfaces, quickly create surveys, and just as easily make changes to existing plans.
The LMKR GeoGraphix® IsoMap utility is a comprehensive surface modeling and contouring application that can be used on a wide variety of data sets while automating standard gridding and contouring activities which allow geoscientists to spend more time modeling and interpreting surfaces and less time manipulating equations.
SeisVision software is a powerful, fully integrated 2D and 3D seismic interpretation system that provides a full range of fit-for-purpose interpretation capabilities, attribute analysis and mapping tools.
Volume Attributes
For 3D seismic allows calculation of curvature and geometric attributes such as semblance and Event Similarity Prediction (ESP), based on spectral decomposition of the seismic amplitude data.
LogM™ & LogM™ Advanced
The LogM Advanced Synthetics software provides geoscientists with tools necessary to accurately tie well control to seismic data. LogM tools are integrated directly with SeisVision™ 2D and 3D software to enhance the accuracy and confidence of your geophysical interpretation. This can dramatically improve interpretation accuracy and minimize uncertainty when determining the next well location.
smartSTRAT, an add-on module to LMKR GeoGraphix's smartSECTION software, enables fast, easy and accurate geosteering of horizontal wells with the simultaneous update of the geomodel. The module offers easy-to-use geosteering tools, the capacity to view depth-converted seismic backdrops, and instant integration with mapped geologic surfaces within a 3D geomodel.
LMKR GeoGraphix PRIZM log analysis software is the ideal tool for performing full reservoir characterization on well datasets of all sizes and complexity from basic individual wells to multi-well, multi-zone projects.
GeoGraphix Pro
LMKR GeoGraphix Pro is a new upgrade option to GeoGraphix 2014 that provides geoscientists with advanced technologies to enhance their productivity and maximize their existing GeoGraphix investment. GeoGraphix Pro is a licensed upgrade to the GeoGraphix software and requires the purchase of a separate license.

Extend the power of GeoGraphix through a choice of add-on capabilities which fully integrate and operate with GeoGraphix. Choose from the selection below:
LMKR Volume attributes
For 3D seismic allows calculation of curvature and geometric attributes such as semblance and Event Similarity Prediction (ESP), based on spectral decomposition of the seismic amplitude data
LMKR Well planner
Designed with the key needs of efficient field planning in mind. Well Planner unlocks a multiple well planning approach, with the ability to visualize geologic surfaces, quickly create surveys, and just as easily make changes to existing plans.

LMKR GVERSE consists of geoscience and engineering solutions focused on workflow optimization and enhancing productivity of teams working on diverse geological and geophysical projects. These applications help cut the processing time required for interpretations resulting in fast, easy to use scalable tools that are inter-operable with other known geoscience software suites; enabling a connected multi skilled workforce.LMKR GVERSE состоит из геонауки и технических решений, фокусируемых на производительности оптимизации и улучшения потока операций команд, работающих над разнообразными геологическими и геофизическими проектами.
GVERSE Attributes enables geoscientists to harness the full power of seismic attributes by drastically reducing the time, effort and disk space required for attribute analysis. Fast, on-the-fly computation, and real-time visualization of seismic attributes in a multi-pane viewer or in a 3D environment lets interpreters perform detailed, in-depth attribute analysis quickly and efficiently, maximizing the value of their seismic data.
GVERSE Planner allows multiple well planning to easily visualize geologic surfaces, quickly create surveys and geoprognosis reports, and just as easily make changes to existing well plans. It provides geologists with the capabilities needed to accurately design proposed wells and rapidly make well completion decisions maximizing productivity.
Seamlessly integrate well, seismic and maps to increase efficiency in an integrated interpretation environment with GVERSE Connect. Leveraging strengths of two leading E&P Technologies, GVERSE Connect enables fast database to database exchange for efficient and optimized user experience by utilizing the right tool for the right job.
GVERSE WebSteering.The only web browser based geosteering application in the industry that delivers optimal well placement with simple data loading and full integration with GeoGraphix. GVERSE WebSteering is a complementary* tool for GeoGraphix users who can sync their interpretations on-the-fly with their GeoGraphix projects and update their target surface in smartSTRAT®**.
GVERSE Predict3D is a multi-attribute inversion solution*, based on spectral decomposition and state-of-the-art optimization techniques, to predict rock properties away from wells using well logs and seismic data. This enables you to understand the reservoir effectively and reduces risks associated with well planning and field development.
GVERSE Inversion.This plug-in is a colored inversion solution that provides a rapid, yet robust way to derive geological details in the form of a relative impedance (rock hardness). When geosteering through a reservoir, the high resolution impedances calculated by the colored inversion ensure that the well is drilled through ideal reservoir. GVERSE Inversion is completely integrated with the GeoGraphix® suite of products.
GVERSE Inversion is accessed from within the SeisVision application. The plug-in receives seismic and well data from SeisVision, processes it, and returns the inverted volume to SeisVision. To launch the plug-in, open the SeisVision module, and then select Tools >> GVERSE Inversion.
GVERSE Geomodeling offers an extensive integrated solution for subsurface Geological/Reservoir Modeling. Detailed analysis of the reservoir is always crucial prior to final consideration. With GVERSE Geomodeling, making an informed decision is much easier as this application supports numerous types of data sources for comprehensive understanding of the petroleum system components.
The integrated solution combines geological, geophysical, petrophysical, and engineering data in a single environment, with real-time 3D visualization of the developing geomodel that helps interpret the results from different domains of geosciences and formulate optimized and cost-effective solutions.
Coupled with 3D modeling, get the maximum out of our GSM feature - an efficient tool in handling complex linked structural and sequential geometries in a seamless environment.

Программные продукты от Landmark, a Halliburton:
Описание всех продуктов здесь - https://www.landmark.solutions/Solutions/Products-A-Z
Коротко и в основном-
Exploration Insights
Gain data, knowledge and insight to better understand geological risk to minimize exploration risk.
Analyze, interpret, and model large and complex data volumes more accurately.
Refine fluid and casing plans and fracture design for drilling performance and safety.
Plan and optimize wells and fields to drill deeper, farther, and more efficiently.
Integrate asset modeling of reservoir and facility network analysis to optimize production.

Линейка программных продуктов - DecisionSpace® software - Геология, геофизика, нефть и газ. Петрофизика, моделирование и многое другое...

COMPASS™ Directional Path Planning - Staying on the right trajectory while drilling is critical to ensuring safe and efficient operations. Rock properties, torque and drag, cost, and the location of existing wells can all cause potential problems and affect the optimal well trajectory. Designed for both oil companies and directional drilling contractors, COMPASS is the industry’s premier application for directional well path planning, survey data management, and anti-collision analysis enabling engineers to steer the bit into the profitable pay zone.

Engineer’s Desktop™ - aced with ambitious drilling schedules, reduced budgets, and more complex reservoirs, the exploration and production industry today requires a solution that brings together asset teams with the goal of faster, smarter, safer results. The one complete and integrated well construction software suite on the market is Landmark
Engineer’s Desktop™ (EDT) 5000.15.
This application continually adds new science to help companies thrive in the age of drilling intelligence. Engineer’s Desktop™ (EDT) 5000 .15 application runs on a shared data model, facilitating business process management and supporting the Well Construction Lifecycle through aiding in enhanced drilling operation efficiency. Thereby, allowing operators to take control of their well data, and through deep integration with the industry's broadest portfolio of well engineering solutions, help drive better well construction decisions.

GeoProbe® Volume Visualization -
Industry leading 3D multi-volume interpretation and visualization solution
GeoProbe software is the industry leading 3D multi-volume interpretation and visualization solution. The software is designed to accelerate interpretation workflows from basin scale through detailed prospect and reservoir analysis.
GeoProbe software delivers breakthrough speed whether evaluating a reservoir-scale data volume on your desktop or analyzing basin-scale volumes with an asset team in the largest immersive visualization environment.

SeisSpace® ProMAX® -
Deliver large volumes of data quickly and accurately
With intuitive analysis tools, state-of-the-art geophysical algorithms and an optimized parallel infrastructure, the SeisSpace® ProMAX® Seismic Processing Software family helps teams get the most out of seismic data, increase productivity, reduce project cycle times and understand even the most difficult geologic targets.
Configure SeisSpace with the ProMAX 2D, ProMAX 3D, ProMAX 4D, ProMAX VSP, and ProMAX Field applications, and applications from the SeisSpace Depth Imaging software family.

И многое другое, перечислятьдолго, смотрите здесь -https://www.landmark.solutions/Solutions/Products-A-Z

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