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SeisImager- программный пакет для обработки данных сейсморазведки и георадиолокации.

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2018-01-05

SeisImager - Seismic Software от компании Geometrics

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

SeisImager- программный пакет для обработки данных сейсморазведки и георадиолокации. Аналог - Schlumberger(Gedco ) vista и RadExPro .

Geometrics - Innovation, Experience, Results - since 1969
Geometrics was founded in 1969. Read about the history of Geometrics in the words of our founder, Sheldon Breiner.
Geometrics is a team of dedicated and skilled individuals who utilize their experience to design and build innovative and rugged geophysical data acquisition systems for land, marine, and airborne applications.
The 80+ employees work together at our Northern California facility to provide geophysical instruments with the highest level of technology at a reasonable price.
Our instruments are used from the highest altitudes to the depths of the ocean floor and in all climate and temperature conditions in the air, on the sea and on land.
Geometrics is a proud member of the OYO Corporation worldwide network of companies. As part of the OYO global family, we stand on a history of dedication to quality instruments and long-term service to our customers.
Thank you for your business over the past four-plus decades. We look forward to serving you now and in the future.

Программное обеспечение:

SeisImager/2D Refraction Modeling, Processing,and Interpretation Software
SeisImager/2D является устойчивым и всесторонним пакетом включая три метода для анализа данных преломления, включая инверсию термина времени, взаимный метод и томографию. Это также включает моделирование, фильтрацию и узел других функций.
SeisImager/2D is a robust and comprehensive package including three methods for refraction data analysis, including time-term inversion, the reciprocal method, and tomography. It also includes modeling, filtering, and a host of other features.
?Comprehensive modeling and ray tracing
Automatic and manual first break picking
Quality control tools to improve your results
Three analysis methods
• time-term least squares
• delay-time (reciprocal)
• tomographic inversion
Operates on your PC or on Geometrics Windows-based seismographs
Optional surface wave package add-on
SeisImager/2D refraction software is a fully integrated refraction modeling and interpretation software package that runs on your Geometrics seismograph or PC.
Before you leave for the field, determine the best way to configure your survey by drawing a geologic cross section of the site and performing a simulated survey with sophisticated modeling software. Change the model so you can see what targets are detectable.
Identify first breaks quickly with an accurate automatic picker, with manual override. Clean up noisy data with comprehensive filtering and view all your prior picks simultaneously for shot-to-shot coherence.
QC your data before analysis to ensure that your answer will be the most accurate. Display differences between travel time curves to distinguish layering and refractor topography. Automatically resolve reciprocal time conflicts that cause inaccuracies in depth estimation.
Choose from three methods of analysis to best suit the geologic conditions. Take a quick look with a 2 or 3layer time-term analysis. If you prefer traditional methods, use the delay-time (reciprocal) method and view the process step-by-step. If you expect lateral velocity variations, use the optimized tomographic analysis that runs quickly and accurately.
SeisImager/2D Software Packages
Standard version : for use on seismograph with mouse or PC with mouse; allows up to 16K samples per trace, 128 traces per shot, 360 traces per interpretation, and 65 shots per interpretation.
Professional version: for use on seismograph with mouse or PC with mouse; allows virtually unlimited input up to 2M samples per trace, 48K

SeisImager/SW Surface Wave Data Analysis Software
Now includes H/V Spectrum Analysis
SeisImager/SW - устойчивый и всесторонний пакет для определения скорости распространения волны сдвига (По сравнению с) посредством анализа активного источника и пассивного источника (микродрожь) поверхностные волны. Управляемая мастером обработка данных упрощает анализ и ускоряет результаты для множества приложений включая классификацию UBC/IBC Vs30/Vs100 сайтов и стратиграфическое расследование.
Пассивный (микросотрясение) и активный исходный анализ данных поверхностной волны

SeisImager/SW is a robust and comprehensive package for determination of shear-wave velocity (Vs) through analysis of active source and passive source (microtremors) surface waves. Wizard-driven data processing simplifies analysis and expedites results for a variety of applications including UBC/IBC Vs30/Vs100 site classification and stratigraphic investigation.
Passive (microtremor) and active source surface wave data analysis
calculates phase velocity and automatically picks dispersion curve
performs inversion to iteratively seek 1D S-wave velocity (Vs) curve or 2D Vs cross-section
allows active and passive source dispersion curves to be combined for a high-resolution result over all depths sampled
flexible geometry options suit a wide range of site configurations and conditions
analysis based on robust methods: frequency domain tau-p, CMP cross-correlation for active source Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW); Spatial
Autocorrelation (SPAC) for passive source
Microtremor Array Measurements (MAM)
includes editing and QC functions, and velocity modeling
Wizard-driven operation for easy, straightforward data analysis
Determine S-wave velocity for a variety of applications
Vs30/Vs100 site classification
foundation engineering
void detection
in-fill and landfill investigation
stratigraphic and lithologic studies
deeper surveys of geologic structure
Surface waves are easy to record and loaded with information about the subsurface. With SeisImager/SW, data processing is simple, putting the answers you seek at your fingertips.
SeisImager/SW includes both active source and passive source data analysis capability. The higher frequency data from a sledgehammer source that travels through shallower depths can be combined with lower frequency data from microtremors that travel through greater depths. Combine the results for one high-resolution plot of S-wave velocity.
Upon launching the software, a wizard walks you through the data analysis. SeisImager/SW includes default parameters that are suitable for most cases, but are fully user-adjustable as needed.
SeisImager/SW is available for purchase separately or as an option with the Geometrics ES, Geode, and StrataVisor NZ seismographs. The software comes standard with the specialized, low-priced ES-SW 16 channel seismograph package tailored for IBC Vs30/Vs100 surveys.
Contact Geometrics for prices and to find out more about how SeisImager/SW can work for you.
Collect one active source record and 20 passive source records to calculate a 1D Vs curve

SeisImager/DH Downhole Seismic Data Analysis Software
SeisImager/DH - прочный и всесторонний пакет для анализа единственной и трехкомпонентной нисходящей скважины сейсмические данные, приспосабливающие множество конфигураций от многоканальных гидротелефонных множеств к единственному и многократному уровню скважинные сейсмоприемники с 3 компонентами. Включает анализ движения частицы, поляризацию с автоматическим или ручным определением угла вращения, интерактивным выбором, оптимизированным поляризацией и графиками глубины против traveltime и слоя P-волны и S-волны и скоростей интервала.

Проанализируйте нисходящую скважину P-волны и S-волны сейсмические данные, приобретенные со множеством датчиков (множества гидротелефона нисходящей скважины, скважинные сейсмоприемники, лесорубы приостановки)
SeisImager/DH is a robust and comprehensive package for analysis of single and three-component downhole seismic data accommodating a variety of geometries from multi-channel hydrophone arrays, to single and multiple level 3-component borehole geophones. Includes particle motion analysis, polarization with automatic or manual determination of the rotation angle, interactive picking optimized by polarization, and plots of depth versus traveltime and P-wave and S-wave layer and interval velocities.
Analyze P-wave and S-wave downhole seismic data acquired with a variety of sensors (downhole hydrophone arrays, borehole geophones, suspension loggers)
Automatic and manual first break picking Calculation of interval and layered velocity
models using robust least-squares method
Specialized functions to calculate particle motion and rotate waveforms into alignment (polarization)
Interactive quality control tools to optimize results
Optional add-ons for refraction and surface wave (MASW, microtremor, H/V spectrum) data processing
Downhole seismic surveying is a proven method for obtaining in-situ subsurface information, often not available through surface seismic surveys. Applications include earthquake hazard site response studies, dam safety investigations, foundation studies, measurement of soil and rock properties, and velocity control for seismic reflection surveys.
SeisImager/DH downhole software is a fully integrated modeling and interpretation package that runs on your Windows PC.
First breaks are identified quickly with an accurate automatic picker, with manual override. Noisy data is cleaned using comprehensive filtering. Waveforms are optimized using a unique polarization function that rotates and aligns horizontal components with the direction of particle motion. Calculate interval and layered velocity models using the robust least-squares method.
SeisImager/DH is available for purchase separately or as an option with the ES, SmartSeis ST, Geode, and StrataVisor NZ seismographs. A rental package is also available. Contact Geometrics for prices and to find out more about how SeisImager/DH can work for you.

Seismodule Controller Software (SCS)
ES-3000, SmartSeis ST, Geode and StrataVisor NZ operating software, Version (10 MB). Note: Version is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 7 Ultimate and Pro (32- and 64-bit) and XP Pro and Home (32-bit, SP3). If you are running Windows Vista (32- and 64-bit, SP2), Version is compatible but unsupported. For older operating systems (Windows 2000, NT, ME, and 98), we offer Version 9.30 but it has reached end-of-life and is unsupported. Please contact Customer Service for further assistance.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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