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BITControl Aqua

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2024-01-22

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BITControl Aqua


Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

Программное обеспечение для экологов. Мы реализуем наш опыт в планировании и работе очистными установками сточных вод в наши программные продукты.
The residence of BITCONTROL was consciously put far away from the hectic atmosphere of the congested areas into the „center of Europe“ into the scenic, geological and cultural appealing Eifel. This environment coins the firm culture and the relationship with our clients.
Two role models accompany our work since establishment: First priority at the product developing and conversion has got the customers satisfaction. An important condition for this is that experiences from the planning and operation are considered in our products and services.
That becomes clear also by a short view on our firm history:
BITCONTROL was founded in may 1999. At the beginning were development and selling of PROVI, the software for operation of treatment plants. For some years this is also used for water supply and biogas plants.
To the turn of the year 2002/2003 the planning software AQUADESIGNER was bought in addition, which is sold world-wide in nine languages.
Both software packages where constantly developed in exchange with the users and adapted to new requirements. Parallel to the planning and operation software a qualified process technology consultation was constructed so that BITCONTROL today is considered as the waste water expert of the region.

Software of BITControl

Design Software, Process- and Remote Control, Internet Applications
We implement our experience in planning and operating waste water treatment plants into our software products.
Our service doesn't end with the installation of the software. We accompany you with our experienced engineers and IT specialists in questions of planning and operating your plants.

AQUA DESIGNER is the powerfull tool for the design of wastewater treatment plants, incl. preliminary treatment, biological and sludge treatment. AQUA DESIGNER provides numerous results for presentation and approval, incluiding buildings, machines, operational costs and true scaled drawings.
AQUA DESIGNER is a software tool for the design of the several processes of a wastewater treatment plant, from mechanical treatment via biology up to sludge treatment. Regarding the basis of calculation, the process and the construction all common process variations are to choice. Planning is supported by many auxiliary functions.
As result AQUA DESIGNER supplies extensive documents ready to be printed for official documents, including buildings, machines, operating costs and true scaled drawings. AQUA DESIGNER is used world-wide for the planning of treatment plants.
The application is available in eleven different languages
Guided Planning
One of the special characteristics of AQUA DESIGNER is the consistently guidance of the user by a flow diagram. From the first sight you can see the current processing status, the selected way of design or process and the possible alternatives.
Variation of Process and Construction
Aerated grit and grease chamber or circulated grit chamber
Primary settling tank as rectangle tank or circular tank
Aeration tank as a combinational, compact, rectangle or circulation tank
Continuous flow through aeration tank or sequencing batch reactor (SBR)
Clarifier as a round, rectangle or cone tank
Sludge digestion as aerobic treatment and aerobic stabilization
Options for Design
Plan a new plant
Calculate or evaluate the economic efficiency based onoperational costs, mass and oxygen efficiency (SAE)
Check existing plants (or parts of them) and include them in your calculation
Dimension several lines
Direct comparison of calculation methods
Accomplish fast calculation
Pipe, mass and lifting calculation

AQUA AERO is a special tool for the design of aeration systems, included validation of oeconomics like oxygen efficiency, total project costs or equivalent annual costs.
Software for Design of Aeration Systems
The aeration system is the most important equipment of a wastewater plant. 75% of the energy used for the wastewater treatment is covered by the aeration system. The correct design of the aeration system is the basis for a good operation and the operational costs. As the energy costs are the main cost value of an aeration system, a real comparison of different systems must concern both the operation and the invest costs of the whole life cycle.
With AQUA AERO you are able to design the aeration system with blowers, mixers and pipelines for different chamber geometries. You have the choice of membrane aerators (as tubular-, disc- or plate aerators) and surface aerators (in the next version of AQUA AERO). From a database you can choose fitting aggregates for the single calculation steps. As important efficiency parameter the oxygen efficiency is provided. With the calculation of investment, reinvestment and operating costs the economical calculation of AQUA AERO covers the whole life cycle of the aeration.
And you get a detailed documentation of the calculations and true scaled drawings of the equipment.
We added an important feature to AQUA AERO for optimizing the construction: You can calculate more than just one project and compare them objectively by one value.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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