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SeisWare International Inc. Geologic and Seismic Interpretation

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2012-11-17

SeisWare International Inc. Geologic and Seismic Interpretation


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Полное геологическое и сейсмическое решение для интерпретации.
SeisWare International Inc. is committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations by providing outstanding client care and reliable, customer-driven software solutions.
A Complete Geologic and Seismic Interpretation Solution.

Продукты Product SeisWare

Seismic Interpretation
SeisWare предлагает Вам полную 2D и 3D сейсмическую систему интерпретации.

SeisWare offers you a complete 2D and 3D seismic interpretation system. Even better, we’re always adding new features and functionality — all of which are included in your annual subscription. We don’t believe in add-ons.
SeisWare was developed by geoscientists for geoscientists. If you have a question about our 2D and 3D seismic interpretation system, you will get an answer from an experienced geoscientist. We’re more than just innovative software. SeisWare’s team delivers invaluable insight into some of North America’s most challenging plays.
SeisWare maintains data in standard industry formats, so it can be easily shared with other applications. SeisWare supports open standards to save you time by allowing you to move data easily between the tools that you use every day.
Velocity Modeling – Time/Depth Conversion
Easily create reliable velocity models, and depth convert seismic volumes and interpretation.
Create multi-layer horizon top equivalences to define interval velocities
View the velocity model and components in 2D or 3D
Cross plot time versus depth for better quality control
Convert seismic volumes, horizons and faults from time to depth
Validate external depth maps by converting interpretation from depth to time
Well planning using depth converted seismic volumes and interpretation
advantageThe SeisWare Advantage
Easy, rapid velocity modeling and depth conversion
Integrated access to all analytical tools in depth
Reduce risk and optimize production through more accurate well planning
Industry Leading 2D Interpretation
Dramatically improve efficiency using SeisWare’s innovative 2D auto picking combined with automatic or manual mistie solutions.
Simple data loading and management
Robust automatic and manual mistie solutions for 2D (and 3D)
Use reference lines or vintages and mistie confidence to enhance overall solution
Comprehensive mapping solutions including trend biasing advantageThe SeisWare Advantage
Dramatically improve 2D workflow speed
More reliable structure and attribute mapping
Well Planning and Microseismic Solutions
Easily generate and calibrate synthetics
Use interpretation to generate an accurate depth model
Use interpretation to build a velocity model and convert seismic volume to depth
Create proposed well plans
Import and view microseismic data in 3D
The SeisWare Advantage
Quickly generate proposed well plans through efficient synthetic callibration, interpretation and depth conversion
Visualize microseismic to better understand frac effectiveness
SeisWare’s exceptional mapping and customizable displays allow you to quickly interpret and create high quality presentations.
Easy accurate mapping of 2D, 3D and well data
Simultaneously view time or attribute slices for multiple 3Ds in map view
*Quick Iso™ for instant isochron and isopach creation and dynamic updates
Volumetrics tool calculates distance, area and volumes based on constant or grid parameters
The SeisWare Advantage
Dynamic isochron and isopach creation allows you to immediately identify mispicks and ensures better quality interpretation
Maps are generated faster and more accurately
Quickly evaluate the economics of a play through efficient volumetrics
Quick Grid and Contour™
SeisWare’s proprietary process allows interactive andrapid gridding and contouring of well tops and/orinterpretation data.
One button gridding and contouring
Multiple gridding algorithms, trend biasing and robust polygonal control
Complete control of map appearance including color, thickness, annotation font, frequency and size
Standard gridding algorithms and polygons
The SeisWare Advantage
Increase workflow efficiency with rapid map generation and refinement
Simple, accurate mapping of well and/or seismic data
Easily combine structure and amplitude dat
Quickly view and interact with 2D/3D seismic, interpretation and well results.
Display data in time or depth
Co-blending, RGB, opacity and transparency display options
View 2D and multiple 3D surveys
Interactively design well plan in 3D
The SeisWare Advantage
Quickly view and manipulate 2D and multiple 3D seismic, well data and horizon and fault interpretation
Combine attribute volumes and use co-blending and RGB options to uncover subtle geological features
Reduce risk and increase confidence when planning wells
View horizons and faults in real time during interpretation
Volume Attributes
SeisWare has added *Rock Solid Attributes™ to complement many existing volume and horizon attributes.
Variety of attribute types including wavelet, instantaneous, geometric and Gabor Morlet
Intuitive wizard based workflows by geology type
Simplified parameterization for standard workflows with optional access to more advanced controls
The SeisWare Advantage
All attributes are included at no extra cost
Integrated data conditioning ensures quality results
Easily generate multiple attributes to investigate multiple scenarios and reduce uncertainy
Use in conjunction with visualization tools to focus on geological anomalies
Reveal subtle features not immediately apparent using standard techniques
Flexible log displays and interactive log editing tools.
Complete set of editing tools
Link with cross plot
Robust synthetic generation
Pick and edit tops
The SeisWare Advantage
Reduce risk by quickly identifying and correcting log curve issues to more accurately correlate geology with seismic data
Cross Section/Modeling
Using cross section and modeling, compare synthetic sections to actual seismic data to validate the seismic response to the geologic model.
Easily build multiple well correlation panels with log curves and synthetics
Edit auto correlations between wells, and add inter-well features such as pinch outs and lenses
Test geological scenarios against seismic response using 2D modeling
The SeisWare Advantage
Validate geological interpretation of seismic response through modeling
Model different scenarios to find additional drilling locations based on seismic signature
Reduce interpretation risk through better understanding of geology and seismic response

Geologic Interpretation
Recon® - 3D геологический программный инструмент следующего поколения, который объединяется сейсмический, геологический и производственные данные в интерактивную, простую в использовании среду интерпретации, приводимую в действие запатентованным Cascade Technology®.

Recon software delivers high performance in every aspect of its operation. It is designed to improve productivity, decision-making and opportunity generation, resulting in rapid, quality prospect analysis and shorter development cycle times.
Interpret Easily
In addition to running stand-alone projects, Recon directly integrates with the Landmark OpenWorks® corporate database, SeisWorks®, and DecisionSpace®. Recon’s Petrel Plugin moves data bi-directionally between Recon and Schlumberger Petrel®.
Improve Accuracy
Using its game-changing, patented Cascade Technology®, Recon integrates well log and seismic data to offer a truly dynamic 3D geological interpretation environment. With Cascade Technology, any change to the interpretation immediately updates its highly interactive visualization environment.
Complete Geological Solution
Recon is a next-generation, 3D geological software tool that combines seismic, well log, and production data into an interactive, easy-to-use interpretation environment powered by patented Cascade Technology®.
Perform well log correlation, surface modeling, 2D cross section interpretation, and 3D interpretation using a full suite of geological interpretation tools
Change your interpretation in any view and see the patented Cascade Technology automatically update all other views
Update your stratigraphic and fault frameworks using recursive conformable surface modeling and dynamic terminations, including unconformity, onlap, and offlap relationships
Calculate hydrocarbon reserves, plan and monitor new wells, and continuously update your reservoir interpretation using real time workflow automation tools
Build fully scalable projects with large volumes of data, integrating well, log curve, formation top, interval, fault, grid, seismic, and production data
The Recon Advantage
Always keep your reservoir interpretation up-to-date using Recon Cascade Technology
Eliminate the need to work in multiple applications to create a comprehensive interpretation
Cross Section Interpretation
Increase the accuracy of your reservoir model, and speed up your interpretation workflow by interactively repositioning your 2D and 3D cross sections using exclusive dynamic cross section technology.
Create well-to-well and arbitrary cross sections
Move interactively through 3D space, seeing well, horizon, fault, and seismic projections update automatically using dynamic cross section tools
Interactively drag and drop well and inter-well picks to precisely define stratigraphic frameworks
Switch between 16 unique cross section views with a single button click to view stratigraphic datums, seismic backdrops, horizontal wells, and true stratigraphic thickness cross sections
The Recon Advantage
Focus on reducing subsurface interpretation risks using advanced dynamic cross sections instead of learning complicated workflows to reposition cross sections
Combine well logs, seismic, production data, and hyperlinks into multi-disciplinary cross-sections ideal for management communication and decision support
3D Surface Modeling
Use speed optimized mapping algorithms, and conformable mapping to create true 3D stratigraphic and structural interpretations.
Generate horizon, isochore, fault, and zone average maps using fast 3D minimum curvature and search radius mapping algorithms
Create isochores using structural horizons, or calculated isochore pointsets
Perform recursive conformable mapping using multiple surfaces to build an accurate stratigraphic framework
Create dynamic stratigraphic terminations including unconformity, onlap, and offlap relationships
Tie fault surfaces to fault-picks in wells, and integrate faulting into surface mapping
The Recon Advantage
Increase the accuracy of your models by conforming well top data with surface interpretation
Quickly build and modify horizon and fault surfaces to test multiple scenarios, resulting in more accurate subsurface model
Seismic Integration
Create a comprehensive geological model by integrating seismic data and interpretation with cross section and 3D displays.
Integrate geological and seismic interpretation by using seismic data as a backdrop in cross section displays
Perform stratigraphic and geomorphological slicing of 3D seismic volumes
Interactively adjust seismic opacity when combining seismic and cross section displays
Display seismic slices on the basemap and interactively change the display with respect to time, depth, or zone transitions
Tie seismic horizons to well log picks in one step
The Recon Advantage
Integrate seismic and well log data in a consistent depth interpretation, ideal for well planning and field development
Map View
Create detailed surface maps, combining well information, cross section paths, and fault interpretation.
Display structure, isochore, and well log zone average maps with customizable colorbars
Create net-to-gross maps based on well log cut-offs and calculated log curves
Select and filter wells using picks, logs, intervals, and cross sections
Change map display interactively, moving up and down through zones
Edit contours, generate fault polygons and show surface-to-surface intersections
Interpret well and fault picks directly on log signature map
The Recon Advantage
Dynamically redefine your area of interest with immediate updates in the 3D and cross section views
Easily create presentation quality maps displaying custom annotation, user-drawn elements, culture data, intervals, production data and georeferenced images
Horizontal Well Interpretation
Visualize and correlate wells in 3D to simplify interpretation involving complex well trajectories.
Display multiple horizontal wells with custom curve tracks in 3D view
Create vertical panels of horizontal well sections to speed up correlation of complex undulating horizontal wells
Make multiple picks for the same marker on a lateral well
Define intervals in 2D view with immediate updates in 3D view
Define multiple interval classes on single wells
The Recon Advantage
Interpret wells as they are being drilled to integrate real time results immediately into the geosteering interpretation
Simultaneously display and interpret horizontal well data in 3D, 2D cross-section, basemap and measured depth views
Well Tools
Generate detailed well displays, integrating large amounts of data, and quickly incorporating real-time well data into your interpretation.
Import log curve data with easy to use wizard-based interface
Create well templates for straight and directional wells, with unlimited tracks for curves, depths, top picks, production and interval data
Customize curve fills with continuous and discrete color bars
Improve the quality of log data using rule-based editing wizards
Perform industry standard and custom calculations on log data for multiple wells
The Recon Advantage
Accurate and reliable results
Link directly to other products, and use industry standard data formats to minimize the time required to transfer data.
Link directly to Landmark® OpenWorks® and Landmark® SeisWorks® software
Link directly to Schlumberger Petrel® using an Ocean® plugin
Read full-project export formats from GeoGraphix® and Petra®
Grid and map export in a variety of ASCII formats
The Recon Advantage
Avoid lengthy import and export operations by using direct data links to other industry recognized software

Coordinate Converter.Free.
Converts full files, not just single points
Drag and drop files for conversion
Easy to use!
This tool will convert full files. Most tools only convert single points.
Calculate position in multiple formats, and convert an entire file between coordinate systems in one go.
Convert individual points
Full File batch conversion with no size limitations
Drag and drop files for conversion
Uses PROG.4 Cartographic Projection Library
Projects points from one coordinate system to another
Multiple input and output formats for Latitudes and Longitudes (Decimal Degrees or Degree Minutes Seconds)
Convert between UTM <-> Latitude Longitude
Convert between datums (e.g NAD27 <– >NAD83)
Search function to easily find the coordinate system you are looking for
EPSG codes associated with each coordinate system
Create custom coordinate systems with control over every geodetic parameter:
Projection Method
4 different unit selection including meters, feet, survey foot and Clarkes foot
Import/Export projection (.prj) and Well-know Text (.wkt) files

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