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SeisWare International Inc. Geologic and Seismic Interpretation

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2024-01-05

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SeisWare International Inc. Geologic and Seismic Interpretation


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Полное геологическое и сейсмическое решение для интерпретации.
SeisWare International Inc. is committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations by providing outstanding client care and reliable, customer-driven software solutions.
A Complete Geologic and Seismic Interpretation Solution.

Продукты Product SeisWare

Seismic Interpretation

You could buy many interpretation tools, or you could buy our seismic interpretation software that has everything you need.

Geophysics by SeisWare is a seismic interpretation solution with all the tools needed to interpret conventional and unconventional plays in one comprehensive package. Fully scalable, large projects can be shared between asset team members. Better yet, the straightforward interface makes it easy to learn, so time can be spent on achieving results, not fighting your software

Regional Analysis
Populate projects with well, log, production, seismic, and cultural data using streamlined import tools, create regional maps, and perform play fairway analysis for targeted exploration and prospect identification.
Synthetic Generation and Calibration
Edit logs to ensure accurate synthetic generation from model and extracted wavelets, stretch and squeeze to calibrate depth data with time seismic, then use cross-correlation analysis to quantitatively evaluate well ties with seismic data.
Mistie Analysis and Resolution
Manually and / or automatically calculate and resolve misties between 2D and 3D seismic, to create a static shift, phase, amplitude, and frequency balanced dataset for improved structural and stratigraphic interpretations.
Structural Interpretation
Using manual and automatic picking tools, interpret horizons and faults to generate complex structural frameworks and quality map and 3D visualization displays.
Attribute and Stratigraphic Analysis
Develop greater understanding of stratigraphic features and determine the extents of anomalies using a full suite of Rock Solid Attributes, comparative wavelet analysis, spectral decomposition, seismic zone and map attributes.
Velocity Modeling and Depth Conversion
Generate and calibrate velocity models using well and seismic data while optionally incorporating inter well control points and compaction to depth convert seismic volumes and interpretation, and dynamically display results in 3D space.
3D Visualization
Display all relevant data in one space to enhance regional understanding, ensure consistent interpretations, perform quality assurance, and create presentation quality output.
Volumetric Calculations
Incorporate depth converted seismic surfaces and attribute distributions with reservoir property grids or constants to determine accurate gross and net pay rock volumes, and recoverable reserves for economic analysis.
Well Planning
Automatically design individual wells in map view based on reservoir structure offset variation or in section based on depth converted seismic attributes.

Inefficient geology workflows cost you time and money. We can help. Geology by SeisWare is the geologic interpretation software solution that you have been looking for.
Tops Picking
Efficiently pick tops using predictive tops picking in single well or multi-well views. Keep your data organized and secure with data ownership and sources used while picking.
Cross Section Interpretation
Are you looking for performance? Our dynamic cross section launches hundreds of wells in just a few seconds, so you can quickly create regional and reservoir scale cross sections, display multiple data types, and use templates. Create and adjust surfaces, on-the-fly, as you interpret.
Cross Plot
Determine lithology and trends, cross plot well and interpretation data or use columnar ascii files. Interactively correlate trends between the cross plot and mapped wells, and view correlations to your log data with the Log Editor.
Create grids from any displayed data in a one step process. Easily edit contours and allow grid updates with any manual changes made. Display and customize postings for any well attribute data and include log signatures on the map.
Raster Logs
Display raster logs alongside digital logs and use both in the top picking workflow. Calibrate any image to attach as a raster log to any existing well in your project.
Log Editing
Display and quickly edit any digital logs in your project.
Customize scales, displays and fills or use templates.
Log Curve Well Zone Attributes
Extract log curve information along well bores. Calculate aggregate functions and output to various data types for map display.
Geology Calculator
Create, customize, and share petrophysical calculations like Net Pay. Perform aggregate functions such as summations and averages over data and output to a zone or zone attribute.

Field Development
Field Development gives you the automated tools you need to eliminate the manual work traditionally required in pad planning and field development, drastically reducing cycle times. This intuitive tool allows you to run multiple “what if” scenarios and evaluate single pads and full field plans using integrated statistics so you can optimize plans and reduce overall drilling costs. And, collaboration is made easy with dynamic 3D visualization displays available on any desktop.
Multiwell Pad Templates
After identifying targets, create pad templates, defining the number of wells per pad, spacing of wells, lateral lengths, azimuth, and build and turn rates.
Pad Placement
Iteratively determine the viability of pad placement, integrating land boundary, sub-surface, surface, and infrastructure constraints, and analyzing statistics that include lateral length and heel and toe locations
Full Field Development
Using saved templates, place multiple pads to build a full field scenario to evaluate total hydrocarbon recovery and assess technical and financial risk.
Scenario Analysis
Create multiple development scenarios, computing and displaying statistics for well pads and full fields, to accurately determine the most economically viable and sustainable plan.
Reserves Calculations
Calculate reserves using lateral length statistics to accurately compute probable recoverable resources.
Dynamic Communication
Present dynamic 3D views of pad and field development plans to asset team members and managers as they are being created, providing a comprehensive 3D view of present and future development on any desktop.
Well Planning Viewer - Now Available!
Don’t need to do the planning, but you still want to see the results? If some team members don’t need a license to plan the wells, but they would like to view what if scenarios and evaluate pads and field plans, you can simply purchase our Well Planning Viewer. It’s provided at a much lower cost than a full license, allowing teams to collaborate and make decisions more easily and cost-effectively.

Coordinate Converter
Converts full files, not just single points
Drag and drop files for conversion
Easy to use!

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