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Neotec's software

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2024-01-06

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Neotec's software


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Petroleum Engineering Softwares. Neotec's software includes: PIPEFLO,WELLFLO and FORGAS

Прогнозирование пропускной способности месторождения газа и система планирования развития. Газ и производственное планирование прогнозирования и развития Нефтяного месторождения.

Gas Field Deliverability Forecasting and Development Scheduling System.Gas and Oil field production forecasting and development scheduling.
Gas Production SoftwareFORGAS oil and gas production software has been used commercially by the international oil & gas industry for more than 20 years for long term and short term forecasting of gas production and gas storage systems. FORGAS oil and gas production software solution allows you to quickly and easily evaluate the characteristics and consequences of a wide variety of development and operating strategies build a model of your gas field in order to evaluate various development strategies such as adding compression or drilling oil and gas wells.
With this state of the art oil and gas production software – FORGAS you can simulate depletion of reservoirs, gas inflow in to wellbore, multiphase flow in tubing, oil and gas production and gas storage.
Using FORGAS oil and gas production software one can predict how to improve competitive position, evaluate benefits of drilling gas wells, determine optimal compressor placement and viability of maintaining contract. Experimental investigations are complex, risky and too costly and use of FORGAS oil and gas production software is a cost effective and efficient alternative to these expensive experiments during process of gas field deliverability and gas production forecasting and development scheduling, gas well construction, evaluation, gas production and operation. Undoubtedly FORGAS oil and gas production software is ideal for Gas Field Deliverability Forecasting and Development Scheduling. Not only FORGAS can save you money but FORGAS can make money for you as well.
Some of the key features of FORGAS oil and gas production software are:
FORGAS has easy and user friendly interface
You can quickly copy, edit, delete or detach items or groups of items within this gas production software
You can import and export data from Pipeflo and Wellflo
Survey data can be cut from a spreadsheet and pasted into FORGAS
Built-in databases (e.g. pipe diameter, pipe roughness, and pipe and insulation thermal conductivity)
FORGAS – oil and gas production software allow faster data entry
The user can individualize unit sets with any desired combination of units. Custom unit sets can be shared with WELLFLO
FORGAS oil and gas production software generates notification of incorrect and missing data
If you require any further information regarding FORGAS oil and gas production software program, please contact engineering computation and we will be happy to organize a demo of FORGAS software.

Oil & Gas Wells Design Software. Бурение скважин.

WELLFLO- усовершенствованное оконное хорошо аналитическое программное обеспечение, которое использовалось международной нефтегазовой промышленностью в течение почти 30 лет.
Well Engineering SoftwareWELLFLO is an advanced window based well analysis software, which has been used by the international oil and gas industry for almost 30 years. Beside well design and well analysis of multiphase and single phase oil and gas wells WELLFLO also incorporates many of the capabilities of other fluid property and PVT behavior program.
Well analysis and well design professionals worldwide understand that lack of time and inefficient tools result in inadequate well planning. Oil and gas well production will often result in a poor plan because of late notice and insufficient time to work on the problems during well modeling process. Often, risk analysis is based on drilling history, which can mask serious risks in your current oil and gas well design project. whether naturally flowing or artificially lifted, well engineering software helps you achieve a step change in performance by improving and standardizing your well planning process. Using well analysis,well modeling and nodal analysis software you can update well production scenarios while drilling to evaluate changes to the risk profile and forecasted time/cost estimates.
WELLFLO well production software is a powerful and simple-to-use well engineering application for well analysis, well design & well modeling of individual oil and gas wells. With WELLFLO well design software, you can build well models, using a guided step-by-step well configuration interface. Using WELLFLO software results in more effective capital expenditure by enhancing the design of wells and completions, reduces operating expenditure by finding and curing production problems and enhances revenues by improving well performance.
The WELLFLO well analysis software package is a sophisticated well modeling and well production tool. Industry leading nodal analysis software WELLFLO integrates many sophisticated oil and gas well engineering features in a single program allowing rapid comparisons of different scenarios. As a result, users can quickly identify those well engineering factors dominating well performance.
Some of the features of this amazing well production software are following:
Well flow nodal analysis software has a very User Friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)
WELLFLO offers Convenient Self-Guiding Data Entry and Option Selection
WELLFLO well production software has Comprehensive Calculation Monitor
This sophisticated well modeling software handles Compositional, Black-oil, Simplified, Foam, and Steam Systems
With this amazing well analysis software calculations are performed using Stepwise Calculation Procedure
With WELLFLO well engineering software you can perform multiphase flow calculations using choice of numerous correlations for flow pattern, liquid holdup and pressure drop
Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) Provisions
WELLFLO offers easy to use graphics
Viewing system for output reports
WELLFLO offers convenient option for special parametric studies during well engineering and well production process
User controls the calculation parameters from well analysis to well design with WELLFLO well modeling software
Optional use of either common oil-field or SI units

Pipeline Design Software. Программное обеспечение дизайна трубопровода.

Pipeline softwareAs oil and gas production and distribution systems expand into ever more challenging areas with longer tiebacks, and more complex hydrates, flow assurance has become a major design issue and a critical part of the overall pipeline analysis and pipeline design. As flow assurance, also known as multiphase transport, involves the transport of hydrates and a mixture of oil, gas, condensates and water in the same pipeline, this is often too complex to design.
PIPEFLO pipeline software has been used by the international Oil and Gas industry for almost 30 years for flow modeling and pipeline design. This pipeline design software has all the features that will be enough for any flow assurance professional who is employed for pipeline analysis and pipeline design
With this PIPEFLO flow assurance modeling software you can perform :
Single and Multiphase pipelines Analysis
Flow modeling & PVT Behavior modeling
Model Hydrates flow from the wells to its delivery location
Model Simplified Data fluid systems for Hydrates like Crude Oil, Compositional and Black Oil fluids
With this pipeline software you can calculate mixture composition of hydrates in pipeline, flowing temperature, flowing pressure, PIPEFLO pipeline software also compares the conditions required for corrosion, hydrates, wax, severe slugging, and liquid loading. With PIPEFLO one can determine how these items change with depletion and with operating conditions.
Some of the features of this flow modeling and pipeline analysis software are :
A graphical user interface for ease of data entry
Simple layout for easy inspection of properties for different hydrates
fast efficient flow modeling
PIPEFLO pipeline software models the required fluid PVT behavior
Additional equations and correlations are available in PIPEFLO to determine transport properties
PIPEFLO can also perform pressure and temperature profile calculations simultaneously in pipelines and networks during flow modeling.
Flow AssuranceAdditional features of PIPEFLO pipeline software exist, but are too numerous to list.
PIPEFLO can accept elevation profile data (including vertical sections) in a variety of ways. Import from Spreadsheets, type your elevation data, or point and click with your mouse to enter a profile. The display Immediately updates and shows angle of inclination.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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