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TopoLT производитель продукта, при поддержке CADWARE Engineering и протекцией 3D Space.

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2021-01-07

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CADware 3D Space TopoLT


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TopoLT производитель продукта, при поддержке CADWARE Engineering - https://www.cadware.ro/ и протекцией 3D Space.
TopoLT специализированное программное обеспечение для топографии и геодезии, а также полезный инструмент для кадастровых инженеров. Работает на платформе AutoCAD or other CAD platforms (IntelliCAD).

TopoLT specialized software for topography or topography as well as a useful tool for mapping registration or Kadastral is called. Cadastre or Hdngary refers to mapping the places that have legal value. These maps usually have legal implications and limits specified by deed is issued. To draw these maps, we need the right tools and the use of software such as AutoCAD Drawing is not enough. It provides various tools to design two-dimensional and three-dimensional terrain has to offer as well as volume effects are also possible. Maps that are produced by this program are of high quality and well-suited for print purposes.
3D Space company, the product software company with a history in the field of geology and deliver the finished product experts in this area needs to be covered. It is world famous and has been published in several languages

Software - Программное обеспечение:

TopoLT - прикладное предложение инструменты для 2D и 3D заявлений и функциональностей, полезных для всех те, кто проектирует топографические или кадастровые планы в цифровом формате, кто разрабатывает 3D модели ландшафта и контуры, заполняет и сокращает расчет объемов, растровую географическую привязку изображения и автоматическую печать.

TopoLT is an application offering tools for 2D and 3D aplications and functionalities useful for all those who design topographical or cadastral plans in digital format, who develop 3D terrain models and contours, fill and cut volumes calculation, raster image georeferencing and automatic printing.
The author of TopoLT is 3D Space, a company with rich experience in geodetic projects and software design.
TopoLT is an indispensable tool for topography and cadaster, meeting all the requirements of the field and office work. The program is available in multiple languages and can be translated in any language by the user, and the functions can be configured for a wide range of situations.
TopoLT is running on AutoCAD or other CAD platforms (IntelliCAD), using the drawing functions of AutoCAD and adding specific functions necessary to create topographical and cadastral plans in digital format.
Main features of TopoLT:
draws directly points from coordinate files, draws coordinates from total station or sends coordinates from drawing directly to total station;
point labels can be optimized so that there would be no overlapping between them or with the other entities placed near the point;
point codes are translated according to a codes interpretation file defined by the user;
points can be graphically drawn with or without elevations, elevations can be also obtained through interpolation;
points can be automatically introduced for entities (lines, polylines, arcs, etc.) which don’t have points at margins;
coordinates of sightshot points (polar points) can be calculated including the possibility to import measurements from the majority of existing total stations;
measurements can be received from an instrument through serial port;
points can be selected based on code and point codes can be modified;
point coordinates can be extracted from drawing and saved in different formats, including formats defined at instruments (total stations) or in formats defined by user;
coordinates tables for selected points can be created, including a separate table for station points;
3D model of the terrain and contour lines can be generated, volumes can be calculated without any restrictions (the volume obtained by intersecting a 3D surface with a plane or the volume between two 3D surfaces of any grid form or triangles);
3D models can be cut or joined;
entities from a drawing with can be visualized in 3D with real time rendering, AVI movies can be saved with moving three- dimensional objects, images can be saved, 3ds files can be visualized, textures can be attached to 3D objects including attachment of images in coordinates for a photo-realistic visualization of 3D models. Visualization is available for functions that create 3D model and perform volumes calculation;
raster images can be transformed in order to achieve correlation with the coordinates system of the plan and raster images can be both cut and framed at the same time with the process of transformation, raster images can be saved in different formats, colors format can be changed;
point symbols (blocks) can be inserted, scaled, rotated or deleted based on point codes;
linetypes can be changed automatically according to the codes interpretation file;
areas can be detached using usual methods from cadastre such as parallel, parallel to one direction, perpendicular, proportional, through an obliged point and with obliged opening;
the grid can be automaticaly drawn;
numbered sheets can be created in order to view or print plan by plan when there are chained plans;
border and title block can be drawn automatically while taking into consideration the printable area and paper format;
draw polygons, paths or points in Google Earth with the assistance of the TransLT library, another product of our company;
transform the coordinates of points using TransLT models;
program configuration was made in order to cover situations as different as possible;
program works in different languages;
also, the user can translate this program in any language.

ProfLT is a program which offers functionalities for configuring, drawing and modifying longitudinal terrain profiles and cross sections.ProfLT - программа, которая предлагает функциональности для формирования, рисования и изменения продольных профилей ландшафта и поперечных сечений.

The author of TopoLT is 3D Space, a company with rich experience in geodetic projects and software design.
Begining with version 9.0 the program was designed to work in AutoCAD or IntelliCAD environment in order to take advantage of the CAD application functionalities.
ProfLT application allows the insertion of points from a coordinates file, and based on the codes or on the 3D model the program generates longitudinal or cross profiles. The configuration options allow the user customization of the profile templates and saving of new templates, so all users can personalize the program depending on the their requirements.
Main features of ProfLT
generating profiles using 2D polylines with points, 3D polylines or the 3D model;
automatic generation of longitudinal and cross profiles using the point codes;
automatic drawing of points from coordinate files;
automatic joining of lateral points of the longitudinal profiles axis;
functions for modifying profiles, for joining and disconnecting them, for recalculation of orientation and reversing the profile;
predefined templates for various longitudinal and cross profile types (roads, high voltage electrical lines, sewage and water lines);
the possibility to save a new template for a custom transversal or cross profile;
the program options cover a wide variety of situations related to the profile generating and drawing modes, the profile rows can be arranged according to the job specification, the format for the sheets with the longitudinal and cross profiles can be chosen, etc.
preview the profiles before drawing;
quick drawing of longitudinal and cross profiles;
creating the page layout and arranging the profiles depending on the type of printer selected;
calculating height of platfom and drawing the labels of plaform heights;
exporting the profiles in specific Micropiste or SdrMap files;
the program is available in English and Romanian languages.

Геокалькулятор.TransLT разработан, чтобы вычислить параметры преобразования, и преобразование координат между двумя системами координат - быстрый и практический путь. Программное обеспечение нацелено на специалистов, которые используют технологию GPS, чтобы выполнить геодезические работы.

TransLT is designed to calculate the transformation parameters and the transformation of coordinates between two coordinates systems is a fast and practical way. The software is aimed at specialists who use GPS technology to perform geodetic works.
TransLT is an application which offers the following three major functionalities:
The calculation of transformation parameters between two coordinates systems;
The transformation of coordinates between two coordinates systems;
Drawing of polygons, paths or points in Google Earth.
To make it easy to operate with the multitude of existing reference coordinates systems, TransLT contains a module that extracts information from EPSG database.
The program interface is intuitive, easy to use, the data can be imported from txt or csv files, and it allows saving the modification for each step of the transformation.
Main features of TransLT:
Calculation of transformation parameters and coordinates transformation for 1D, 2D or 3D transformations;
Coordinates coversions between geographical coordinates systems, geocentric cartesian and the coordinates of a map projection;
Supports a large number of map projections (112 map projection methods);
Supports the majority of the polynomial transformation used in cartography;
Can use binary grid files or ASCII for coordinates corrections;
Coordinates transformations can be made using your own calculation formula;
Coordinates transformations can be made in user defined steps or the steps can be automatically generated using the EPSG database;
Coordinate files can be converted directly from Windows Explorer;
The program can be called from the command line or from another application to convert a coordinates file;
Drawing of polygons, paths or points in Google Earth and together with TopoLT can draw graphic entities from AutoCAD or IntelliCAD in Google Earth.
The calculation of transformation parameters between two coordinates systems can be performed in the following situations:
1D transformation (calculation with 5 or 1 parameters);
2D transformation (calculation with 4, 5 or 6 parameters);
3D transformation (calculation with 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 or 15 parameters).
For each set of calculated parameters calculation reports are generated offering the user information about the quality of the calculated values. The parameters calculation is made easy and practical with the help of worksheets organization.
The transformation of coordinates between two coordinates systems can be done by applying 1D, 2D or 3D transformation or by applying a multiple transformation in steps. The steps of a multiple transformation can be used to make the following coordinates operations:
coordinates conversions (including using a map projection);
polynomial transformations;
transformations using grid files (files containing corrections values);
transformations with parameters: 1D, 2D or 3D;
transformations with user defined formula.
The multiple step transformations (which contain many successive transformations) can be saved and used later, with the possibility of applying them directly on a file using the contextual menu from Windows

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