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CMG (Computer Modelling Group).CMG Suite.

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2013-02-17

CMG (Computer Modelling Group)

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

CMG (Computer Modelling Group) is a computer software engineering and consulting firm engaged in the development, sale and technology transfer of reservoir simulation software. CMG began as a company known for its expertise in heavy oil, and expanded its expertise into all aspects of reservoir flow modelling. Over the past 34 years, CMG has remained focused on the development and delivery of reservoir simulation technologies that assist oil and gas companies to determine reservoir capacities and maximize potential recovery.CMG (Computer Modelling Group) является программным обеспечением проектная и консалтинговая фирма, занятая развитием, продажей и передачей технологии программного обеспечения моделирования водохранилища.

CMG develops market-leading reservoir simulation software, which is recognized worldwide
as the industry standard for advanced recovery processes.
CMG's superior technology continues to break new ground for capabilities — simulating the simple to the most advanced recovery processes through a combination of easy-to-use model building workflows, state-of-the-art solver technology & Parallel processing, dynamic gridding and cross-disciplinary multi-physics (e.g. thermal effects,
geochemistry, geomechanics, fluid and phase behavior, wellbore hydraulics and completions) required to accurately model recovery processes.

Программное обеспечение - CMG Suite (Одна из самых лучших программ для гидродинамического моделирования нефтяных и газовых месторождений. В некоторых аспектах превосходит связку Schlumberger Petrel + Eclipse, достаточно сказать, что ее используют для обучения студентов в Техасском университете горных наук (Texas A&M)):

CMOST AI - Intelligent Optimization & Analysis Tool
CMOST AI extends your capabilities and potential to improve business decisions and processes. Identify the best solution for your reservoir by combining advanced statistical analysis, machine learning and non-biased data interpretation with your engineering expertise.
GEM - Compositional & Unconventional Simulator
GEM is the world-leading Equation-of-State (EoS) reservoir simulator for compositional, chemical and unconventional reservoir modelling.
IMEX -Black Oil & Unconventional Simulator
IMEX models primary and secondary oil recovery processes in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.
Model primary and secondary recovery techniques for conventional and unconventional oil/gas reservoirs; use quick and easy workflows to confidently create forecasts.
STARS -Thermal & Advanced Processes Reservoir Simulator
Accurately model the physics of all in-situ recovery processes - thermal, chemical or other advanced EOR techniques - to maximize the value and production from an asset.
STARS is the undisputed industry standard for the advanced modelling of recovery processes involving steam, solvents, air and chemicals.
CoFlow- Integrated Reservoir & Production System Modelling
CoFlow, a multi-fidelity, multi-disciplinary team environment, allows reservoir and production engineers to collaborate on the same asset, using the same software application, to make informed decisions.
Multi-fidelity, multi-disciplinary and collaborative modelling environment for making informed decisions on large integrated oil and gas projects.
Builder - Pre-Processor: Simulation Model Building Tool
Interactive, intuitive and easy-to-use interface enables quick and efficient design and preparation of simulation models for all CMG simulators
Builder simplifies the creation of simulation models by providing a framework for data integration and workflow management between IMEX, GEM, STARS and external data sources.
Results - Post-Processor: Visualization & Analysis
Results helps you increase understanding and insight into recovery processes and reservoir performance with state-of-the-art visualization and analysis capabilities. Results: Faster, Intuitive and Brand New!
State-of-the-art visualization & analysis capabilities provides insight into reservoir characteristics, recovery processes and reservoir performance.
WinProp - Phase Behaviour & Fluid Property Program
WinProp is an integral component in advanced reservoir simulation modelling and is invaluable for multi-phase and special processes, and where compositional variations exist.
Create tuned fluid property descriptions for CMG simulators and black oil fluid property data for third-party reservoir simulation software.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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Эта программа Cmg работает на Mac?

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