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SurvOPT от Engenius Software.Стандартный отраслевой программный комплекс для подготовки программы и бюджета морской сейсморазведки.

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2024-01-05

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SurvOPT от Engenius Software


Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

Engenius Software
There must be a better way! This simple yet powerful catchphrase underpins all that we do.
An unrelenting passion for efficiency and optimization combined with some very clever people allows us to take complex problems and break them down into simple, effective and fully optimized software solutions.
We specialise in marine logistics, route planning, cost estimation and risk management and have developed the following leading software solutions for the oil and gas exploration industry.
Стандартный отраслевой программный комплекс для подготовки программы и бюджета морской сейсморазведки
- Возможность быстрого расчета стоимости любых изменений в программе сейсморазведки
- Снижение затрат времени на переключение на новый профиль и оптимизация условий съемки
- Решения проблем, с которыми приходится сталкиваться при проведении сейсморазведки, включая физические препятствия, разделение времени, течения, приливы, приоритетные районы, перевахтовка персонала и т.п.

Программные продукты:
Our flagship product, survOPT, is used by all major seismic acquisition companies and we are also privileged to count many energy companies including the super majors as loyal customers.
Feel free to drop us a line for a free demo of any of our solutions or catch us at the EAGE and SEG conferences each year.

SurvOPT is the ultimate marine seismic project planning, optimizing and costing tool, letting you examine the effect of survey design changes in near real time.
As well as finding efficient shooting plans and accurate completion estimates, SurvOPT seismic survey design software can compare vessel configurations side by side, explore different costing models and can analyse the affect of almost any parameter change.
On the vessel, SurvOPT provides acquisition plans that optimize acquisition time while minimizing non productive line change time. With support for obstructions, timesharing, currents, tides, priority areas, maintenance, crew changes, circles, port calls and weather downtime there is no scenario that the patented optimization engine can’t handle.
SurvOPT even lets you specify feather requirements on individual lines and will optimise line scheduling around them, putting you on the right line at the right time without unnecessary delays.
Develop comprehensive marine seismic survey plans including costing and statistics.
Quickly search millions of possible plans to find the most favourable options.
Create and compare multiple scenarios covering different vessel configurations, environment constraints, etc
Import preplots in a range of compatible formats including P1-90 and textfiles.
Save detailed reports in PDF format that can be used to justify decisions.
Model tide, current and feather data and factor this information into survey plans.
Model obstruction avoidance into survey plans.
Model predicted coverage.
Factor in port calls and other rendezvous.
Preview vessel location, activity details and conditions at any time within the survey period.

Seafloor Planner
Seafloor Planner is specifically designed for planning and optimizing ocean bottom node and ocean bottom cable surveys.
Based on the same technology that our flagship product survOPT is so well known for, Seafloor Planner lets you instantly see the estimated completion time, vessel utilisation figures, critical path and other useful information about your ocean bottom seismic survey.
Run simulations to compare different line spacing, different turn patterns, wider patches or more receivers. Find out which tasks are on the critical path and how they can be done faster. Seafloor Planner lets you compare different scenarios for these and many other factors and visualise immediately how these affect your ocean bottom node or ocean bottom cable survey duration.
Capabilities include:
Patch-based and rolling spread surveys with a single receiver vessel or multi-role vessel and one or more source vessels
Shooting perpendicular, parallel or on other azimuths
Specify shot and receiver areas, or load SPS and P190 files for irregular layouts
Specify zippers (tiles/panels) and/or custom source line patterns
Export SPS files
Specify vessel characteristics such as speed, turn radius, cost and different turn patterns such as racetrack, adjacent, earliest reachable line
View statistics at any point in the survey simulation
Survey timeline including critical path
Load obstructions from a range of formats including shapefiles, and configure vessel behavior around obstructions
WGS 84 / UTM and a wide range of other coordinate reference systems
Background images including georeferenced images
Currently in development:
Support for multiple receiver vessels
More in-map editing tools, such as click-and-drag to adjust patch size and shape
More fine-grained ocean bottom survey configuration options, including handling buoys and cable/node-on-rope snaking

QuickPLOT Pro
QuickPLOT Pro integrates seamlessly with SurvOPT and is used to accurately and efficiently generate 2D, 3D, Multi Azimuth and Wide Azimuth preplots using a simple wizard interface.
QuickPLOT Pro can create a survey designs based on any of the following inputs:
An imported survey area polygon (or polygons)
A set of easting, northing polygon vertex coordinates
A set of preplot lines imported from a range of formats (text, P19-90, shapefile, etc)
A basic rectangular polygon or 2D line
Once created the 3D polygon and 2D lines can be edited using QuickPLOT Pro’s click and drag map interface. A suite of advanced manipulation tools are available including Duplicate, Rotate, Optimize Azimuth, Tidy Polygon and Normalize
QuickPLOT Pro makes complex survey design easy. For instance, you can…
Cover a specified migration aperture around a target polygon using the Inline and Crossline Border parameters
Use the Inline and Crossline Offset parameters to create sail lines for secondary vessels or offset tiles in wide azimuth surveys
Create 3D surveys with doglegs or curves by creating and duplicating a single master line with multiple waypoints
Create a Multi Azimuth project by duplicating and rotating the original survey polygon, or by choosing the MAZ option in the New Survey Wizard
Vessel configuration files allow parameters for commonly used vessels to be saved and easily re-used in multiple projects, ensuring consistent planning results across your entire organisation. Stored items include basic values such as number of steamers and sources, dimensions such as streamer separation and length and source separation, performance values such as vessel turn radius and speeds, through to preplot line generation and receiver parameters.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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