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IHS Energy ( Fekete)

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2021-01-06

Главная / ПО для отрасли нефть-газ Oil & Gas / Каталог / IHS Energy

IHS Energy ( Fekete)

https://www.ihs.com https://ihsmarkit.com/

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Программное обеспечение в различных отраслях промышленности. В нашем аспекте нас интересует ПО для экологов, геологов, геофизиков и отрасли нефть-газ... Подробно >>>>>>
Survey provides fresh inspiration and insights
Every year we conduct a Customers First Survey covering the majority of our customers, products, and services. The suggestions that we receive guide our work as we develop better products and more insightful content.
Recent Product Enhancements
The overall rating of our products continues to improve and has steadily increased since 2010 from 49% of customers rating us as very good or excellent to 72% today. We continue to focus on improving the value and usability of our products based on user experience.
Recent Improvements to Information and Analysis
At IHS Markit, we are constantly improving the currency, consistency, completeness and correctness of our data in order to deliver world-class products and insights. Core to our solutions is the information and analysis in which 77% of our customers rated us very good to excellent. Every day our offerings expand based on your needs and suggestions.
Driving innovation across multiple sectors
Below are a few highlights of improvements based on your feedback:
Aerospace, Defense & Security: We enhanced Jane's tools with 65 new dashboards for improved visualization, more responsive reports and analysis on current events, a better search (for Jane's and Haystack), and an updated user interface
Automotive: We recently made our user interfaces easier to use, expanded the breadth and depth of data coverage and increased the speed for adding world events to our forecasts
Chemical: Based on your feedback, we expanded our coverage, added insights in process technology and investment economics, started offering more live webcasts with industry experts, and made numerous improvements to the IHS Connect® Platform
Economics & Country Risk: We developed new and improved content, tools and processes to help you to be successful
Energy & Natural Resources: We revamped our forecasting methodology, increased granularity in reports, plus improved many applications including Enerdeq, MINT, and Connect
Engineering & Product Design: We released the new Engineering Workbench platform with intelligent searching, enhanced document viewing, role-based interface options, and personalized alerts
Financial Services: We continue to release new solutions and improved services, including MiFID II compliance, Securities Finance Transaction Regulation, liquidity risk management, Know Your Third Party, Collateral Manager, and many others
Maritime & Trade: We improved the Maritime Portal and introduced the Maritime Intelligence Risk Suite. We added interactive charts to the Global Trade Atlas and the PIERS Container Database to Global Trade Portfolio
Technology, Media & Telecom: We added new reports and our trusted Market Intelligence, and we continuously update Electronic Parts content. We also improved communication and support for our customers.
Amidst an interactive world and great economic uncertainty, IHS Markit software solutions, platform and design tools help you keep pace with competition by enhancing workflows, reducing costs, improving efficiency and providing greater operational visibility.

IHS Energy ( Fekete)
Fekete Associates Inc. is now part of IHS Energy. Подробно >>>>>>
In April 2013, IHS acquired Fekete Associates Inc., a leading provider of integrated reservoir management software and services to the oil and gas industry. This strategic acquisition has strengthened IHS expertise throughout the oil and gas value chain. В апреле 2013 IHS приобретал Fekete Associates Inc., ведущего провайдера интегрированного программного обеспечения управления водохранилищем и служб к нефтегазовой промышленности. Этот стратегический сбор усилил знания и опыт IHS всюду по нефтегазовой стоимостной цепочке.
By integrating Fekete and IHS Energy, you will see new benefits from your data, software and consulting services and their delivery platform. To locate your former Fekete products within their new IHS Energy home, please use the links below.

Программное обеспечение-модули:

IHS Harmony™ (Fekete Harmony)

Increase productivity with workflows that leverage a full suite of empirical, analytical and numerical tools.Повысите производительность с технологическими процессами, которые усиливают весь номер люкс эмпирических, аналитических и числовых инструментов.
How do your reservoir management and production forecasting tools measure up in today’s environment?
Now available in a single or multi-user platform, IHS Harmony™ is a comprehensive engineering application for analyzing oil and gas well performance and evaluating reserves. Access a full suite of reservoir and production engineering tools in one interface. Create common corporate workflows that harness your organization's technical expertise and share interpretations to determine the best asset development strategies.
Extract maximum value from well performance data
Reduce IT overhead and training efforts by utilizing one integrated software package
Create rigorous Typewells (Type Curves) and forecast reserves
Monitor well production through customizable diagnostic dashboards
Assess reserves risk with probabilistic forecasting
Run ‘what If’ scenarios to assess the impact of alternative well spacing, completion design, or artificial lift mechanisms

IHS DeclinePlus (Fekete FAST DeclinePlus)

Generate quick empirical production forecasts and type wells.Произведите быстрые эмпирические производственные прогнозы и напечатайте скважины.
Are you able to generate consistent reserves estimates with your current production analysis and forecasting tools?
IHS DeclinePlus is an industry-leading software for analyzing oil and gas production as well as evaluating and managing reserves. Create forecasts and estimate reserves using decline analysis, material balance, volumetrics and water-oil ratio analysis methods. Conduct production surveillance on waterflood oil fields using standard Hall and VRR plots. Create Type Well performance profiles, customize entity hierarchies, consolidate forecasts into groups and rank levels based on forecast name or reserve classification. Additional decline methods target the unique behavior of tight gas and shale gas production.
Learn how to:
Extract maximum value from production data to determine areas for improvement
Streamline workflows and generate repeatable and consistent results
Conduct more accurate, timely reserves evaluations
Compare results from traditional and advanced analysis methods by effortlessly integrating IHS RTA model forecasts


Increase evaluation accuracy and maximize value from your production and flow pressure data. Точность оценки увеличения и максимизирует стоимость от Вашего производства и данных о давлении потока.
Are you relying on traditional reservoir analysis methods?
IHS RTA (rate transient analysis) software lets you assess reserves by integrating rate and flowing pressure data without having to shut in wells. Estimate original volumes-in-place, expected ultimate recovery and recovery factor with flowing material balance and other modern techniques. Use type curves to determine gas and oil reservoir characteristics, and look for evidence of liquid loading, pressure support, interference or changes in operating conditions. Run ‘what If’ scenarios and optimize production by assessing the impact of compression, infill drilling and stimulation. Integrated risk analysis tools allow you to assess various scenarios by assigning distributions to unknown variables and projecting a range of possible EUR outcomes.


Generate accurate and reliable forecasts for CBM plays.Произведите точные и надежные прогнозы для КУБ. М. игр.
Do your current forecasting tools factor in the unique needs of CBM plays?
IHS CBM (coalbed methane) software lets you forecast and estimate reserves for new or producing CBM plays. Calculate original gas-in-place, expected ultimate recovery and recovery factor with the deterministic methods of decline, static and flowing material balance and volumetrics. Employ multiple analysis methods, including the Agarwal-Gardner type curve, to properly characterize the CBM play and develop an accurate analytical model. Use probabilistic risk analysis with Monte Carlo simulation to generate the most likely ranges for your estimates.

IHS VirtuWell (Fekete FAST VirtuWell)

Configure and operate wellbores efficiently from sandface to surface.Формируйте и управляйте стволами скважины эффективно от sandface, чтобы появиться.
Are your wellbores designed for optimal flow?
IHS VirtuWell nodal analysis software allows you to optimize wellbore performance for single and multiphase flow with various flow paths over time. The analysis tools allow users to assess tubing performance, estimate initial deliverability using advanced forecasting or simple back pressure relationships, identify liquid loading, and evaluate the effects of coiled tubing or the response to compression. Various operating scenarios can be modeled and compared to determine the most effective strategy.

IHS Piper ( Fekete FAST Piper )

Increase revenue and decrease costs with whole system analysis. Доход увеличения и уменьшение стоят с целым системным анализом.
Are you using multiple oil modeling and gas forecasting software packages to manage numerous assets?
IHS Piper software allows you to integrate all of your gas assets to model flow from the reservoir to the delivery point. Quickly model existing or future gathering systems by defining wellbores, compression, pump capacity, pipeline configuration and deliverability in a map-based environment. Optimize production by identifying bottlenecks, data inconsistencies, liquid loading and uplift potential. Run multiple scenarios to determine the effects of infill drilling, compression and pipeline capacity on economic forecasts.

IHS WellTest ( Fekete FAST WellTest)

Thoroughly understand your reservoir and its production potential. Полностью поймите свое водохранилище и его производственный потенциал.
Is your reservoir producing to its full potential?
IHS WellTest software helps you conduct gas and oil pressure transient analysis and serves as an everyday well test data interpretation tool. Decipher reservoir-flow characteristics and predict future deliverability based on buildup and short-term drawdown well test information. Use diagnostic plots, as well as G Function and DFIT analyses for minifrac tests, to identify flow regimes and estimate reservoir parameters. Leverage analytical and numerical models to match the pressure history and generate forecasts.

IHS Evolution ( Fekete FAST Evolution)

Quickly evaluate different development strategies to optimize your final choice.Быстро оцените различные стратегии развития, чтобы оптимизировать Ваш заключительный выбор.
When faced with multiple field development plans, how do you choose?
IHS Evolution software helps you compare and select the best tight and shale gas development plan. Evaluate optimum well spacing, scheduling, and completion type using analytical reservoir modeling and simple economics. Use the reservoir model to predict new well performance, and run multiple development scenarios to evaluate the sensitivity of net present value to different reservoir and economic parameters. Generate production and cash-flow forecasts, and find the scenario with the most profitable results.

IHS FieldNotes ( Fekete FAST FieldNotes)

Streamline the flow of oil well testing data. Оптимизируйте поток данных о тестировании нефтяной скважины.
What if you could seamlessly record and report your field data with one application—in real time?
IHS FieldNotes software allows you to collect oil well data and report findings. Capture well test data in real time, or enter data manually. Quickly generate detailed plots and reports to analyze the results of performed well tests. Export data immediately for government PAS file submission or for extended analysis in IHS WellTest.

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