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Waterloo Hydrogeologic, Inc. (WHI) является компанией, которая специализируется с программным обеспечением моделирования грунтовой воды, обучением и консалтинговыми услугами.

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Дата: 2021-01-04

Главная / ПО для гидрогеологов, гидрологов, инженерных геологов / Каталог/ Waterloo Hydrogeologic

Waterloo Hydrogeologic (WHI )


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On January 10, 2005, Waterloo Hydrogeologic was acquired by Schlum Water Services Technology Group.
On March 13, 2015, Waterloo Hydrogeologic was acquired by Nova Metrix, LLC.
Waterloo Hydrogeologic, Inc. (WHI) является компанией, которая специализируется с программным обеспечением моделирования грунтовой воды, обучением и консалтинговыми услугами.
Waterloo Hydrogeologic, Inc. (WHI) is a company that specializes with groundwater modelling software, training, and consulting services. The company was started by Nilson Guiguer and Thomas Franz, who were developing software for their research at the University of Waterloo in 1988. The company was later founded in 1989 as Waterloo Hydrogeologic Software (WHS).The company first released FLOWPATH, which—at the time—was the first fully integrated graphical groundwater modelling software. In the fall of 1993, Waterloo Hydrogeologic became incorporated (changing their name) and started with the development of Visual MODFLOW. The company diversified into groundwater software training and consulting services, as it expanded.
On January 10, 2005, Waterloo Hydrogeologic was acquired by Schlum Water Services Technology Group.
On March 13, 2015, Waterloo Hydrogeologic was acquired by Nova Metrix, LLC.

UnSat Suite
Simulate the Migration of Water and Contaminants Through the Vadose Zone.
UnSat Suite is designed to simulate one-dimensional groundwater flow and contaminant transport through unsaturated zones.
UnSat Suite разработан, чтобы моделировать одномерный поток грунтовой воды и транспортировку загрязнителя через ненасыщенные зоны.
The UnSat Suite groundwater software product is specifically designed to handle one-dimensional groundwater flow and contaminant transport in the unsaturated zone. This one dimensional model simulates the downward vertical flow of groundwater and migration of dissolved contaminants in the groundwater through a thin column of soil.
UnSat Suite allows you to quickly and easily create a one-dimensional unsaturated zone model using the simulation code that best suits your site conditions and provides numerous methods for visualizing and managing your projects, generating input data, presenting modeling results, and sharing data between models.
Available Models
SESOIL – a popular US EPA model which is capable of simultaneously modeling water transport, sediment transport and pollutant fate.
PESTAN – a model for assessments of groundwater contamination by pesticide used in agricultural practice.
VS2DT – a finite difference numerical model for determining the fate of agricultural chemicals, landfill leachate, and accidental chemical spills in the unsaturated zone.
VLEACH – a model for evaluating the fate of volatile organic contaminants in the unsaturated zone.
Product Details
The UnSat Suite groundwater package features numerous tools and design elements that enable you to produce professional flow simulations. Features of this product include:
Unified Modeling Environment – Interface design accommodates the specialized features and analysis capabilities of each model while maintaining a consistent look and feel for each data set.
Easy-To-Use – The familiar design and functionality of the interface makes it extremely easy to learn and facilitates rapid model development using any of the available models.
Project Wizard – Guides you through the process of setting up a model data set for any of the available programs.
Project Management – The project-based data management system that liberates the user from handling of numerous files for separate projects.
Input Data – The Project Data Tree allows you to quickly view and modify the profile data structure for each model profile, or to easily duplicate the model data files for performing sensitivity analyses.
Graphical Display – The profile display shows the geometry, dimensions, layer structure and stratigraphy of the model profile.
Database Links – A customizable database of soil and chemical parameters is linked to the various input forms for automatic entry of selected property values.
Weather Generator – The built-in Weather Generator generates up to 100 years of statistically reliable weather data to use as input for SESOIL.
Seamless Integration – Create the model profile(s), run the simulation(s), visualize the results, and create the report documents; all in the same graphical modeling environment.
Presentation of Results – UnSat Suite comes with a powerful graphical component for visualizing the simulation results for any of the models.
Automatic Report Generator – Create a rich text document with tabulated input data, profile graphics, and a display of results.
Teamwork – Supports teamwork environments such that project files can be run over a networked system.
Data Sharing – Export data from Unsat Suite unsaturated zone modeling results to use as flow and transport boundary condition data in saturated zone groundwater models such as Visual MODFLOW.
Tutorials – The Unsat Suite comes with a complete set of step-by-step tutorials covering the practical application of each model.

UnSat Suite Plus
UnSat Suite Plus is designed to simulate one-dimensional groundwater flow and contaminant transport through unsaturated zones.
Дополнительно по сравнению с UnSat Suite

Available Models
HELP – a finite difference model used to evaluate the hydrologic performance of landfills containing multiple layers and different layer combinations.

Visual MODFLOW Flex groundwater modeling software is the industry standard for simulating groundwater flow and contaminant transport.Визуальное программное обеспечение моделирования грунтовой воды Flex MODFLOW - промышленный стандарт для моделирования потока грунтовой воды и транспорта загрязнителя.
What's New
System Requirements
Groundwater Flow & Contaminant Transport Modeling Software
Visual MODFLOW Flex is more than just a graphical user interface for MODFLOW groundwater simulations. Visual MODFLOW Flex brings together industry-standard codes for groundwater flow and contaminant transport, essential analysis and calibration tools, and stunning 3D visualization capabilities in a single, easy-to-use software environment.
With Visual MODFLOW Flex, groundwater modelers have all the tools required for addressing local to regional-scale water quality, groundwater supply, and source water protection issues.
Why Choose Visual MODFLOW Flex?
Build models faster and more efficiently
With integrated 3D conceptual modeling, you will never have to rebuild a model again. Model inputs and grid design can be updated at any point in the modeling process as modeling objectives change, more data are collected and a better understanding of the sub-surface is achieved.
Simple, easy-to-use
Since 1995, Visual MODFLOW has been recognized for its intuitive, easy-to-use interface. With Visual MODFLOW Flex, modeling steps are conveniently presented in an intuitive, workflow-driven graphical user interface, allowing you to see what steps you’ve completed, your current step and what steps you need to finish to reach your modeling objectives.
Save time and money
Visual MODFLOW Flex provides both GIS-based 3D conceptual modeling and numerical modeling all within a single integrated software environment. This reduces the need to maintain costly 3rd party pre-processing tools and eliminates the error-prone process of transferring data back-and-forth between different software packages and data formats.
Model with confidence
The 3D conceptual modeling capabilities allow you to easily interpret and analyze raw GIS data in 2D, 3D and cross-sectional viewers. This provides a visual quality assurance of the data and allows you to gain a solid understanding of the subsurface before designing the numerical model.
Build larger, more complex models
Visual MODFLOW Flex is equipped to handle vast quantities of detailed, high resolution data. With 64-bit support, you can leverage the extra memory available on 64-bit computer and simulate large and complex regional-scale groundwater systems.
Build credible models
With integrated modeling, model inputs and outputs can be easily visualized alongside raw GIS field data in 3D. This allows you to establish model credibility by demonstrating how numerical model data (model layers, flow parameters, recharge data) were generated from conceptual data (borehole logs, GIS data). Calculated heads and pathlines can also be displayed alongside conceptual model data to validate assumptions and further demonstrate model credibility.
Easily compare multiple models
Visual MODFLOW Flex’s unique design permits easy side-by-side comparisons of multiple models allowing you to assess alternative modeling scenarios, grid indiscretions and hydro-geologic interpretations.
Get started fast
Advance your technical knowledge and become an expert in no time with a wealth of learning and support resources including step-by-step tutorials, comprehensive user’s guide, videos, online training courses and free webinars.

Hydro GeoAnalyst is an environmental data management software package that integrates a complete suite of analysis, visualization and reporting tools, with a powerful and flexible database.
Environmental Data Management, Analysis and Visualization Software.Пакет программного обеспечения управления данными о состоянии окружающей среды, который интегрирует полный номер люкс анализа, визуализации и инструментов создания отчетов, с мощной и гибкой базой данных.
Управление данными о состоянии окружающей среды, анализ и программное обеспечение визуализации.

Hydro GeoAnalyst is the all-in-one groundwater and environmental data management system that stores and organizes environmental data, and helps you quickly create comprehensive analytical results that are reliable and easy to understand.
With Hydro GeoAnalyst, environmental professionals, geoscientists and government agencies have all the tools required to effectively and efficiently manage large volumes of data, and make informed decisions about environmental and water resources.
Why Choose Hydro GeoAnalyst?
Save time and money
Increase efficiency and achieve cost savings with streamlined and automated data collection, data import, analysis and reporting workflows.
Improve data quality
Hydro GeoAnalyst standardizes your organization and intelligently validates all data upon import, ensuring it meets quality requirements for reliable analyses and informed decision making.
Get started fast
Hydro GeoAnalyst helps you kick start your project by providing an environmental database template that consist of tables and fields for common environmental data types, common well profile templates and report templates.
Always be in control
Unlike other commercial environmental data management software packages, Hydro GeoAnalyst gives you complete control over your database, allowing you to fully customize the database structure to accommodate project needs and scale your database as data volumes grow.
Gain critical insight
Gain greater insight into your environmental data with a suite of integrated analysis, interpretation and visualization tools including Map Manager, Cross Section Editor, Well Profile, Time Series Charts, Scene Viewer and more. Unlike other commercial data management systems, the analysis tools included with Hydro GeoAnalyst are developed solely by Waterloo Hydrogeologic which saves you money, guarantees interoperability, and simplifies procurement and license management.
Keep vital information at your fingertips
The Query Builder is a powerful tool that helps you create, save and recall simple to complex data queries without having to know complicated SQL syntax. Easily define the conditions of your query by dragging and dropping database fields, and choosing the desired logical operators (AND, OR, LIKE and IS).
Collaborate and communicate efficiently
Hydro GeoAnalyst stores all your data in a single, centralized database that can be accessed securely by multiple users across a network. Well Profiles, maps, cross-section diagrams, time-series charts and reports can be easily retrieved by team members and key decision makers.
Maximize efficiency in the field
Hydro GeoAnalyst streamlines field data collection with easy-to-use planning tools and support for mobile electronic data deliverables. Easily plan and schedule your field trips, and then conveniently collect your data using your Apple or Android mobile device.
Manage data for local, state and federal groundwater monitoring networks
Manage data associated with remediation projects

AquaChem is a groundwater software package for anyone working with water data, and is suited for projects requiring management, analysis and reporting of water quality data. AquaChem - пакет программного обеспечения грунтовой воды для любого работающего с водными данными и подходит для проектов, требующих управления, анализа и сообщающих данных качества воды.
Water Quality Data Analysis and Reporting Software
AquaChem is a groundwater software package specifically designed for anyone working with water data. This software is ideally suited for water projects requiring management, analysis and reporting of groundwater quality data.
AquaChem’s analysis tools cover a wide range of functions and calculations used for analyzing, interpreting and comparing water quality data. These tools include simple unit transformations, charge balances, statistics and sample mixing to more complex functions such as correlation matrices and geothermometer calculations.
These powerful analytical capabilities are complemented by an extensive selection of commonly used geochemical plots and graphs to represent the chemical characteristics water quality data.
Why Choose AquaChem?
Simple and easy analysis of water quality data
Effortless and flexible data importing and exporting
Over 25 essential geochemical plots and graphing techniques including piper, schoeller, scatter, box and whisker, stiff
Intelligent handling of non-detect results.
Automatic geochemical calculations of water type, sum of anions, sum of cations, ion balance, TDS, hardness and more.
Extensive suite of statistical calculations for water quality analysis including trend analyses, alert levels, outlier tests, test for normality and more.
Integrated geochemical modeling with PHREEQC (available from the USGS).
Water quality exceedence reports for multiple water quality standards.
Automatic ready-made reports.
AquaChem Applications
Analyze and report aqueous geochemistry of municipal groundwater supply wells
Report analytical lab results of samples from contaminated sites
Manage water quality data from sanitary landfills
Identify mineralization trends for mining exploration.
Analyze, interpret and plot water quality data.
Identify and report water quality guideline exceedences.
Demonstrate regulatory compliance with chemical exceedence and trend analyses reports.

AquiferTest is an easy-to-use software package for analyzing, interpreting and visualizing pumping and slug test data. AquiferTest - простой в использовании пакет программного обеспечения для анализа, интерпретации и визуализации данных откачек.
Pumping & Slug Test Analysis, Interpretation & Visualization Software
AquiferTest is an easy-to-use software package for analyzing, interpreting and visualizing pumping and slug test data. Designed by hydrogeologists for hydrogeologists, AquiferTest delivers all the tools needed to accurately interpret data from all types of aquifers in all types of test conditions.
Why Choose AquiferTest?
Intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface
Analyze test data from pumping tests, slug tests and Lugeon tests
Seamless integration with pumping test instrumentation including Diver dataloggers and Level Loggers
Diagnostic plots and derivative analysis for identifying aquifer conditions from test data
A comprehensive suite of analysis methods and solutions suitable for all types of aquifers including confined, unconfined, leaky and fractured aquifers
Easily account for various well conditions including wellbore storage, horizontal wells and single well analyses
Advanced pre-processing tools for barometric compensation and trend correction
Automatic type curve matching
Simplified contour plots and streamlines of drawdown solutions
Predictive water table drawdown at planned well locations
Customizable professional-quality analysis reports
Over 15 years of continued development and support by groundwater experts
Lots of tutorials to help you get started quickly

Visual HELP
Software for Optimization of Hydrologic Landfill Design – Based on HELP.Программное обеспечение для оптимизации гидрологического проекта закапывания мусора – на основе СПРАВКИ.
Visual HELP is the most advanced hydrological modeling environment available for designing landfills, predicting leachate mounding and evaluating potential leachate seepage to the groundwater table. Based on HELP, the international standard for modeling landfill hydrology and estimating groundwater recharge rates.
Визуальная ПОМОЩЬ - самая продвинутая гидрологическая окружающая среда моделирования, доступная для проектирования закапывания мусора, предсказания сточных вод mounding и оценки потенциальной утечки сточных вод к уровню грунтовых вод. На основе ПОМОЩИ международный стандарт для моделирования гидрологии закапывания мусора и оценки грунтовой воды перезаряжает ставки.
Visual HELP combines the latest version of the HELP model with an easy-to use interface and powerful graphical features for designing the groundwater model and evaluating the modeling results. Visual HELP uses the latest technologies in software engineering to introduce many new methods for:
Visualizing and managing your projects
Generating input data, presenting modeling results
Sharing data between models
This completely-integrated modeling environment you to:
Graphically create several profiles representing different parts of a landfill,
Automatically generate statistically reliable weather data for virtually any location in the world (or create your own)
Run complex model simulations
Visualize full-color, high-resolution results
Prepare a summary document (tables and graphs) for your report

Visual MODFLOW Flex
Visual MODFLOW Flex groundwater modeling software is the industry standard for simulating groundwater flow and contaminant transport.
Visual MODFLOW Classic
Visual MODFLOW Classic groundwater modeling software is the legacy graphical user interface that set the benchmark for graphically developing groundwater models.
MODFLOW SURFACT-Flow & Transport
MODFLOW-SURFACT™ is one of the most comprehensive flow and transport models available. Built around the MODFLOW code, MODFLOW-SURFACT™ includes advanced computational modules that are based on robust, efficient, mass-conserving algorithms making it faster and more accurate than its transport modeling counterparts.

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