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HYPACK®: Гидрографическое программное обеспечение обзора, обработки и дноуглубления.

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2021-01-04

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HYPACK - A Xylem Brand and now part of YSI is a Windows based software for the Hydrographic and Dredging Industry. Founded in 1984, HYPACK, INC (formerly Coastal Oceanographics, Inc.) has evolved from a small hydrographic consultant to one of the most successful providers of hydrographic and navigation software worldwide. HYPACK® is one of the most widely used hydrographic surveying packages in the world, with more than 10,000 users. It provides the Surveyor with all the tools needed to design their survey, collect data, process it, reduce it, and generate final products. Whether you are collecting hydrographic survey data or environmental data, or just positioning your vessel in an engineering project, HYPACK provides the tools needed to complete your job. With users spanning the range from small vessel with just a GPS and single beam echosounder to large survey ships with networked sensors and systems, HYPACK gives you the power needed to complete your task in a system your surveyors can master.
HYPACK hydrographic survey software solutions provide customers with data collection and processing that enable real time imaging, terrain modeling, and statistical reporting. HYPACK solution and display features include:
Data collection and processing: Single beam, multibeam, side scan sonar, etc.
Real-time imaging, targeting, QC, graphical/automated editing
Navigational and dredging support with digging efficiency and precise positioning
Reports for sections, volumes, TIN models, plots, side scan mosaic, performance, and data statistics
Компания HYPACK Inc. (США) является разработчиком одного из самого популярного в мире Windows программного обеспечения для гидрографических и дноуглубительных приложений. Основанная в 1984 году, HYPACK Inc. прошла путь от небольшой гидрографической компании до одного из самых успешных разработчиков гидрографического и навигационного программного обеспечения в мире.

Программные продукты:

Software for Hydrographic Data Collection, Processing and Final Products
Our standard package. It has everything you need to design your survey, collect your single beam data, process it and generate final products, such as contours, plotting sheets, output for CAD, fly-through views, cross sections and volumes calculations. The sidescan sonar, subbottom, adcp and magnetometer collection and processing modules are standard features of HYPACK® MAX. You’ll need to add a HYSWEEP® license to include the modules for multibeam data collection and processing.
Design: HYPACK® contains powerful tools that let you quickly design your survey:
Set your geodetic parameters
Import background charts: DXF, DGN, S-57, TIF, MrSid, ARCS
Configure your survey equipment:
Equipment type
Connection information
Offset information
Create your planned lines:
Manual entry
Parallel & Perpendicular patterns
CHANNEL DESIGN automatically creates planned lines and cross section profiles for channels and turning basins.
ADVANCED CHANNEL DESIGN creates complex 3D surfaces for precise dredging and volume computations.
Editing: HYPACK® provides graphical editing and sounding selection routines that allow you to quickly prepare your survey data for plotting, export to CAD or several other final products. The SINGLE BEAM EDITOR of HYPACK® provides for:
Graphical review and editing of tracklines and depth profiles
Display of acoustic profile for network capable soundings
Display of design templates and previous survey profiles
Water level (tides) adjustments
Real time telemetry gauges
Manually entered tides
RTK Tides
Tide Adjustments between stations
Sound Velocity corrections
Sounding Reduction: There are several options for sounding reduction, depending on your final product:
SORT selects the shoalest soundings and prevents overwrites.
CROSS SORT selects random soundings and packs them in tight.
SOUNDING SELECTION selects min/max soundings and fills in between.
MAPPER is a binning routine that can select minimum, maximum, average, or sounding closest to cell center to represent each cell.
Volumes Calculations: The HYPACK® ability to compute volume quantities is unsurpassed. It can compute volume quantities either from sections across channels or from surface models (TIN MODEL).
The CROSS SECTIONS AND VOLUMES program quickly computes volume quantities for cross sectional profile lines compared to the channel design template and channel overdepth template for each line. The program is the de facto standard for volume computations by several national survey agencies. Over 20 methods are available to compute the area and volume of material for each profile segment (left slope, main channel, right slope), it can compute quantities for a single survey versus the design template, or for a pre-dredge versus an after-dredge comparison. CROSS SECTION AND VOLUMES can read hundreds of sections, compute the volumes and send all of the sections to the printer/plotter in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the beach volumes supports beach replenishment projects.
The TIN MODEL program of HYPACK® can be used to compute several types of volume quantities. Input data can be from single beam, multibeam or multiple transducer surveys.
Reservoir volumes: Computes the volume and surface area of a reservoir at user-defined water levels.
Channel volumes: Computes the volume quantities of the TIN surface versus a set of planned lines and their channel design templates.
ADVANCED CHANNEL DESIGN volumes: Computes volume quantities of the TIN surface versus a complex area created in ADVANCED CHANNEL DESIGN.
Survey versus Survey volumes: Computes the volume quantity between two different surveys of an area.
Side Scan Support: HYPACK® is the only hydrographic software package that offers side scan collection, mosaicking and targeting as a standard part of your package. The SIDE SCAN SURVEY program supports analog and digital side scan sonars, including some of the latest dual frequency and high resolution devices.
The HYPACK® side scan processing routines accept input from side scan or from the pseudo-side scan available from many multibeam systems. It can also read XTF files from several side scan manufacturers' own logging software.
Targeting can be performed in real time, or in post-processing in the SIDE SCAN MOSAIC program. Target measurement tools can be used to capture a GeoTIF image of each target, make measurements of its length, width and height, and save it to a Target Book. The Target Book is in Rich Text Format and can be e-mailed and reviewed by clients or home offices in Microsoft Word®.
In HYPACK® Version 2008, the GEOCODER™ program was integrated as a standard side scan processing tool. GEOCODER™ was developed by Dr. Luciano Fonseca of UNH-CCOM and provides advanced mosaicking and bottom classification routines.
Plotting: HYPLOT, the HYPACK® plotting program, allows you to send any combination of data files to your plotter or printer or to a PDF file. All of the background files that can be displayed in HYPACK® can also be printed/plotted in HYPLOT. This allows you to create stunning plots with your background files, such as ortho-photos (TIF), engineering plans (DXF/DGN), and electronic charts (ENCs, ARCS) superimposed with your hydrographic survey data.
HYPLOT has several border and title block options, including the national borders used by USACE, China and Russia. You can plot X-Y grids (or tics), local projection lat-long grids (or tics) and WGS-84 lat-long grids.
Another big feature of HYPLOT is the ability to send the plots out to a DXF file. This allows you to transfer the entire plotting sheet (with borders and labels!) into your CAD/GIS package.

Software package for Hydrographic Data Collection, Editing and Export to CAD
This is our single beam package designed for users who will perform their final product work in a CAD-GIS package. It contains all of the programs necessary to design your survey and collect the data, then process and export it to DXF/DGN for import into your CADGIS package.

Software package for Data collection
This package allows you to outfit additional survey vessels at a lower cost. It contains the programs for survey design and single beam data collection. It does not include the programs for editing the data or for generating final products. You will still need a HYPACK® MAX, HYPACK® LITE or HYPACK® OFFICE license to process your data.

Software package for Hydrographic Data processing and Final Products
This is the ‘office’ version of HYPACK® MAX. It allows you to perform all of the features of HYPACK® package with the exception of the data collection. You can use it to set up additional processing stations in your office or for supervising the processing of your survey data.

Software package for Side Scan, Sub-bottom, and Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Systems Data processing
This package allows users to process data from side scans, sub-bottoms and acoustic doppler current profilers collected in HYPACK® or data collected by the manufacturer’s software. It does not include for data collection.

HYPACK® Marine Search
Software package for marine search and rescue projects

HYPACK, the US-based industry leader in hydrographic survey software, is now offering a package dedicated to marine search and recovery operations. HYPACK® Marine Search allows for real-time mosaicking and targeting of side scan data from almost all side scan sonars. With an Internet connection, users can download the latest Electronic Navigation Charts from NOAA and the USACE, free of charge. The Survey program reads input from GPS (NMEA via RS-232 or network) and side scan sonars (USB and network).
Users can mark targets and generate mosaics either in real time or in HYSCAN, the HYPACK® Side Scan Targeting and Mosaicking program. HYSCAN allows you to smooth track lines and heading, and to determine the correct bottom track before generating mosaics or marking targets. The mosaics are saved as GeoTIF files that can be viewed in the Marine Search map window or exported directly to Google Earth™.
In the Marine Search shell, configure your geodesy (US NAD-83 State Plane or WGS-84 UTM) and select your hardware from an easy drop-down list. You can launch SURVEY for your real-time operations and then review the results in the Map window. The screen capture shows a side scan mosaic overlaid on a NOAA ENC.
HYPACK has a reputation for innovation, user-friendly software, and outstanding customer support. HYPACK® is used by almost every USACE survey boat and our Support group is available to help with configuration and to answer your questions. We also provide detailed web training with videos and articles (www.hypack.com) as well as regional training courses throughout the year.

Software for Calibrating, Collecting and Processing Multibeam, Topographic Laser Backscatter and Water Column DataThis is the module for the collection and processing of multibeam, backscatter, LIDAR, water column data.
HYSWEEP® requires a HYPACK license (above). As your agency moves from single beam to multibeam surveying, you can just upgrade your package to multibeam by purchasing a HYSWEEP® license.The HYSWEEP® ’ Patch Test allows you to determine the exact mounting angles for your system in hours, not days.  HYSWEEP® SURVEY provides you with coverage diagrams, real-time TPU displays, and QC tools needed to efficiently complete your multibeam survey.REAL TIME POINT CLOUD: The new program runs in conjunction with HYSWEEP® SURVEY and displays both multibeam and topographic laser data in a corrected and geo-referenced, color-coded point cloud. The REAL TIME POINT CLOUD program is useful for easier feature detection and categorization, system calibration and verification, and data quality control.The HYSWEEP® Water Column Logger allows users to ensure that hard targets, such as wrecks, are fully detected, and to confirm the least depth in the water when fine features such as cables or masts may otherwise be missed.The HYSWEEP® multibeam editor allows you to review your raw data components, incorporate sound velocity and water level corrections (including RTK TIDES and VDATUM), and apply geometric and statistical filters to quickly clean your data and output a variety of data subsets.GEOCODER™, licensed from UNH-CCOM, allows you to generate mosaics and perform bottom classification from average backscatter and snippet data.

Software package for Processing Multibeam, LiDAR, Backscatter and Water
This package contains the multibeam modules that relate to processing of the multibeam, backscatter, LIDAR data and water column. The package is intended for office use.
Multibeam calibration performance test
ROV & AUV data processing
Cloud data storage
Data converter for 3rd party files

Software for Dredging Control on Cutter Suction, Hopper, Excavators and Bucket Dredges.

DREDGEPACK® is designed to save you money. It keeps your crew working in the dredge cut and prevents them from wasting time and money by digging too deep or outside the channel. DREDGEPACK® is designed to work with cutter suction, hopper, bucket and excavator operations.
Using tools in DREDGEPACK®, your SURVEY data is loaded into a color coded matrix. Your survey data can come from single beam data, multibeam data or multiple transducer data. DREDGEPACK® will monitor the exact position and depth of the digging tool and keep track of an ‘As Dredged’ surface. You’ll be able to see exactly where your digging tool is in plan view and in profile view. You’ll also be able to see the channel design depth and channel over depth in profile view.
Dredging plans can be simple channels or complex surfaces, as created in the ADVANCE CHANNEL DESIGN program.
For a cutter suction dredge, typical inputs to DREDGEPACK® are a directional DGPS and an inclinometer to determine the angle of the ladder arm. DREDGEPACK® integrates to several commercially available inclinometers, or can read existing equipment using OPC Network interfaces or analog/digital cards.
For a hopper dredge, DREDGEPACK® also needs to be able to determine the exact draft of the vessel. Typical inputs for a hopper system include DGPS, ship’s gyro, and a bubbler system that provides forward/aft draft information and depth information at one or two points on each ladder arm.
DREDGEPACK® is being used on many excavator operations. Typical inputs are a DGPS (or RTK DGPS), heading sensor and 3-inclinometer systems (Ocala, eTrac, Prolec, etc.).
Included in Dredgepack:
Bucket Patterns: Generate bucket patterns in advance of digging
Bucket Reports: Keep a history of the location of each drop (or placement) and export it to your CAD/GIS package
Dredge Statistics: View a distribution of depths to monitor over-digging
MTX Reporter: Produce a graphic that shows the dredge progress based on each shift or each day
HYPLOT: HYPACK smooth sheet program
Channel Design and Advanced Channel Design: HYPACK programs to design simple and complex channel plans

A Software Package Designed for the Acquisition and Processing of Sub-Bottom Profiling Data

HYPACK® Sub-bottom is our sub-bottom profiling (SBP) software package designed for marine geophysical, engineering & geotechnical site surveys, dredging, mining applications. It’s a simple and easy-to-use solution for all your Sub-bottom profiling survey requirements.
The package has a comprehensive global geodesy model and a simplified hardware setup with the ability to setup up the preferred positioning systems together with numerous analog and digital sub-bottom profiling systems.
Easy to Configure & Acquire Sub-bottom Profiling Data
The software is intuitive to configure by following a few basic steps: Firstly define the project geodesy, configure the survey hardware, import background charts (ENCs & web maps), plan the survey lines then start the survey program to acquire the data. Within the survey program the SBP system can be further configured & tuned.
Sub-Bottom Profiler: HYPACK® Sub-bottom supports numerous SBP systems, both analog and digital, from the industry’s leading manufacturers.
Accurate positioning for hull-mounted, towed or systems on unmanned vehicles (AUV or ROV). Hull-mounted systems require only a simple GPS. For towed systems, HYPACK® reads any of over a dozen cable counters, and performs layback calculations or USBL/LBL acoustic positioning can be utilized. Separate (AUV, ROV) navigation files (raw or EDT) are also supported in the full HYPACK® MAX package.
Two SBP systems, no interference: A sophisticated triggering system enables simultaneous acquisition of two different SBP systems with no acoustic interference between the systems.

Software for Visualization of Environmental Data

ViPer enables you to visualize your environmental sensor data. Choose from up to 25 sensor variables and view them in profile, gradient or spreadsheet view.
Show data in single-day or multiple-day displays.
Real-time updates insure you always view the latest data. No need to manually update data files to display the latest data.
Send screen captures of your displays in jpeg format to your web page for online viewing by a wider audience.
File export to jpg
With the HTML output
Each profiler system stores up to 25 sensor variables to a DAT file, which ViPer queries to generate your displays.

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