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UnderSee Explorer - Bathymetric Mapping and NMEA Data Collection Software

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2024-01-05

Главная / ПО для гидрогеологов, гидрологов, инженерных геологов / Каталог / UnderSee Explorer

UnderSee Explorer

http://burlisontech.com/ https://twitter.com/burlisontech/with_replies

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Ссылки не работают. Походу или кто-то перекупил , ну или банкрот. по осталось, если что...Программное обеспечение UnderSee Explorer использует Ваши данные о GPS/Эхолоте, чтобы произвести высококачественные Контурные карты.
Bathymetric Mapping and NMEA Data Collection Software
UnderSee Explorer Edition Summary
Free - This edition is great for fishing and learning. Export features disabled.
Professional - Designed for business use by fishermen, divers, surveyors, engineers, researchers, professional map makers, etc. This edition has features that allow you to import and export to GIS and CAD applications using Shapefiles or other formats.
Publisher - Professional Edition + features to generate large raster and vector images. Also includes basic and advanced volume computations.
Программа аналогичная DrDepth - Подробно>>>>>

UnderSee Explorer software uses your GPS/Sounder data to generate high-definition Contour Maps. Import a Sonar Log log file while at home or use UnderSee Explorer in real time with a computer connected. All popular GPS/Sounder combos and any PC will work. Incoming GPS/Sounder position and depth data is continuously saved and processed to constantly refine the PC's on-screen contour map. In this real time mode, UnderSee Explorer instantly saves data as it is received.
Alternatively use UnderSee at the home/office to import files such as sonar logs (tracks) recorded to an SD card. Import additional file types containing points, shorelines, base maps, etc.
As another option, send us your recorded files and we will process them for you here. We can accept data in almost any format. If you have a Lowrance GPS/Sounder, save .slg tracks to the SD card and upload the files to us. Just register with us and send us a note using our contact form to inquire.
Engineering, Science, Marine Professionals
UnderSee Explorer is designed with simplicity in mind. By acting as an automated data collector with real time visualization of the bottom contours, data can be quickly gathered and exported to your mission critical applications. While UnderSee Explorer is designed to be easy to use, it does have many advanced features. See the Product Features to get an idea of its capabilities.
This is a money and time saving solution for professionals in a number of fields. UnderSee Explorer comes in at a fraction of the cost of some of the much more complex alternatives. It is designed to get the job done and fast. Ramp up time is hours, hot frustrating days or weeks. Not thousands and thousands of dollars. The ability to import and export simple file formats (including shapefiles) for GIS and CAD systems makes this a clear choice for many projects.
We can also work with you to process the data here. We can meet almost any request, no matter how big or small. We have expertise in software development, civil engineering, 2D and 3D graphics processing, database design and development, data conversion and mapping technologies.
Map an entire lake, stopping to fish any time. You can create an unlimited number of maps, each one capable of holding millions of points (thousands of acres each). You can map a favorite spot and come back the next day or next month to continue. If the water level (or tide) changes, no problem. There is a water levels feature to adjust for that. Keep recording every time you go out. Contours only get more refined. For a new lake, quickly map a small piece of structure and be fishing the on-screen moving map in minutes. It is truly incredible. The game of fishing has changed. Are you ready?
Here is a sampling of our customers:
Bass fishing in Africa
Northwest Sand and Gravel Mining
Universities in US and Canada
Commercial Fishermen in Alaska
Lake Management in Indiana
Salmon Fisher Women in Oregon
Washington Perch Fishermen
East Coast Navigation Consulting
Texas Map Making

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