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IHS Energy | Oil & Gas Software and Data Access Tools

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2021-01-06

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IHS Energy | Oil & Gas Software and Data Access Tools

https://www.ihs.com https://ihsmarkit.com/

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Программное обеспечение в различных отраслях промышленности. В нашем аспекте нас интересует ПО для экологов, геологов, геофизиков и отрасли нефть-газ...Подробно >>>>>>
Survey provides fresh inspiration and insights
Every year we conduct a Customers First Survey covering the majority of our customers, products, and services. The suggestions that we receive guide our work as we develop better products and more insightful content.
Recent Product Enhancements
The overall rating of our products continues to improve and has steadily increased since 2010 from 49% of customers rating us as very good or excellent to 72% today. We continue to focus on improving the value and usability of our products based on user experience.
Recent Improvements to Information and Analysis
At IHS Markit, we are constantly improving the currency, consistency, completeness and correctness of our data in order to deliver world-class products and insights. Core to our solutions is the information and analysis in which 77% of our customers rated us very good to excellent. Every day our offerings expand based on your needs and suggestions.
Driving innovation across multiple sectors
Below are a few highlights of improvements based on your feedback:
Aerospace, Defense & Security: We enhanced Jane's tools with 65 new dashboards for improved visualization, more responsive reports and analysis on current events, a better search (for Jane's and Haystack), and an updated user interface
Automotive: We recently made our user interfaces easier to use, expanded the breadth and depth of data coverage and increased the speed for adding world events to our forecasts
Chemical: Based on your feedback, we expanded our coverage, added insights in process technology and investment economics, started offering more live webcasts with industry experts, and made numerous improvements to the IHS Connect® Platform
Economics & Country Risk: We developed new and improved content, tools and processes to help you to be successful
Energy & Natural Resources: We revamped our forecasting methodology, increased granularity in reports, plus improved many applications including Enerdeq, MINT, and Connect
Engineering & Product Design: We released the new Engineering Workbench platform with intelligent searching, enhanced document viewing, role-based interface options, and personalized alerts
Financial Services: We continue to release new solutions and improved services, including MiFID II compliance, Securities Finance Transaction Regulation, liquidity risk management, Know Your Third Party, Collateral Manager, and many others
Maritime & Trade: We improved the Maritime Portal and introduced the Maritime Intelligence Risk Suite. We added interactive charts to the Global Trade Atlas and the PIERS Container Database to Global Trade Portfolio
Technology, Media & Telecom: We added new reports and our trusted Market Intelligence, and we continuously update Electronic Parts content. We also improved communication and support for our customers.
Amidst an interactive world and great economic uncertainty, IHS Markit software solutions, platform and design tools help you keep pace with competition by enhancing workflows, reducing costs, improving efficiency and providing greater operational visibility.

IHS Energy | Oil & Gas Software and Data Access Tools


Optimize well and flowline performance through careful analysis and well capacity forecasting.Оптимизируйте хорошо и работа напорного трубопровода посредством тщательного анализа и хорошо полного прогнозирования.
Does your current well performance modeling translate into a higher performing well?
IHS PERFORM® is leading industry software for well performance analysis for oil and gas wells. The software allows users to assess well deliverability, evaluate different completion and artificial lift options, identify liquid loading, and forecast total well capacity. Identify cost effective plans for new wells and optimize existing production.
Design, model and optimize complex well completions
Create interactive schematics for simple or complex well geometries including deviated or multilateral wellbores, multilayered reservoirs and crossflow
Sensitivity analysis for possible tubing, casing, coiled tubing, velocity string, perforations and gaslift completion options
Perform single or multiphase flow (gas, oil and/or water) calculations through tubing, annulus, or casing
Access static or production conditions, advanced temperature gradients and PVT calibration to lab data
Simulate chokes and heat loss scenarios in the wellbore with tubing and casing
Evaluate well deliverability and predict future well performance
Many Oil IPR and Gas AOF equations including horizontal specific equations
Create TPC curves for different scenarios: tubing size change; coiled tubing/velocity strings use; alternative flow paths; artificial lift/compression
Identify and evaluate operating conditions: liquid loading, erosion, scale, water coning and sand production prediction
Incorporate advanced completion (near-wellbore) modeling & flow line calculations
Artificial Lift System Design
Simulate wells with artificial lifts (Gaslift, ESP, and Downhole pumps)
Evaluate the potential of the well system and identify the optimal artificial lift method
Combine with IHS SubPUMP to design the ESP system, choose equipment, and simulate performance
Other Features
Design completions (perforations, gravel pack)
Valuable for gas, oil, onshore and offshore, injection, unconventional and heavy oil wells
Down hole pumps modeling
Multi-language support
Incorporate completion design calculations such as flux, sand production, skin, acidizing simulation evaluation, coning and cresting


Maximize assets through unmatched ESP design and analysis.Максимизируйте активы посредством непревзойденного дизайна ESP и анализа.
A component of the Performance Optimization suite, IHS SubPUMP® has the largest ESP equipment database (3,500+ catalog items) and provides unbiased, vendor-neutral ESP design and analysis enabling subscribers to:
Design and optimize ESP systems
Analyze performance of existing pumps
Implement globally with Russian, Spanish and English language options
Ensure the best value with a comprehensive, unbiased, vendor-neutral catalogue of ESP vendors
In 2016, IHS Markit partnered with R2 Solutions. This partnership benefits IHS Markit customers as SubPUMP receives superior support from R2 Solutions' experienced team of engineers and oil and gas experts.


Discover accurate cost projections for all of your E&P projects.Узнайте точные прогнозы стоимости для всех Ваших проектов E&P.
How do you estimate your project lifecycle costs?
Used by more than 500 energy estimators and managers in 50 countries, QUE$TOR® software provides concept screening, optimization and detailed oil and gas CAPEX/OPEX cost estimates. The QUE$TOR application suite includes QUE$TOR Offshore, QUE$TOR Onshore and QUE$TOR LNG Regasification modules. With our comprehensive cost database for numerous attributes, technologies and equipment, cost estimation engineers, financial analysts, executives and M&A analysts use the software to:
Accurately model oil/gas expenditures and production
Create development scheduling
Save hundreds of hours in research and analysis
Support feasibility and pre-FEED studies and concept selection
Support l cost management for multiple upstream, LNG and offshore projects
Access latest global cost information with bi-annual updates on more than 60,000 cost points

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