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IHS-S&P Global Commodity Insights®| Petroleum Engineering Solutions

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2024-01-06

Главная / ПО для отрасли нефть-газ Oil & Gas / Каталог /Petroleum Engineering Solutions

IHS-S&P Global Commodity Insights®| Petroleum Engineering Solutions


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Программное обеспечение в различных отраслях промышленности. В нашем аспекте нас интересует ПО для экологов, геологов, геофизиков и отрасли нефть-газ...Подробно >>>>>>
S&P Global. S&P Global Commodity Insights
At IHS Markit, we are constantly improving the currency, consistency, completeness and correctness of our data in order to deliver world-class products and insights. Core to our solutions is the information and analysis in which 77% of our customers rated us very good to excellent. Every day our offerings expand based on your needs and suggestions.
В 2020 году S&P Global купила IHS Markit.
Commodity Market Solutions
S&P Global Commodity Insights® provides respected benchmarks, perspectives and solutions for commodity and energy markets, helping customers zoom in on the near term and zoom out for the big picture. By enabling decisions that create sustainable value, we help accelerate progress in the world.

Petroleum Engineering Solutions. Get the most out of your reserves
Reach your assets full potential with engineering solutions built for upstream E&P to help you solve complex reservoir management and production challenges. Whether Conventional or Unconventional assets, single or multiphase production, your engineers will immediately see increased productivity from tools and workflows that help them design and optimize individual wells or full production networks – the aim – to help you maximize production and minimize risk.

Harmony Enterprise™. Increase productivity with workflows that leverage a full suite of empirical, analytical and numerical tools
How do your reservoir management and production forecasting tools measure up in today's environment?
Harmony Enterprise by S&P Global is a comprehensive engineering application for analyzing oil and gas well performance and evaluating reserves. Access a full suite of reservoir and production engineering tools in one interface. Create common corporate workflows that harness your organization's technical expertise and share interpretations to determine the best asset development strategies.
Extract maximum value from well performance data
Reduce IT overhead and training efforts by utilizing one integrated software package
Create rigorous Typewells (Type Curves) and forecast reserves
Monitor well production through customizable diagnostic dashboards
Assess reserves risk with probabilistic forecasting
Run 'what If' scenarios to assess the impact of alternative well spacing, completion design, or artificial lift mechanisms
Harmony Enterprise™ : The new scalable, collaborative multi-user platform suitable for IT environments of all sizes
Engineers, Geoscientists and Analysts are faced with an ever-increasing number of wells to analyze, and often need to collaborate with others so that a confident final interpretation of well performance can be delivered.
All analysis work is centralized for better access, consistency and auditing
The platform is highly performant with up to 100,000 wells per project
No engineering time is spent loading data, seamless data connection to S&P Global and company data sources
Access to the latest technical developments including multiphase probabilistics, refracture modeling and decline autoforecast

FieldDIRECT™. Bolster production and operations with on-demand field data analysis
Are you able to monitor and report on your wells directly from the field in real time?
FieldDIRECT is a field-to-office service that securely and accurately captures and stores daily field production data, providing single-source access for staff, vendors and partners.
Make decisions faster
Shift resources from capital expenditures to production
Improve operational efficiencies
Receive critical notifications instantly via mobile application (Google Play or Apple App Store)
Enhance reservoir and production analysis capability with Harmony Enterprise™

Piper™ . Increase revenue and decrease costs with whole system analysis
Are you using multiple oil modeling and gas forecasting software packages to manage numerous assets?
Piper software allows you to integrate all of your gas assets to model flow from the reservoir to the delivery point. Quickly model existing or future gathering systems by defining wellbores, compression, pump capacity, pipeline configuration and deliverability in a map-based environment. Optimize production by identifying bottlenecks, data inconsistencies, liquid loading and uplift potential. Run multiple scenarios to determine the effects of infill drilling, compression and pipeline capacity on economic forecasts.
Learn how to:
Build integrated asset models for optimal management and accurate forecasts
Forecast gas and gas liquid production from wellhead or sandface
Diagnose bottlenecks, high-pressure areas, and wells with untapped potential
Model and manage operating and capital costs
Assess impact of gathering system changes on deliverability
Evaluate individual well/complete well system value

PowerTools™ (US). Maximize well production with reservoir and economic analysis.
Can your oil and gas software give you the information you need to accurately analyze opportunities?
PowerTools® is an intuitive, Windows®-based software program providing reservoir and oil and gas economic analysis in minutes. Learn how to:
Evaluate reserve, income, net present value and undeveloped potential
Directly link to other powerful S&P Global applications and content
Estimate reserves for large numbers of wells quickly and easily to facilitate better business decisions

SubPUMP®. Maximize assets through unmatched ESP design and analysis.Максимизируйте активы посредством непревзойденного дизайна ESP и анализа.
A component of the Performance Optimization suite, IHS SubPUMP® has the largest ESP equipment database (3,500+ catalog items) and provides unbiased, vendor-neutral ESP design and analysis enabling subscribers to:
Design and optimize ESP systems
Analyze performance of existing pumps
Implement globally with Russian, Spanish and English language options
Ensure the best value with a comprehensive, unbiased, vendor-neutral catalogue of ESP vendors
In 2016, IHS Markit partnered with R2 Solutions. This partnership benefits IHS Markit customers as SubPUMP receives superior support from R2 Solutions' experienced team of engineers and oil and gas experts.

WellTest™. Thoroughly understand your reservoir and its production potential.
Is your reservoir producing to its full potential?
WellTest™ software helps you conduct gas and oil pressure transient analysis and serves as an everyday WellTest™ data interpretation tool. Decipher reservoir-flow characteristics and predict future deliverability based on buildup and short-term drawdown well test information. Use diagnostic plots, as well as G Function and DFIT analyses for minifrac tests, to identify flow regimes and estimate reservoir parameters. Leverage analytical and numerical models to match the pressure history and generate forecasts.
Learn how to:
Generate reliable analysis
Accurately predict well deliverability
Choose optimal gas and oil well design and test procedures
Comply with electronic data submission regulatory requirements

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