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Aurel Systems CADSIM Plus

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2024-01-06

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Aurel Systems CADSIM Plus


Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

Системы Aurel предоставляют техническое программное обеспечение и услуги для сообщества химического машиностроения, отрасли нефть и газ и других...
Aurel Systems has been providing engineering software and services to the chemical engineering community for 30+ years. Our CADSIM Plus software products are widely known and valued tools that chemical engineers use to design, troubleshoot, modify and optimize their chemical processes. Our clients are located in 34 countries throughout the world.
Aurel offers software sales and training and a full line of services, along with custom unit module development. Our engineering services include dynamic process modeling and advanced online application development based on our proprietary Dynamic Data Reconciliation (DDR) and real-time optimization technologies. DDR-based online applications provide advanced capabilities to understand, correct and track product data in real time.

Программное обеспечение:

CADSIM Plus Chemical Process Simulation Software
CADSIM Плюс является химическим программным обеспечением моделирования процесса, которое позволяет Вам тянуть технологическую карту процесса, создавая модель моделирования процесса. Это - технический инструмент, который может уравновесить технологические карты и моделировать динамические условия. CADSIM Плюс объединения всесторонний фронтенд компьютера помог рисунку (CAD) с первые принципы динамический химический симулятор процесса. Целлюлозно-бумажные MillCADSIM Плюс первые принципы использования обрабатывают моделирование, чтобы выполнить точное тепло и существенные балансы любого химического процесса.

CADSIM Plus process simulation software licenses can be purchased or leased. The standard CADSIM Plus package includes a comprehensive set of process modules, as well as many advanced connectivity and automation technologies. There are also a number of optional, industry-specific add-on libraries available. You can license these tools to develop your own models, or Aurel can produce models and customized online solutions for you.
CADSIM Plus is chemical process simulation software which allows you to draw a process flowsheet while creating a process simulation model. It is an engineering tool that can balance flowsheets and simulate dynamic conditions. CADSIM Plus combines a comprehensive computer assisted drawing (CAD) front end with a first-principles dynamic chemical process simulator.
Pulp and Paper MillCADSIM Plus uses first-principles process simulation to perform precise heat and material balances of any chemical process. Here is a partial list of applications:
Designing a process
Finding solutions for process bottlenecks
Tracking product grade changes
Identifying process and operation problems
Reducing energy and/or materials usage
Improving process efficiencies
Online Dynamic Data Reconciliation
Real-time optimization
Advanced process control

Dynamic Data Reconciliation
Dynamic Data Reconciliation (DDR) is an Aurel proprietary technology which is bundled with every license of CADSIM Plus. You can use this tool to correct inaccurately measured plant data, and calculate process data for unmeasured parts of your process in close to real time. This reconciled data can then be stored in your data historian and used as the basis for many different kinds of advanced, online applications to help you reduce operating costs and improve product quality.

Process Optimization
Process optimization technologies are bundled with every license of CADSIM Plus. These tools include both internal and external process optimization methods that use multi-variable, non-linear, constrained methods of doing optimization. An external optimization launcher can be configured to obtain data via an OPC connection and can be scheduled to run automatically, providing you with optimization recommendations in real time based on live plant data. Contact Aurel and ask us about how we can help you configure an online tracking solution.

Power Library
The Power Library is an optional add-on to the standard CADSIM Plus package that will be of specific interest to people who want to model steam distribution and heat/energy systems. The library includes modules that you can use to model combustion and energy conversion (burner and recovery furnace) and steam handling and conversion (compressor, turbine, gas header, evaporator etc.). The latest version of the Burner units can also perform boiler efficiency calculations.

Fiber Library
The Fiber Library is an optional add-on to the basic CADSIM Plus package that will be of specific interest to people in the pulp and paper industries. The library includes comprehensive modules for bleaching (O2 delig, D, E and EOP stages) washers (drum, decker, atmospheric, pressure diffuser, wash and press zones) as well as pulp refiners, dryers, cleaners, screens, thickeners etc. CADSIM Plus standard package modules (High Density Tank and Towers etc.) complete the fiber line simulation requirements.

Hydrocarbon Library & Compounds
The Hydrocarbon Library is an optional add-on to the basic CADSIM Plus package that will be of specific interest to people who want to model distillation of liquids from vapors, such as oil and gas or ethanol producers. The library includes distillation columns (short-cut and comprehensive) as well as a Gibbs Free Energy reactor and a variety of power library modules (turbine, compressor, header etc.). There is also (available separately) a database of approximately 4700 organic compounds that are in addition to the water-based compounds that are included with the CADSIM Plus standard library of process modules.

Computer Based Manuals
The basic CADSIM Plus package includes the ability to connect HTML (web) content (that you develop outside of CADSIM Plus) to CADSIM Plus drawings at runtime to form a computer based manual for training and documentation purposes. Included with every installation of CADSIM Plus, is a sample project that allows the user to interact with training materials and a simulation model. Computer based manuals could be used as part of a comprehensive operator training solution.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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