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Intrepid Geophysics software. Предоставляет услуги для потенциальной полевой геофизики.

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2014-12-10

Intrepid Geophysics

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Intrepid Geophysics (formerly Desmond Fitzgerald & Associates) has provided software and services for potential field geophysics and geology - for more than 35 years. Since 1992 the group of companies has carved out a strong reputation for their commercial and academic software products, whilst maintaining personal service and custom code development.
Our deliverables are clear and comprehensive: We provide solutions in INTREPID software for potential fields geophysical processing, QC, geological interpretation, integrated 3D geology (building 3D implicit geology models from primary data in GeoModeller software) & 2D/3D geophysical forward and inverse modelling, including world-renowned support for Full Tensor Gradiometry. GeoModeller functionality also contains geothermal, meshing and micro-seismic event visualisation modules.
Intrepid Geophysics develops software and provides services for potential field geophysics. It has carved out a strong reputation in geophysical processing and interpretation, and software development.
GeoModeller is a software tool for 3D geological modelling. For building complex, steady state, 3D geology models - and performing forward & inverse geophysical modelling directly from solid 3D geology. Comprising a Geological Editor, Drill hole & grids/meshes management, Forward & inverse geophysics modules to manage and interpret your entire exploration, geothermal or engineering project.
Предоставляет услуги для потенциальной полевой геофизики. Это вырезало высокую репутацию в геофизической обработке и интерпретации и разработке программного обеспечения.
GeoModeller - программное средство для 3D геологического моделирования. Для строительства комплекса, устойчивого состояния, 3D моделей геологии - и выполнение передового & обратного геофизического моделирования непосредственно от твердой 3D геологии. Включая Геологического Редактора, Буровую скважину & управление сетками/петлями, Вперед & обратные модули геофизики, чтобы справиться и интерпретировать Ваше все исследование, геотермический или технический проект.

GeoModeller is software for building complex, steady-state, implicit 3D geological models, and performing forward & inverse geophysical modelling directly from your project.
GeoModeller - программное обеспечение для создания сложных, установившихся, неявных 3D геологических моделей и выполнения прямого & обратного геофизического моделирования непосредственно из Вашего проекта
How will GeoModeller benefit business?
Pie chart - purple wedge "save money", yellow wedge "save time", red wedge "reduce risk" and blue wedge "rapidly locate drilling targets"
Comprising an intuitive editor, drill holes and grids/mesh managers, and modules for 2D/3D geophysical and geothermal modelling, and airborne EM inversions - you can manage and interpret your oil and gas, minerals, geothermal, hydrogeological or engineering projects with comprehensive functionality and import/export options.

Geological Editor
Contour map with orientation data including strike and dip readings
Implicitly models 3D surfaces constrained by primary geological data (contacts and orientation data together) and/or drill hole intercepts
Adheres to rule-based modelling of fault networks and relationships of the pile
Drill hole & grids/meshes management
Fully supports drill holes and attributed dataDrillhole Data editor in GeoModeller
Offers a range of interpolation methods including domain kriging (to mimic geology formation shape avoiding un-folding prior to kriging)
3D grids/meshes calculator
3D viewer and slicing tools

Forward & inverse geophysics modules
Using stochastic inversion techniques
2D profile modelling of gravity and magnetics and synthetic seismographs
3D forward modelling of gravity, magnetics (including remanence), full tensor gradiometry (FTG)
3D forward computation of temperature, vertical heat flow and geothermal gradient
3D litho-constrained stochastic geophysical inversion of gravity and magnetics (separately or jointly)
Driven by comprehensive GUIs and wizards
Modelling can commence from a GeoModeller model, or an imported lithology voxet
Handles variable rock properties through look-up tables (probability distribution functions) or custom voxets
Browses to reference geophysical grids
Comprehensive post-inversion products including quantified uncertainty of geology-geometry and rock properties The GeoModeller inversion method is non-deterministic. Inversion continues beyond a satisfactorily low misfit level (referencing observed geophysics at set precisions) – exploring and keeping a range of allowable models, and presenting distilled statistics of these, in terms of probabilities of geology-geometries and rock properties.

Increase the value of your return from data acquisition. tick. Best resolution of geology from potential field geophysics data. tick. Access Full Tensor Support & state-of-the-art interpretation tools. tick. GeoModeller & Intrepid together: Complete & Cost-effective package for characterizing mineral prospects, oil & gas plays, geothermal & hydrogeological settings. tick. Пакет для полевой геофизики.
INTREPID is a software package with extensive capabilities in airborne, ground, and marine magnetics and gravity data including radiometrics data processing.
Now also offering comprehensive support for Full Tensor Gradiometry (FTG) and Falcon data
Premier software for QC, processing, filtering, leveling, gridding, interpreting, visualising and map making.
This is your industry trusted software - delivering results for over 30 years !

Marine Gravity Processing APP powered by INTREPID for on-cruise and post-cruise use. Обработка Гравитации, для на круизе и использования посткруиза.

A fast, easy to use wizard - unmatched ease of quality processing
Performs data reduction and QC - Processing to fully corrected Free Air grids
Exclusive to Air/Sea II & MGS-6 marine gravity meters by Micro-g La Coste and Scintrex
A new paradigm in Marine Gravity data processing:
Save costs on cruise-staff (Employ a trained software operator not a senior geophysicist)
Versatile use, same high-quality processing (Near real time on-cruise, or post-cruise)
De-risk your data acquisition (With mid-voyage checks on appropriate survey design)

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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