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White Industrial Seismology.Эта компания знает всё о взрывах.

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2015-10-28

White Industrial Seismology


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Эта компания знает всё о взрывах.
White Industrial Seismology, Inc. has been in continuous operation since its founding as White Engineering Associates, Inc. by industry pioneer Harold H. White in 1951. From inception, our primary goal has been to provide independent, professional, problem-solving, state-of-the-art vibration monitoring equipment and data analysis services.
In 1970, Harold White sold his interest in the company to David Bowling, a geophysicist and explosives specialist. Dave was instrumental in establishing White as one of the premier vibration monitoring firms in the mid-west. He and his wife Louise operated White until their deaths in the early 1990s. Today, White is owned and operated by Randy and Marla Wheeler. They have both been instrumentally involved in the business since the late 1970s.
Today, White offers both instrumentation and services. The Mini-Seis III™ takes us into the realm of engineering vibration equipment. The legacy Mini-Seis™ continues to be the blasting vibration monitor of choice for users around the world.
Our services include pre-blast and post-blast surveys, vibration monitoring programs, special vibration studies and seminars. Over the years, White has effectively met the vibration monitoring and analysis needs of numerous mines, quarries, construction companies, local, state and federal agencies and insurance carriers.
Our mission is to be the leading provider of vibration monitoring services and equipment through quality and commitment to professionalism.

Products Software

Seismograph Data Analysis™ Анализ данных сейсмографа
We provide a complimentary advanced downloading and analysis software package with every seismograph. We also make it easy to download the software from our website. No dongles or complicated licensing agreements are required.

Alpha-Blast™ Signature Analysis and Vibration Simulation Анализ подписи и моделирование вибрации
While electronic detonators have revolutionized blasting, Alpha-Blast™ has revolutionized how electronic detonators are used. Alpha-Blast™ allows these high precision detonators to be used to their fullest potential by modeling vibration based on layouts and timing. We were the first to provide a commercial application for analyzing vibration modification through timing. We are still the best.
Alpha-Blast™ Signature Analysis and Vibration Simulation Software Version
White was the first company to offer a commercially available program for analyzing the probable effects of blast timing on amplitude and frequency. If you use or test electronic detonators, the Alpha-Blast™ program could be the most important software package you have. As detonation times become more accurate, it will be necessary to have sophisticated software that will help determine the best delay designs to achieve the desired results involving vibration control.
Alpha-Blast™ proved to be effective with pyrotechnic detonators for many years. With the advent of electronic detonators the program has involved into a necessary addition in order to help optimize the use of these products.
Alpha-Blast™ once again proves why it is the world leader in signature analysis software. includes the ability to enter historical vibration data which allows the program to scale simulations based on actual site measurements. This results in more accurate amplitude predictions. The program also includes statistical regression analysis with custom confidence intervals and the ability to filter the data that is analyzed. As before, simulations can be saved for use in the powerful Seismograph Data Analysis software™ and higher. No other signature analysis software package can even begin to offer these features for the equivalent low cost.

Compu-Blast is a very easy program for laying out patterns and calculating timing. It features the ability to individually load holes, animate timing, summarize data, has a basic blasting log and many other useful reports and analyses.
Compu-Blast™ Design and Timing Analysis
The Compu-Blast™ software aids in the layout of blast patterns and the calculation of timing. A sample features list includes the following:
Layout designs with thousands of holes and a variable number of decks per hole.
Each hole can have a different diameter, depth and number of decks.
Variable row spacing.
Number holes in any manner.
Set a custom coodinate system.
Load holes with as many explosives per deck as needed.
Associate a blasting log with each design.
Animate the firing times from the Design Window.
Draw or remove holes and lines of holes with ease.
Move and copy lines of holes.
Copy data from any hole to a line of holes.
Import design data from a delimited text file or from a Compu-Blast V8 file.
Designs are conveniently stored in a single database.
Produce numerous design and timing reports.
Save design times for use with the Alpha-Blast program in order to produce vibration simulations based on signature waveforms.
Regressiion analysis from vibration data supplied in blasting logs.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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