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Геологи, Геофизики, Petrophysicists и Engineers все извлекут выгоду из улучшений в RokDoc

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2021-01-07

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RokDoc от компании Ikon Science


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RokDoc - всесторонняя платформа Quantitative Interpretation (QI). Разработанный, чтобы быть мощным и простым в использовании, RokDoc - номер один предпочтительная платформа QI в нефтяных компаниях во всем мире
Геологи, Геофизики, Petrophysicists и Engineers все извлекут выгоду из улучшений в RokDoc
Ikon Science provides comprehensive software technology and consulting services that improve the value of reserves while reducing drilling costs and operational uncertainty. Through this RokDoc software and integrated geoscience consulting business, Ikon Science brings the necessary detail required to build knowledge and confidence in sub-surface decision-making. Ikon Science's multi-disciplinary business predicts safer, cheaper and more efficient exploration, reservoir optimisation and drilling.
RokDoc defines Quantitative Exploration and Development. RokDoc is a comprehensive Quantitative Interpretation (QI) platform. Designed to be powerful and easy to use, RokDoc is the number one QI platform of choice at oil companies worldwide (Survey Aupec 2012).
RokDoc gives interpreters access to rock physics, forward modelling, seismic inversion, geopressure, advanced quantitative reservoir analysis and geomechanics. It enables asset teams to maximise the value of available data and regional knowledge.
RokDoc is made possible by on-going partnerships between Ikon Science and major oil companies in addition to the over 170 companies directly feeding into its development.
Программное обеспечение:


RokDoc is a comprehensive portfolio of rock physics, geopressure and geomechanics solutions for accelerating and improving subsurface predictions over asset lifetime.
Software and Content: RokDoc works with Ikon Roknowledge regional studies and information from the Ikon MetaStore to provide a content-driven context to jump-start new projects.

Geologists, Geophysicists, Petrophysicists and Engineers will all benefit from the enhancements in RokDoc . This is our major annual release and provides features and substantial improvements across all product lines.
There have also been two additional RokDoc plug-ins for Petrel*: 1. RokDoc Pore Pressure Calculator Plug-in for Petrel* 2. RokDoc PressureView Plug-in for Petrel*.
RokDoc 1D2D
RPMs support multiple outputs of same log type
Option to use impedance logs as input to Wavelet Estimation
FLAG fluid properties updated to latest (2014) equations
VSP Data Conditioning settings can be saved and re-loaded
New Discrete Value Set programmer for working with log data
Log Editing uses newer editing tool that is in RokDoc-WellTie module
Fill Gaps operation added
New Copy and Paste operation that allows a section of a log (or logs) to be copied to a different depth within the log (or logs)
Usability improvements to attributes in 2D/3D
New attribute types added
RokDoc 3D - General
Improvements to model building and horizon handling (integration of Chronoseis strat framework and import of CS models)
Improvements to 3D infrastructure and efficiency of data access
Performance enhancements across many areas including rendering and visualisation and angle stacking
De-restricted maximum number of traces in a session
Improved RAM usage / handling
New colour bars
Map Attributes / Map Viewer
Performance improvements
Usability improvements – age slicing and auto-refresh options
New attribute types – max, min, sum of negative / positive amplitudes and more
Horizon Toolbox
New interpolation functionality (nearest neighbour, triangulation, kriging, co-kriging)
Polygon based interpolation and editing
Undo-redo functionality
Well Data and Visualisation
Support for supra-horizontal wells, well planning and property interpolation
Improved well display and capture distance rationalisation
Extract log now operates in measured depth
Seismic Data Conditioning
PS-PP Horizon based alignment / warping tool
Apply interactive band pass filters for all trace alignment tools
Export time shifts from all trace alignment tools
Standalone seismic scaling function for post stack, pre-stack and PPPS mode converted data
Coloured Inversion – Significant enhancements to usability, QC and operator design
Specify filter slopes in dB/Octave
Switch earth impedance / frequency to read in dB/Octave
Smooth seismic spectrum
Enhancements to low frequency merge
Set filter to be flat above user defined frequencies and target spectrum flat below user defined frequencies
Define seismic spectrum without wells on a grid
Invert without wells
Model Based Inversion
Various enhancements to error checking and validation of logs derived in well QC view
Performance improvements
Simultaneous Inversion
Various enhancements to error checking and validation of logs derived in well QC view
Performance improvements
Joint Impedance and Facies Inversion (Ji-Fi)
Various defect fixes and enhancements
Ji-Fi now accepts DTA trends defined in depth
Facies QC plot enhancements to display options
Improvements to well QC tools
General enhancements
Bulk load/save of discrete values from multiple wells
Adding fluid types to pressure sets
PressureView usability
Trends and logs can be displayed using number different line styles
Display options for gradient intersections and mudweight logs
Editing of gradients
Mud gradient guidelines and flexible zoom
Seismic Pressure Calculator
Option to calculate overburden pressures from quantity
Support for Bowers unloading
Mud weight sets in well viewer tracks
General enhancements
Fracture data as points in Mohr-Coulomb plots
Usability of breakout and fracture/surface sets
Fracture tortuosity stereonets for well bore with any dip and azimuth
Usability of dilation tendency, well bore stability and hydraulic fracturing stereonets
DLIS reader for importing wireline and image logs
Support for visualisation of image logs
New image log track
Handling of missing ancillary logs
Enhanced vertical zoom
Image log speed correction function
Interpretation of surfaces and breakouts
Manual digitisation
Ease of use for rapid interpretation

iPoint revitalizes data flow and accessibility across your organization.

iPoint enables your teams to aggregate and access a broad variety of data types so they can extract even more value from the data. It also optimizes the handling of your data to drive better business decisions.
Single, Searchable Data Source
iPoint provides a single home for all wellbore data, regardless of source or type. Preserve the information that’s important to your organization in a familiar manner, encouraging adoption and utilization across your teams.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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