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RokDoc Geopredictive Software Platform.

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2024-01-07

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RokDoc от компании Ikon Science


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Ikon Science provides a complete portfolio to improve decision-making for Energy Companies.
We have dedicated over 20 years developing innovative subsurface software solutions, services and studies to help our global clients make smarter decisions by extracting better insights from complex subsurface data.

RokDoc Geopredictive Software Platform.
Integrated Subsurface Workflows
RokDoc is the result of more than 20 years of innovative research and industry experience. RokDoc offers a seamless interface incorporating everything from data quality control to modeling and prediction, integrating multidisciplinary workflows for Quantitative Interpretation, Pore Pressure, and Geomechanics.
Improve Subsurface Interpretation
Evaluate sandstone, shale, and carbonate reservoirs for improved hydrocarbon exploration, production, and optimization, CO2 sequestration, and geothermal surveying using a comprehensive and extensive library of rock physics, cutting edge seismic inversion techniques, and complete geomechanics solution.
Interrogate Subsurface Data
Automate and easily evaluate geological “what if” scenarios. Capture uncertainty in data and models to better understand the probability of success for subsurface resource exploitation and stored fluid monitoring.
Gain Maximum Understanding of Geoscience Data
RokDoc helps you gain tangible insights out of your seismic and well information with flexible solutions for every play. Extract maximum value from multiple data types to help you evaluate and better understand every aspect of the subsurface. RokDoc helps your team explore, capture, and communicate geological, geophysical, and data uncertainty.
Powerful Sophisticated Tools
Best-in-class algorithms are available on a single, easy-to-use platform that enables interdisciplinary analysis by combining engineering and geoscience data into integrated workflows.
Evergreen Solution with World Class Support
The ongoing development of RokDoc is customer-driven and market-focused. Our development approach is agile, responsive and strategically linked to the needs of our clients. RokDoc - всесторонняя платформа Quantitative Interpretation (QI). Разработанный, чтобы быть мощным и простым в использовании, RokDoc - номер один предпочтительная платформа QI в нефтяных компаниях во всем мире Геологи, Геофизики, Petrophysicists и Engineers все извлекут выгоду из улучшений в RokDoc

Curate Subsurface Knowledge Management Platform
Curate knowledge management platform can connect all your subsurface data. Give your teams the knowledge they need to accelerate decision-making. Connect key data sources, including historically siloed or forgotten project knowledge and third-party data and tools. Designed by subsurface experts, Curate delivers an intuitive interface and apps that enable business leaders and geoscientists to quickly make the best decisions.
Harness the Power of your Subsurface Knowledge
Modern E&P operators understand data is an asset, but only if it’s accessible and actionable. Curate combines innovative technology with Ikon’s domain expertise to deliver the subsurface platform of the future. Power your insights, drive your innovation, fuel your business.

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