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KBC Advanced Technologies- ведущая независимая нефтяная и газовая консультация и технологическая компания.

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2016-01-12

KBC Advanced Technologies


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KBC Advanced Technologies is a leading independent oil and gas consulting and technology company. Following the acquisition of various upstream companies, including Infochem and FEESA, KBC now offers the complete value chain for upstream, midstream and downstream: from reservoir to refinery, pump to processing facility.
Our consultants utilize a range of software, including FEESA Maximus™ Integrated Production Modelling Software and Infochem Multiflash™ PVT Simulator for pre-conceptual design studies of reservoirs and wells, and production optimisation of pipeline networks for the life of new and existing assets, including large networks, deepwater, LNG systems and onshore gas gathering systems. Additionally, the KBC Petro-SIM™ Process Simulation Suite provides the design, operation and management of hydrocarbon processing facilities worldwide, generating value and reducing risk.
In times of economic uncertainty and increasing environmental pressure, our proprietary methodologies and innovative tools guide our clients’ key strategic decisions. KBC empowers our clients with oil and gas consulting advice and technology to deliver enduring excellence in safety, profitability and environmental performance.
Перевод Яндекс:
Передовые технологии KBC - ведущая независимая нефтяная и газовая консультация и технологическая компания. После приобретения различных компаний по разведке и добыче нефти и газа, включая Infochem и FEESA, KBC теперь предлагает полную цепочку создания ценности для разведки и добычи нефти и газа, середины реки и вниз по течению: от водохранилища до очистительного завода накачайте к установке подготовки.
Наши консультанты используют диапазон программного обеспечения, включая FEESA Maximus™ Интегрированное Производственное программное обеспечение Моделирования и Симулятор РЯДОВОГО Infochem Multiflash™ для предконцептуальных технических проектов водохранилищ и скважин и производственной оптимизации сетей трубопровода для жизни новых и существующих активов, включая большие сети, глубоководные, системы СПГ и береговые сборочные системы газа. Кроме того, KBC Petro-SIM™ Process Simulation Suite обеспечивает дизайн, операцию и управление установками подготовки углеводорода во всем мире, производя стоимость и снижая риск.
Во времена экономической неопределенности и увеличения экологического давления, наши составляющие собственность методологии и инновационные инструменты ведут ключевые стратегические решения наших клиентов. KBC уполномочивает наших клиентов с нефтью и газом консультационный совет и технология обеспечивать устойчивый передовой опыт в безопасности, доходности и экологической эффективности.

Petro-SIM™ Platform - A process simulation platform that improves the fidelity of plant-wide models
Petro-SIM is a proven simulation technology with industry segment relevant applications and functionality that are market specific and market drive that has a keen focus on quality, usability, and integration to facilitate collaboration. While the central component of the Petro-SIM software is the process simulation capability, Petro-SIM is also a combination of unique, innovative and industry leading technology with an underlying set of reporting, integration and collaboration tools that support workflows within both the upstream and downstream industry segments.
KBC’s technology portfolio – An unrivalled suite of software for energy industries

SIM Reactor Suite- The industry’s most complete and detailed set of simulation models.Decades of experience and solid technology form the basis for our industry-leading SIM Suite Models, which combine detailed, rigorous kinetic simulations with accurate product separation to produce the industry’s most-trusted analytical tools.
The SIM Suite includes detailed models for specialised units:
SIM Reactor Models for Refining processes and Refinery Simulation
SIM Reactor Models for Petrochemical processes
SIM Models for Upstream and treatment processes
All the Reactor Models include detailed kinetic and equilibrium representations of relevant reactions, detailed stream characterization of feeds and products, and the ability to model process designs from various licensors. Where relevant, reactor models include detailed catalyst activity models to account for fresh catalyst properties, feed contaminants, catalyst deactivation and catalyst makeup.
SIM models are available in a consistent, user-friendly format. All SIM models are available within Petro-SIM, which allows you to model the units within a flowsheet environment or using our popular, configurable Microsoft Excel interface. Multiple sets of data or cases can easily be compared, in tables or graphically, with auto-generated charts.

Energy & Utilities Software-Our world-class energy and utilities optimisation software provides analytical insight, technical innovation, practicality and ease of use. From performance monitoring to design, KBC's software products give you the software tools and power you need to achieve sustained reductions in operating cost and environmental emissions, lower capital project costs and optimise your energy systems.

Multiflash -Multiflash provides a complete and reliable solution for the evaluation of the phase behaviour of complex fluids across the whole equipment and plant design process and during operations, and enables engineers with quantitative information and data to rapidly assess options, make choices and prevent or forecast potential problems.

FEESA Maximus™ Thermal Hydraulic Integrated Production Modelling Software - Maximus can be used like any other steady state pipeline network simulator and has been designed to be easy for users familiar with such tools to pick up and use it for nodal analysis, network sensitivity studies and single design cases of interest to the user. However, the main advantage to Maximus is its built-in Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) capability (the Life of Field Option), giving Maximus the functionality of a Petroleum Engineering software with the detail of a Process / Flow Assurance Engineering tool. This makes Maximus the ideal tool for bridging the gap between subsurface and surface; integrating numerous engineering disciplines and reducing interface design margins for a faster, more robust and more cost effective design.

Web-Based Monitoring - Spend less time in front of your computer and more on your business priorities.
Our Web-enabled software program, ProRPM, provides a single view into a variety of systems via the Internet or corporate intranet, making it easier to understand management, production and operations performance and keeping key decision makers informed.

Flaretot Professional - The Flaretot Professional flare simulation software offers an unequalled, comprehensive and rigorous approach to the modelling of flare systems within a single flare simulation environment. Flaretot Professional provides a complete solution for all aspects of flare system design, revamp and auditing with comprehensive case management for individual relief load scenarios through to plant-wide flare system scenarios. A modern and intuitive graphical user interface supports the efficient configuration of pipe network systems and employs extensive data linking from the piping network simulation through to the integrated calculation modules for associated flare system and equipment calculations ensuring consistent use of design data throughout the flare design.
A number of additional modules for key flare related equipment design and performance calculations are fully integrated into the basis design and rating analysis of flare networks within Flaretot Professional.
Flaretot Professional incorporates industry standard calculation methods in conjunction with typical equipment configurations, integrated material properties and representative default settings. This allows for the rapid development of flare calculations, while providing the flexibility for user customisation of calculations.
With its drag-and-drop configuration and simple-yet-powerful navigation features, ProRPM brings all your data together to help you better analyze your data. Its fast performance lets you spend less time in front of the computer and more time on your business priorities.

BPT OLX® for Petro-SIM™ - The BPT OLX® software enables the seamless integration between the OLGA® multiphase flow simulator from Schlumberger and the Petro-SIM™ Process Simulation Software from KBC to create integrated production models for high fidelity flow assurance and process control studies. Both Petro-SIM and OLGA use the same KBC Multiflash™ advanced PVT property thermodynamics engine resulting in a smooth and continuous integration via the BPT OLX plug-in to the Petro-SIM environment. BPT OLX® provides the only commercially available solution for connecting Petro-SIM™ to OLGA® via an extension unit operation implementing OPC technology.
The successful design and operation of production systems requires a detailed understanding of multiphase flow behaviour of the entire production system including wellbores and pipelines as well as the interaction with the downstream processing facility equipment and implemented control strategy. Only a linked OLGA and Petro-SIM model provides a rigorous insight into the dynamic interactions between the multiphase production system and processing facilities. This analysis can now be completed applying a consistent thermodynamic basis using Infochem’s Multiflash thermodynamic models to perform multiphase equilibrium calculations including the prediction hydrate formation, the impact of hydrate inhibitors and wax formation.
Using the OLX software you can develop fully coherent dynamic production system and process facility models to reduce asset risk from flow assurance problems, provide rapid evaluation of new facility configurations and realise cost savings by understanding your entire production asset from reservoir pore through to processing facilities. Transient modelling is essential for feasibility studies and field development design as well as for Deepwater systems and is used extensively in both offshore and onshore developments to investigate transient behaviour in production and process systems.

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