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Программные продукты фирмы GeoTomo.Компания разрабатывает высокопроизводительные геофизические программные продукты, которые помогают геофизикам во всем мире.

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2016-02-01

Программные продукты фирмы GeoTomo

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GeoTomo was founded in Louisville, Colorado in 1998, and relocated to Houston, Texas in 2000. The company develops high-end geophysical software products that help geophysicists around the world to image beneath the subsurface. Oil and gas companies use GeoTomo’s software solutions to significantly reduce the risk and cost of finding and producing hydrocarbons. Geophysical engineering companies use GeoTomo’s software products to image buried objects or near-surface layers.
GeoTomo entered the oil and gas exploration industry from niche opportunities by providing software solutions including 3D TomoStatics interpretation, crosshole seismic data processing, and VSP survey design, modeling, and processing systems. Today, GeoTomo also provides a unique surface seismic data processing package, GeoThrust, designed to conquer rugged topography, complex near-surface, and complex subsurface structures in a single workflow.
The success of GeoTomo is largely because of a dedicated development team that has been applying “simultaneous engineering” concept for developing software products. Software designers, programming engineers, and collaborating users work in a team to make design, implementation, and testing nearly in parallel. This simultaneous process ensures sophisticated design and consequently high-quality products.
GeoTomo был основан в Луисвилле, Колорадо в 1998, и перемещен в Хьюстон, Техас в 2000. Компания разрабатывает высокопроизводительные геофизические программные продукты, которые помогают геофизикам во всем мире отображать ниже недр. Нефтегазовые компании используют программные продукты GeoTomo, чтобы значительно снизить риск и стоимость нахождения и создания углеводородов. Геофизические машиностроительные компании используют программные продукты GeoTomo, чтобы отобразить проложенные под землей объекты или поверхностные уровни.
GeoTomo вводил отрасль разведки нефти и газа от нишевых возможностей, обеспечивая программные продукты включая 3D интерпретацию TomoStatics, crosshole сейсмическая обработка данных, и проект обзора VSP, моделирование и системы обработки. Сегодня, GeoTomo также обеспечивает уникальный поверхностный сейсмический пакет обработки данных, GeoThrust, разработанный, чтобы завоевать бурную топографию, сложные поверхностные, и сложные структуры недр в единственном потоке операций.
Успех GeoTomo в основном из-за специальной группы разработчиков, которая применяла “одновременное техническое” понятие для разработки программных продуктов. Разработчики программного обеспечения, программируя инженеров и сотрудничающих пользователей работают в команде, чтобы сделать проект, реализацию, и тестируя почти параллельно. Этот одновременный процесс гарантирует сложный проект и следовательно высококачественные продукты.

Oil & Gas

GeoThrust™ - GeoTomo's 2-D & 3-D Seismic Data Processing System. GeoThrust has been designed with a workflow architecture to obtain an accurate earth model and earth image in time and in depth from data recorded with irregular geometry in areas with rough topography, complex near-surface, and complex subsurface, with uncompromisingly high technical specifications for data analysis and quality control, but easy to learn and easy to use. GeoTomo's GeoThrust 2D/3D seismic data processing software is now a mature system -- it has been in use by major oil companies, national oil companies, and service companies for more than twelve years. GeoThrust's workflow architecture provides the full freedom and flexibility for the user to follow any desired processing sequence. Additionally, to provide the GeoThrust user with streamlined solutions, we have constructed two uniquely image-based workflows --- the i-stats 2D/3D near-surface modeling and the i-cube 2D/3D subsurface imaging by using the various modules of GeoThrust.

TomoPlus™ - TomoPlus is a comprehensive near-surface solutions package. It is designed to obtain an accurate near-surface velocity model , and derive accurate long and short wavelength statics solution to help seismic data processing.
TomoPlus offers both conventional and high-end near-surface refraction solutions to handle a variety of near-surface problems. In simple situations, conventional approaches are applied to resolve high velocity contrasts and offer high resolution solutions. In complex areas, conventional methods may be applied to derive a good initial velocity model, and then high-end imaging technologies, such as nonlinear traveltime tomography, full waveform tomography, or joint traveltime waveform tomography may be applied to resolve more details. Besides several robust automatic first-break pickers, TomoPlus offers basic and advanced 2D & 3D near-surface imaging and statics approaches;

VECON™- VECON™ is a powerful 2D/3D VSP and surface seismic survey design and modeling system that makes completion of a variety of difficult jobs extremely efficient. Designed for any level of geoscientists, VECON features a fast, accurate, intuitive and easy-to-use toolkit for working on site, remotely through Internet, or in a workstation environment.
VECON™ imports models in a variety of other program formats and can handle arbitrary coordinates systems. Imported models geometries can be rotated to local N/S coordinates for efficient raytracing. Large reservoir models can be cropped around the area of the well or specific area of interest to reduce model size and improve performance.

MiVu™ - Microseismic Processing Software. MiVu™ is a software package designed to perform microseismic monitoring during hydraulic fracturing for both downhole geophone arrays and surface geophone arrays.
MiVu™ offers capabilities for building simple and complex geologic models interactively, designing optimal microseismic monitoring geometry, processing data with user-defined workflows, imaging event locations with multiple techniques, visualizing and interpreting microseismic events in 3D.

TOMOXPro™ - TOMOXPro is the only commercial crosshole software package in the seismic industry. This software package includes crosshole survey design, model building and modeling, data preprocessing, CDP transformation, tomography, wave-equation migration, and post-processing. It simply offers the entire range of capabilities that you will need for performing a crosshole seismic project.


GeoCT-I - GeoCT-I is a fully automated refraction traveltime tomography application for Windows. It presents a new way to image the Earth. After you activate the software, point the program to the folder where the data will be recorded. As each new shot is recorded, the program will automatically load it and image the Earth right away! Shot by shot, you can see the progressive image improvement in the field and find out where an extra shot is needed and when there are enough. It simply advances the concept of seismic imaging.

GeoCT-II - GeoCT-II is a 2D seismic modeling and imaging software package designed for geophysical engineering applications. It includes an advanced model builder, finite-difference full wavefield calculation for acoustic, elastic, and anisotropic media, raytracing and tomography for refraction, reflection, crosshole and VSP geometry. With a variety of features, GeoCT-II is able to help you understand data and image any complex velocity structures rapidly.

TomoSonic - TomoSonic is designed to process Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) data and help you identify bridge shaft defects in real time.
TomoSonic includes six modules for CSL tomographic imaging. Time Picker is designed to pick traveltimes from CSL waveform data automatically or manually. Model Builder helps you create synthetic bridge shafts and perform synthetic experiments for studying imaging problems. After creating a bridge shaft model, you can apply Raytracing module to generate synthetic CSL traveltimes, and then apply Tomography to reconstruct the image. Tomography module is designed for solving both 2D and 3D imaging problems, zero-offset or nonzero-offset data. Tomography module sets up all the required parameters internally, unless users prefer some other choices. Therefore, this is an automatic tomography approach with minimum user interference.

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