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PaleoScan™ - новое поколение 3D сейсмического программного обеспечения интерпретации.

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2016-02-26

PaleoScan ©

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Software Solutions in Seismic Interpretation.
Eliis is an international software provider in seismic interpretation for the oil and gas industry. Eliis - международный поставщик программного обеспечения в сейсмической интерпретации для нефтегазовой промышленности. Eliis is a french company founded in June 2007. Its office is located in Montpellier (France).
Through its experience in seismic imaging, geosciences and computer skills, Eliis has developed PaleoScan™, a new generation of software, which optimizes drastically the seismic interpretation process.
PaleoScan™ has already been used on various areas worldwide and has shown successful results used in the E&P decisions. Thanks to a new approach based on a global minimization methods, PaleoScan™ aims to compute geological time model directly from the seismic information. This technology improves the quality of the interpretation and reduces drastically time cycle, compared to classical techniques. This changes the way to look at seismic data and takes interpretation a step further in the exploration and production process.

PaleoScan Software

PaleoScan™ - новое поколение 3D сейсмического программного обеспечения интерпретации, где специалисты в области наук о Земле строят геологическую модель, интерпретируя сейсмические объемы. Это включает все необходимые инструменты для полного технологического процесса интерпретации, от погрузки данных до поколения горизонтов, ошибок и geobodies в полностью интегрированной 2D и 3D окружающей среде.
PaleoScan™ Core includes all the necessary to run a comprehensive workflow, from data loading to generation of interpreted objects. It is a new generation of 3D seismic interpretation platform, offering in a user friendly environment rapid data screening and cross navigation. PaleoScan™ offers a comprehensive approach to semi-automatically interpret seismic volumes, in addition to the standard interpretation tools for horizons, faults and multi-Z objects. Thanks to powerful editing tools, the interpretation can be refined and the geological model can be previewed in real time. A suite of applications allows the generation of horizons, the stratal-slicing of volumes, the extraction and quantification of geobodies, the enhancement and characterization of faults, and the cross correlation of wells and markers. PaleoScan™ takes also advantage of parallel computing with the latest multi-core technologies
PaleoScan™ Core

Interpretation Platform
PaleoScan™ Core is the new generation of seismic interpretation platform. It includes all the necessary tools for a complete interpretation workflow, for data I/O, horizon and fault interpretation, rapid data screening and navigation in a fully integrated 2D and 3D environment, running on Windows®.
High Performance
Parallel computing with latest multi core technologies
CPU/GPU acceleration
Integrated 2D and 3D environment
Rapid data screening
User friendly environment
Excellent interactivity between viewers
Manage seismic, horizons, faults, wells and culture
Volume merge, scuplting and smoothing
Handle large data set
Mapping gridding options available
Multi survey management
Sessions, custom settings options
Simple data base and data exchanger system
Support standard formats (SEG-Y, ASCII, …)

Geologic Time Model
This method uses comprehensive approach which consists of a three-step computer aided workflow. Our algorithm tracks first every possible horizon within the seismic volume and assign relative geological ages automatically. Then the interpreter edits relationships between horizons and update the model in real time to obtain the optimum solution. Based on the horizon grid, a geological time volume is computed from the seismic.
Comprehensive approach
Initial grid made of horizon patches
Manage peak, trough, zero crossing and inflection points
Automatic horizon tracking
Chronostratigraphic ordering
Multi scale method
Work on large data set for exploration
Manage fault-horizon intersection
Fast and interactive editing
Model preview in real tim

Interpret horizons quickly and accurately various type of horizons. In addition to all classical tools for traditional horizon interpretation, an unlimited number of horizons, also called "horizon stack", is derived from the geologic time model to explore seismic volumes beyond the seismic resolution.These horizon slicing is widely used for data reconnaissance, detection of prospect leads and comprehension of reservoir at a fine scale. Flattening option on horizon are also available.
Interactive auto-tracking
Powerful editing options
Horizon stack generation
Attribute mapping
Full volume stratal slicing

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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Добавил: xenarra ( в 28 Apr 2018 17:47:33
hello konstatin, I stumbled your website on a journey looking for paleoscan application. i find it interesting when i saw it on youtube. Can you provide this software for me?

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