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ZetaWare, Inc.ZetaWare Products Interactive Petroleum System Tools

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2024-01-07

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ZetaWare, Inc.


Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

Interactive Petroleum System Tools.
ZetaWare provides interactive software tools and innovative solutions for analyzing the risks associated with petroleum prospects for exploration. Many of our innovative solutions have been adopted by major oil companies. ZetaWare' technology innovations include map-based charge risking, map-based Interactive flash calculator for exploration and flow balance pressure prediction. Innovations such as dynamic cross sections, paint-brush map editing, and drag-and-drop file importing are raising the expectations of users and setting new industry standards for user-friendly software.
Интерактивные нефтяные системные инструменты.
ZetaWare обеспечивает инструменты интерактивного программного обеспечения и инновационные решения для анализа рисков, связанных с нефтяными перспективами исследования. Многие наши инновационные решения были приняты крупнейшими нефтяными компаниями. ZetaWare' технологические инновации включают основанный на карте риск обвинения, основанный на карте Интерактивный калькулятор флэш-памяти для исследования и прогноза равновесия давлений потока. Инновации, такие как динамические сечения, редактирование карты кисти и импорт файла перетаскивания повышают ожидания пользователей и устанавливают новые промышленные стандарты для удобного для пользователя программного обеспечения.

Basin modeling:
Integrated basin modeling of source rock maturation, migration pathways and fetch areas. Charge volume and GOR prediction. Truly easy to use: Point and click, drag and drop petroleum system workflow. OpenGL 3D visualization.
Charge risking:
Unique probabilistic approach to charge volumes and GOR, the only Monte Carlo risking system on the market that incorporates spatial variability of geological parameters. Rank importance of geological parameters to charge risk. Provides input to reserve risking.
Reservoir phase and volume:
Predict reservoir fluid phases with the interactive PVT model. Determine the end results of petroleum migration. Apply engineering concepts in exploration to determine the existence of an oil leg. Validate seismic DHI models by predicting fluid properties and contacts.
Fluid property prediction:
Predict reservoir fluid API gravity and GOR. Using extensive empirical calibrations with hundreds of oils and source rocks from different basins. The cumulatively API gravity of expelled oil is predicted as a function of source facies type, maturity and fetch area. The charge rates, fluid type, thermal history and OWC can be used to further de-risk biodegradation.
Shale Gas and CBM:
Create sorption, solution, free compression and total gas yield (scf/ton or scf/section) maps through burial and uplift history. Interactively evaluate acreage and predict sweet spots. Calibrated with well data from several basins. Scenario-testing with different thermal regime and erosion amounts. Predicts two basic types (as well as mixed type) of shale gas. Map coal bed methane producible yield based on sorption (maturity and pressure) and permeability.
Hot Spot:
Visualize and interact with your geochemical, fluid, pvt or petrophysical data in a whole new way - in the context of your petroleum system model! Find trends and outliers in your data, relationships between your data and geology, modeling results, all in the geological context.
Pressure prediction:
Predict reservoir pressure by integrating basin modeling and seismic data. Account for arbitrary sand geometry and spatially varying background pressure. Predict maximum hydrocarbon columns and trap extent. Reduce drilling risk and costs.

Программное обеспечение:

- базируемый инструмент карты, который позволяет пользователям в интерактивном режиме образцовому созреванию и миграции, предскажите объемы обвинения и состав, проанализируйте свойства фазы/ДОТ, вычислите высоты столбца и резервы.

Trinity ushers in the next generation of petroleum system analysis. It is a map based tool that allows users to interactively model maturation and migration, predict charge volumes and composition, analyze phase/pvt properties, calculate column heights and reserves. Proprietary algorithms allow Trinity to Monte Carlo the risks involved in charge prediction with mapped variables. Features include dynamic cross section, instant geohistory and 3D visualization.
Rank prospects with different petroleum system scenarios: We most likely do not know the thickness (and other properties) of the source rock in the kitchen area, nor do we know the heat flow in the kitchen, or secondary migration losses. The only way to rank prospects is to run different scenarios of these parameters. The prospects that are charged in most scenarios will have the lowest risk, and vise versa. Other parameters that can be risked are top seal capacity, unconformity, source rock facies, even different interpretations of the seismic and the list goes on. Invoking multi-component kinetics while we do not even know the thickness, TOC and HI of the source rock is ridiculous.
Post interpretation value-added geological analysis and map data QC: Drag and drop your interpreted surfaces into Trinity and interactively draw cross sections through them. The cross section can be moved with the mouse to movie through the data and in 3D the cross sections look like fence diagrams, except the fences can be moved! This will reveal much more geology than looking at static maps. Of course it will also reveal any busts and other problems -- easier and better way to QC you map data. Integrate other geological data such as well data, shows, fluids, dry holes, surface surveys and any culture data to reveal relationships missed by the traditional approach. Drape colored properties on surfaces in 3D and much
Prospect charge risking to quantify probability ranges for charge volumes and composition:
First and only map based charge risking tool that honors the relationship between mature area and maturity, using actual drainage areas determined from the mapped surfaces and maturity modeling. With the great uncertainties in the parameters that govern charge volumes, the probabilistic approach is the best way to evaluate the risk.
Interactive Petroleum system modeling: Other modeling tools require an expert to use and a great deal of data that don't exist. Trinity is for the explorationist. Drag and drop to import your surfaces, build the geological model the way geologists think. In a matter of minutes, you are ready to create maturity maps at any geological time, or even a maturity movie. Click with the syringe to see migration paths and click a prospect to draw its fetch areas. Another click gives you the history of integrated oil and gas volumes expelled from the fetch area.
Phase prediction and reserve calculation: Given the oil and gas volumes in a prospect defined on the map, Trinity will determine the phases that exists at the prospect and the volumes and fluid properties at the reservoir. Investigate what-if? Change any parameter and see the shape and color of the fluid contact change as well as updated volumes and properties. Designed for geologist so you do not need to be an expert on EOS (equations of state).
Pressure prediction: Trinity's flow balance model determines the "centroid" effects of an arbitrary sand geometry. The flow equation is integrated over the sand area and minimized to solve for the pressure in the sand. Results include sand pressure, and max and min. column height maps.
Pre and post processing for 3D basin modeling: A sophisticated model is not much excitement if you can not get it to read your data. With the friendly map editor, ability to import all geological, GIS and even image data, geological model building, analysis and QC, ability to create facies maps. Trinity is used by many basin modelers to preprocess data for 3D basin simulators. With the powerful 3D viewer, it is also ideal for integrating 3D modeling results with other geological data for interpretation and visualization. More importantly, Trinity can use the temperature results of a 3D model, and restored structure surface to calculate charge volumetrics at higher resolution and even perform Monte Carlo risking of the results --- taking basin modeling to the probabilistic level. And yes, we can customize data for your in-house simulator.

Trinity 3D
-Интерактивная 3D миграция, отслеживая объемы углеводорода и состав в 3D, в течение времени, вдоль ошибок, несоответствий, и посредством соленых сварок...

Interactive 3D migration, tracking hydrocarbon volumes and composition in 3D, through time, along faults, unconformities, and through salt welds...
Summary Of T3 Features
3D migration. Using the petroleum syringe or the 3D spider tool, T3 allows migration both horizontally along a carrier bed and vertically through seals. The user has the ability to specify the top seal value for a carrier or using a seal capacity map, to model seal variations by compaction, facies change, fault juxtaposition or salt welds.
3D migration:3D migration capabilities also include migration through sub cropping, unconformity truncation. 3D fault planes/surfaces to be used in diverting migration between structure surfaces.
Migration through time: T3's Remigration tool allows migration modeling through time by re-migrating existing accumulations and adding newly expelled volumes for each time interval
3D structure movie with maturity maps draped paleo-structure map, evolving through time in 3D viewer.
The ability to allow conductivity related salt effect of temperatures to be included in the thermal history.
Complex geological models: T3 can automatically calcylate multiple phase salt thickness change through time. Through the user of multiple thickness change maps, it allows complex geological models to be contructed to simulate effects of normal and thrust faults at multiple stratigraphy levels, shale and salt diapirs, thickening by folding, of any other deformation not associated with deposition or erosion.
Multiple source rock input for charge history and input for 3D spider migration tool.
Hotspot tool: T3's unique Hotspot tool allows any data in your spreadsheet (geochemical, fluids, PVT, petrophysical, you name it) to be used in Trinity to help analyze and understand the petroleum system. HC shows or other indicators can be used to constrain migration models. Fluid geochemical data can be used to determine the compartmentalization of reservoir units in 3D, and direction of reservoir filling, and secondary alterations, and endless of other uses. User can visualize and interact with the data in the context of your petroleum system model. Easily and interactively QC, filter, and find trends and outliers in your data, relationships between your data and geology, modeling results. Hotspot has been a huge success and just ask someone who has seen or used it.
Unconventional tools: T3 also include tools for mapping any type of unconventional gas and oil resources, including CBM, that take into account maturity and PVT effects on sorption, saturation in both organic and inorganic porosities. The effects of secondary porosity creation due to kerogen break down and wettability implications.
Biodegradation tool: This tool allows user to ineractively test the risk of biodegradation for a given trap. It considers the trap filling (oil water contact and column height) history along with the temperature history to predict the impact of biodegredation on oil quality.

- простое в использовании 1D программное обеспечение моделирования бассейна.

Genesis is an easy to use 1D basin modeling software. Formerly developed at ARCO, it won the Outstanding Technical Achievement Award. It has many technical advances not found in other commercial 1D models. For example, its full lithosphere thermal model allows prediction of heat flow away from well control and through geological time. Genesis works with Trinity to become part of your complete petroleum systems workflow.
ARCO Exploration and Production Technology, a division of Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO), spent over 15 years of research to build this state of the art basin modeling program. The results of many key research projects were incorporated in Genesis so that the technology investment can be applied in the exploration projects. ARCO sponsored many research projects to support the development of Genesis. These projects included source rock data base study, kinetics of source rocks, source rock sorption research, burial history database, bottom hole temperature correction, paleo-surface temperature study, ... to name a few.
ZetaWare continues to work closely with the top minds in the industry, especially those at the ZetaWare's consortium companies. Genesis has benefited greatly from the on going research.
Genesis sets itself apart from other commercial 1D software with advanced theories as well as ease of use.
Genesis models the full lithosphere in the transient thermal model so heat flow can be predicted away from well control and through geological time. Here is a example from the Browse basin
A source rock facies data base to link lithofacies with kinetic models. Genesis will provide a mixture of analog kinetics parameters to best describe your source rock.
Modified/Improved Rift heat flow modeling to account for radiogenic heat component loss during rifting. The traditional models over-predict heat flow and maturity in such basins.
Lithology mixing in Genesis is unique. The different lithologies in a formation are handled as truly inter-bedded layers, while other 1D models just average the parameters to make up a new lithology for each formation
Genesis handles complex geology such as thrusting, faulting, salt movement in the PDE solver directly so all the effects are simulated. Some of the competitor products can only mimic the geometry change but not the processes.
Modifed/Improved the quartz cementation model developed by Walderhaug (1994) and made it available by the click of a button.

- быстрый инструмент моделирования созревания материнской породы для предсказания удаленных продуктов и GOR от материнской породы с прослаиваемой organo-фацией (геохимическая регистрация).

KinEx is a quick source rock maturation modeling tool for predicting expelled products and GOR from a source rock with inter-bedded organo-facies ( geochemical log). It features drag and drop interactivity and professional graphical output. Over 40 different maturation parameters are predicted including oil and gas expelled, GOR, vitrinite reflectance, and properties of expelled products such as density and interfacial tension, etc.
KinEx calculates a host of parameters related to the source rock composite and the expelled products. These parameters are essential for the value of the exploration prospects. below are of some of the parameters KinEx calculates. User can cross plot any combination of these parameters against time, temperature or each other.


ZetaTernary: Type (or paste) your data in the Excel compatible spreadsheet on the left and symbols will popup in the triangle and the legend. Point to the symbol in the ternary graph and the spreadsheet will highlight the sample automatically. Smart legend will adjust automatically to the number of different symbols.
ZetaLog: Drop an LAS file in to the program's window and you have a log ready to plot or copy to a graphics program. Plot logs on a large format printer. Click and drag to switch the tracks. Imports ASCII data to overlay with your logs. So easy to use, you can not forget how to use it next time.
ZetaStiff Type data in the spreadsheet and the stiff-diagram will respond as you type. Customizable elements. Color filled or blank polygons. Log or linear axis in Meqs. Copy and paste from/to MS Office and other applications.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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