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FIDES Software и SOFiSTiK Software от фирмы FIDES DV-Partner

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2016-04-11

FIDES Software и SOFiSTiK Software от фирмы FIDES DV-Partner


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Программные комплексы для геотехнических расчётов, аналоги программ : Plaxis , Schlumberger.ECLIPSE, Tempest MORE и RFD Rock Flow Dynamics tNavigator .
FIDES DV-Partner are two German system vendors based in Berlin and Munich (Munchen). With experience resulting from more than 30 years providing services for civil engineering we comprehend the mission of FIDES today as a partner for structural designers, constructing engineers and architects applying high quality software.
Our wide variety of goods and services covers the entire field of civil engineering software, distributing solutions developed by our own and well-known producers, like SOFiSTiK and Autodesk, furthermore assisting in structural design projects. An additional field of activity is proprietary software development with main focus on soil engineering and geotechnics as well as steel and tunnel design, also in the context of research projects.
The range of solutions we offer for structural design contains building, steel, tunnel and bridge design, geotechnical or rather soil engineering up to special constructions like light weight structures.
Settled on AutoCAD as world’s leading CAD-standard we are also able to provide intelligent and up to date software products in the fields of architecture, building services and construction engineering.
Number of employees: Currently a team of twelve high qualified and strong involved experts care for the needs and wishes of our customers.

FIDES Software FIDES.DV-Partner.Suite

Retainment Walls

Calculation of Retainment walls due to DIN/EAB/EAU
The Working Group for Excavations of the German Society for Geotechnics publishes its Recommendations for Computations on Excavations in the "EAB". These recommendations are applied by the program. Buildings and structures in the cities and new constructions in high density areas place large requirements against the safety of deep excavations. New construction methods have been developed and known sheeting methods have been improved. Extensive statics computations of the excavation walls will be necessary, in order to calculate the existing safety level. The exploration of several structural variants makes an optimal utilization of the bearing reserves possible. Grout anchors in one or in several layers are increasingly used for the anchorage of the excavation walls.
FIDES-GeoStability (KEA)
Stability computations in the Geotechnics with the Kinematic Element Analysis Method (KEA)
The conventional stability proofs in geotechnics (earth pressure determination according to DIN 4085, embankment stability, ground failure, sliding circle according to DIN 4084, shear failure according to DIN 4017 etc..) depending upon situation indicate often too small or too large safety against stability because of insufficient accuracy of the failure figure. This is already the case, if concentrated loads, geometrical constraints, lubrication lay-ers or the like cause the formation of sliding surfaces, which cannot be represented by the simplified failure mechanisms as suggested by the standards. With the help of the Kinematic Element Analysis (KEA) arbitrary failure mechanisms can be modelled and optimized and thus most geometrical situations can be modelled correctly.
Foundations/Base Plates
Interactive Generation and Calculation of Elastic Semi Infinite Space Models
Elastic bedded foundation plates are often calculatied in traditional manor taking into account of the bedding con-stant. In this way, the engineer disregards important effects of the interaction between structure and soil. FIDES-GroundSlab in contrast, includes the stiffness of the soil under the foundation plate by using the elastic semi infinite space modell into the calculation. This soil-structure interdependency results as a rule to the formation of a settlement dell. If coexisting foundations are calculated, then the mutual interdependency of adjacent buildings will be automatically considered.
Tunneling construction
Interactive Graphical Preprocessing for Tunneling and Geotechnical Models for SOFiSTiK Solvers
FIDES-WinTUBE-2D/3D has been initially developed as a specialized tool for tunneling. It includes a lot of wizards to assist the user to define and carry out very easy tunneling-specific tasks. However the functionality of WinTUBE is universal enough to become the tool of choice for many general FE-analysis. Especially if 3D volume models should be analysed and/or successive construction stages need to be simulated.
The integrated SOFiSTiK-interface generates mesh- and calculation-control files and starts the SOFiSTiK-calculation. These ASCII files needn’t, but could be edited manually. In addition to the detailed and illustrated technical report generated directly by WinTUBE-2D/3D, the SOFiSTiK kernel will be requested to generate a file containing a set of plots and numerical results. Additional all SOFiSTiK postprocessing tools may be used at any time.
TeelCON - program for the design of bolted and welded steel connections
Bolted and welded steel connections design according to EC3
Structural Steelwork
STeelCON analyses and designs welded and bolted connections in steel frames according to Eurocode 3. The supported connection types are multi-parametric, allowing the user to achieve the optimum design. For the more complex connections, the program has automatic optimization features. STeelCON can automatically optimize the connection either for maximum strength or optimal design. A tree of connection’s variations that meet the user’s requirements is generated. The user specifies the components that the program is allowed to use, such as stiffeners, bolt types, bolt qualities etc.
STeelCON can also be operated within the SOFiSTiK structural analysis system for the dimensioning of the connections between members in steel building frames according to EC3. The user can select the nodes (or groups of nodes) to be designed by a graphical interface. STeelCON will automatically identify the participating members and forces and assign them to the connection. Analysis data of a Steel frame from other programs can also be imported through an ASCII file.

SOFiSTiK Software

The SOFiSTiK AG is one of the leading software houses for Finite Element and structural analysis software in civil, structural and geotechnical engineering. The SOFiSTiK AG is based in southern Germany and is active in all parts of the world with a large expert network.
2D FEM professional
- Complete 2D FE Analysis and Design in one Package
2D FE Analysis and Design
The 2D FEM professional package is the successor of Slab Designer Pro package. The package provides the possibility of graphical input with AutoCAD® add-on SOFiPLUS for both 2D systems and cross sections. Slab-, frame- and shear wall analysis can also be made with 64-bit solver. In addition to the ULS and SLS design according to Eurocode and other standards, non-linear analysis of reinforced concrete is also possible. The user also can graphically Post-process analysis results.
3D FEM professional
The package for BIM Analysis and 3D Design
The new Package 3D FEM professional meets the requirements for modern design with Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool, supported by Autodesk® Revit® Structure. 3D analysis and design for all regular elements is provided. In addition to 3D modelling, by the help of SOFiSTiK Revit Interface, 2D systems can also be produced from 3D BIM models, where elastic stiffness supports are automatically determined. Additionally, input of cross sections and systems can be done graphically by the AutoCAD® add-on SOFiPLUS.
3D FEM premium
- Construction and Industrial Engineering
The solution for challenging projects
The 3D FEM premium package offers all the features for a successfull analysis and design for the most demanding projects in Building Construction and Industrial engineering. Appart the input option of AutoCAD® add-on SOFiPLUS or Autodesk® Revit® Structure, the use of pile elements and nonlinear effects makes the simulation of soil-structure interaction possible. Design according to Eurocodes, stability analysis and many international standards (eg. BS EN 1992, SNIP, AASHTO) complete the design possibilities. Along with the graphicall interactive post-processing, the integration of area-element results with Excel® interface and VBA offers full flexibility to the user.
3D FEM ultimate
- Industrial and Bridge Design
The high-end package for structural engineering
The 3D FEM ultimate package provides all the tools for modern structural analysis in civil engineering and bridge design. In addition to the graphical input capability by the AutoCAD® add-on SOFiPLUS, the parametric axis - related graphical modeling CABD or the Master-cross section which allows any cross sectional profile, can be used. The usage of Pre- and post-tensioned beam- and shell-elements, along with the ULS and SLS design and stress checks offer the capability of project analysis of prestressed concrete and composite systems. Full geometrically nonlinear analysis (Theory of 3rd order) gives the possibility for cable and shell buckling calculations. Traffic load calculation with influence line method and a large library of road and railway loads, is also available to the user. High-end SOFiSTiK technologies such as DYNA for dynamic analysis and HASE for semi-infinite solid simulation can be added optionally.
SOFiCAD is a modular system that complements AutoCAD to functions for structural engineering. Because of the integration the way of working is obtained. All AutoCAD functions can be used together with SOFiCAD.
On AutoCAD you can solve with the various modules of SOFiCAD diverse design tasks. All modules can be arbitrarily combined and deploy within an AutoCAD session.
SOFiCAD Detailing
Production of formwork and construction plans within AutoCAD
SOFiCAD-B Reinforcement
Creation of reinforcement drawings within AutoCAD
Preparation of plans and production data for BAMTEC carpets
SOFiCAD Stakeout
SOFiCAD Steel construction
SOFiCAD Quantity determination

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