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Petrosys Pty Ltd - Отображение, моделирование и программное обеспечение управления данными для отрасли нефть_газ.

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2024-01-07

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Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

Petrosys Pty Ltd
Отображение, моделирование и программное обеспечение управления данными для отрасли нефть_газ.

Mapping, modeling and data management software for oil and gas professionals.
Petrosys is the industry leader in mapping, surface modeling and data management software solutions – delivering direct connectivity with the E&P industry’s most popular exploration, production and GIS data sources. Petrosys produces high quality maps and surface models. It manages, edits, and analyses the underlying information including the specialised seismic, well and geoscience data used in the search for oil and gas. Geoscientists, data managers and engineers at more than 300 sites worldwide use Petrosys as an essential tool for basin and field interpretation, to enhance enterprise data management and to help make better decisions.

Products Продукты входят в состав Petrosys site:

Direct Connectivity
The beauty of Petrosys software is that it allows you to tap seamlessly into all of your vital data sources: OpenWorks, GeoFrame, Finder, SMT, Petrel, IHS Petra, Oracle, ArcSDE – you name it – and from there combine interpretation, modeling, queries and reports to create your masterpiece. Throw in our dbMap data management capabilities, including PPDM support, and you’ve found compatibility, flexibility and improved productivity.

Mapping & Visualization
Petrosys mapping software gives you everything you need to display exploration, production and geographical data in the most compelling, relevant way. Add to that our 3D visualization tools and you’re able to combine map views with effective representations of surface models to facilitate, validate and present the interpretation and decision-making process.

Surface Modeling
Gridding, contouring and volumetrics calculations. A diverse range of algorithms, methods, smart interpolation and weighting techniques. Petrosys provides sophisticated, integrated surface modeling tools so you can compute complex subsurface structures and estimate volumes, taking faults into account – quickly and accurately. And track your steps so you can easily repeat them or tailor them with alternate data.

Data Management
The effectiveness of the processes with which you manage your E&P assets will depend on the quality of the data that describes them. A Petrosys data management strategy will help you build a reliable and secure collection of your E&P data whether it’s information that you have measured, interpreted or acquired.

Petrel Mapping Module
The Petrel Mapping Module by Petrosys (PMMbP) brings essential map-making capabilities to your everyday workflows. Putting the industry’s leading, most sophisticated and easy to use sub-surface mapping and editing tools right where you need them – in your Petrel* E&P software platform.

Prospects and Leads
Implement a team process for continuous assessment of petroleum resources
Improve consistency of prospect evaluations and accountability of resource statements
Build on existing corporate workflows and extend on preferred established algorithms
Respond to what-if queries based on alternative interpretations
Integrate resource assessments with exploration programs and development outcomes
Easily distribute secure access through a contemporary web interface
Analyze the history of past assessments to improve future predictions
Build on Petrosys’ 20 years of industry experience and stochastic resource standards

Petrosys продает tNavigator продукт, создаваемый Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD), вместе со связанными профессиональными службами от RFD. Подробно >>>>>>
tNavigator – New Generation of Reservoir Dynamic Simulators
tNavigator® is truly unique. It is the first fully-parallel, memory-based subsurface technology to take the technical expert from static model building to dynamic reservoir simulation and into probabilistic forecasting & uncertainty quantification inside one seamless, fully integrated and intelligent software package.
Petrosys has an exclusive agreement to distribute the tNavigator® reservoir simulation software in Australia, New Zealand, PNG and Timor-Leste. Under the agreement, Petrosys markets the tNavigator product, created by Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD), along with associated professional services from RFD.
Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) offers a wide range of advanced innovative tools for reservoir engineering implemented in tNavigator – the dynamic reservoir simulator.
The industry-leading tNavigator™ is the first and only product on the market which dynamically combines a fully interactive 3D graphical user interface and a record breaking parallel supercomputing engine. The core algorithms are based on the latest scientific developments in the field and provide the most efficient use of modern computing platforms. As a result, tNavigator provides superior performance and unparalleled user efficiency for reservoir engineers at corporate reservoir simulation centers and in the field.

E & P Workflows
Better exploration decisions from more powerful maps and flexible data management tools
Find elusive targets by rapidly testing a wider range of geological scenarios
Refine reservoir attributes and shapes in a map view before committing to reservoir models
Apply standardised processes for reserves estimation and cataloguing
Track the performance and manage development of producing fields
The intuitive interface and powerful connectivity of Petrosys mapping and surface modeling means that geoscientists and engineers can move easily between the wide range of technical and commercial challenges encountered across all stages of the petroleum exploration and development cycle.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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