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Extensis (ex. LizardTech)

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2021-01-04

Главная / ГИС/GIS / Каталог / Extensis (ex. LizardTech)

Extensis (ex. LizardTech)

https://www.lizardtech.com/ https://www.extensis.com/

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в 2018 году Extensis объединилась с дочерней компанией LizardTech, также принадлежащей Celartem, и внедрила современные программные решения LizardTech для сжатия и распространения массивных геопространственных данных высокого разрешения в набор продуктов Extensis. Клиенты Extensis и LizardTech теперь имеют доступ к дополнительным решениям для максимизации стоимости своих цифровых активов. LizardTech обеспечил инновационные программные продукты для управления, доступа и распределения серьезных, картографических данных с высоким разрешением, таких как воздушное и спутниковое формирование изображений и данные LiDAR. LizardTech вел технологию MrSID, мощный основанный на небольшой волне кодер изображения, средство просмотра и формат файла. Формат MrSID поддерживается во всех главных ГИС-приложениях. For more than two decades, LizardTech hasdeliveredinnovative software products for managing, accessing and distributing massive, high-resolution geospatial data such as aerial and satellite imagery and LiDAR data. LizardTech pioneered the MrSID technology, a powerful wavelet-based image encoder, viewer and file format. The MrSID format is supported in all major GIS applications.
LizardTech has offices in Seattle, Denver, London, and Tokyo and is a business name of Celartem Technology Inc.

Digital Asset Management Software That Blends Seamlessly Into Your Workflow. Программное Обеспечение Для Управления Цифровыми Активами, Которое Легко Вписывается В Ваш Рабочий Процесс

Stop Hunting for Files
Content owners, say goodbye to poorly organized filing systems that limit the use of your valuable digital assets. Our digital asset management software acts as a single source of truth for all your images, videos, audio files, and documents with relevant metadata.
Whether your teammates are in the next room or half a world away, Portfolio makes organizing, finding, and sharing your media assets easy – even as your collection grows.
Share and Deliver Digital Assets Easily
Portfolio makes it easy to share digital assets with your remote team members, partners, and customers no matter where they are. This digital asset management system allows you to send the right files to the right people at the right time, every time.
The result? Increased productivity and a better return on your digital asset investment.
Automate Time-Intensive Tasks
Use smart automation to help organize your assets, add keywords, and create comprehensive workflows.
Subscribe to Your Ideal Workflow
We’ve been working with teams across industries for years to build a flexible, powerful DAM that can meet unique requirements and optimize collaboration. From robust integrations to tools that make it easier to connect with clients and audiences beyond your organization, Portfolio empowers you to do more with your DAM.
Our straightforward and inclusive subscription offerings enable to you to hit the ground running at any price point.
Trusted and Driven by Innovation
Our experts will work with you to identify and implement an affordable solution that solves your digital asset challenges. Need more? Our top-notch technical support and customer success teams will get you the help you need quickly and easily. And for a simple, straightforward implementation, you can rely on our integration and consulting services.
We’re Here to Help
Our experts will help you to identify and implement a correct, affordable solution that solves your digital asset challenges. Need more? Our top-notch technical support and sales teams will get you the help you need quickly and easily. And for a simple, straightforward implementation, you can rely on our integration and consulting services.

A powerful compression and customization tool for GIS imagery and data.Мощный инструмент сжатия и настройки изображений и данных ГИС.

The massive, high-definition imagery used throughout the geospatial industry provides invaluable insights, but huge file sizes can make sharing, viewing, and manipulating this data extremely challenging.
GeoExpress enables geospatial professionals to compress imagery to our proprietary, industry-standard MrSID format. This format supports lossless and visually lossless compression, enabling users to shrink file sizes without sacrificing image quality.
GeoExpress also provides editing capabilities for geospatial imagery compression, so that you can provide improved visual data for analysis. It includes standard imagery editing functionality such as cropping and color balancing, while also enabling you to reproject, mosaic, and more.
Reduce File Size, Maintain Image Quality
Maximize space, optimize usage, and facilitate easier distribution by compressing image files and geospatial data to as much 5% of their original size or cutting file size in half — all while maintaining visual image fidelity.
GeoExpress enables raster compression and LiDAR compression, converting enormous files to MrSID, JPEG 2000, or LAZ formats.
Compressed images are easier to store, access, and share. Their small file size makes them accessible even on mobile devices and in low bandwidth environments.
Customize Your GIS Imagery
GeoExpress provides a comprehensive suite of editing tools that empower you to create the exact image you need. You can:
Crop, color balance, reproject, and more
Combine multiple images into seamless mosaic datasets
Create custom image tiles
Create MrSID files using your existing GIS imagery and data
Export only selected sections of imagery you want, at the exact size and resolution you need
Use alpha bands to add true transparency to your imagery.
Integrate Imagery Assets with a Variety of GIS Applications
Industry-standard MrSID format integrates seamlessly with other applications. Process, classify, and interpret your imagery without program compatibility concerns. GeoExpress can be used in combination with nearly all geospatial applications, including ArcGIS, Global Mapper, QGIS, Autodesk, ERDAS, ENVI, SOCET GXP, and Microstation.
GeoExpress Features
Maximize the value of your geospatial images while saving space and storage costs.
raster image compression support
Raster Image Support
Supports raster compression to multiple formats, such as the industry-standard MrSID image compression format, the ISO-standard JPEG 2000 format, and the government-standard NITF format.
LiDAR data compression
LiDAR Image Support
Enables LiDAR data compression to MrSID and LAZ formats. Allows you to reduce the size of your point cloud data by 75% or more, while retaining the precision and accuracy of your raw data.
MrSID image format for GIS
MrSID Technology
Optimized to create MrSID files, a powerful wavelet-based image format, which is supported in nearly all GIS applications. Built-in pyramids mean MrSID files load almost instantly in most applications.
flexible geospatial imagery compression
Flexible Compression
Specify a compression ratio or use lossless compression. For raster images, you can also specify a target file size, set per-band compression ratios, or use quantization for floating point images.
lossless compression of geospatial data
Lossless Compression
Patented algorithm allows you to compress your geospatial data for true pixel-by-pixel fidelity.
seamless mosaic datasets
Seamless Mosaics
Create smooth mosaic datasets using intuitive tools. Your mosaic tiles become a seamless single image for use in any application, which remains snappy and responsive.
color balance across images
Color Balance Across Images
Automatically adjust brightness, contrast, and gamma, or use manual controls to fine tune adjustments.
Color balance one image, then apply the same changes to all of your other images at once to create consistency across your imagery.
edit and export images
Crop and Export Images
Edit your images to the exact size and resolution you need. Extract a specific scene from an image, create customized image tiles, or crop images to match a shape file. Select from preset export options for web and print or create your own.

Suitcase Fusion
The Font Manager for Uninterrupted Creativity.
Менеджер шрифтов для непрерывного творчества

Create with Confidence
You love fonts. But wrangling your font collection? Not so much. Welcome to Suitcase Fusion, the gold standard in font management for creative professionals.
Get organized. Instead of having fonts scattered across various folders, servers, and the cloud, you can bring them together in one central place. Organize your font collection by project, style, foundry, client — whatever you like.
Get consistent. No more missing fonts or font conflicts. Suitcase Fusion automatically activates fonts in your favorite creative software so you can focus on what matters.
Get inspired. Search, preview, and activate fonts as soon as inspiration strikes. Switch to List Preview mode to quickly view and compare the exact fonts you’re looking for.
The Font Manager with Seamless Integrations
Suitcase Fusion is a flexible font manager for Mac and Windows operating systems, and it works with the creative applications you use every day.
Powerful plugins that let you use your font library to its full potential in Adobe Creative Cloud and Sketch.
Drag-and-drop support for Affinity products — Designer, Photo, and Publisher.

Express Server
High-Speed, High-Volume GIS Data server. ер
Высокоскоростной, объемный сервер ГИС-данных

Deliver the Highest Visual Quality, With Any Connection
Complex GIS imagery can require tremendous time and bandwidth — both for those serving it up and those attempting to view it.
Express Server intelligently extracts and delivers only the pixels being viewed at a specific moment. This dramatically reduces the time required to display an image. Massive data files can be streamed and viewed quickly and easily, without time-consuming downloads or delays.
Clients, user bases, and the general public can access the geospatial imagery you provide without needing specialized technology.
Serve Up and Share High-Resolution Data Anywhere
Express Server allows any device or connection to access the raster files and LiDAR point clouds you serve up. Industry-standard protocols assure compatibility with virtually all GIS applications, so no special training is needed.

GeoViewer Pro
All-in-one GIS image viewer for MrSID files, raster imagery, LiDAR point cloud data, vector imagery, and more.
Универсальный просмотрщик изображений ГИС для файлов MrSID, растровых изображений, данных лидарных облаков точек, векторных изображений и многого другого.

GeoViewer Pro is a standalone, multipurpose geographic information system (GIS) image viewer that enables you to work with a variety of file types. You can display and explore MrSID files, raster imagery, LiDAR point clouds, and vector overlays all with one powerful tool.
This GIS data viewer enables you to customize display settings, connect to online basemaps, combine local data with WMS and JPIP sources, export imagery, save projects, and enjoy advanced display options like dynamic range adjustments.
Customize, Explore, Connect, and Share
Tweak settings by layer to ensure that each image displays exactly how you want. Select image bands for multispectral images, adjust dynamic range setting for 16-bit images, and more.
Explore LiDAR point clouds: LAS, LAZ, and MrSID Gen 4 (MG4) point clouds in 3-D mode or 2-D mode. You can select color gradients to customize your LiDAR experience and visualize elevation changes. Connect to WMS and JPIP servers. Browse images and display on the same map. Create a new image from layers and export the area you’ve selected. Or export an entire map. You can even customize your image output size and resolution.
LizardTech is now Extensis
This GIS image viewer is the most current version of the program formerly known as LizardTech GeoViewer, which we are continually improving to meet your needs.
Take Your Work Anywhere
You can use GeoViewer Pro on the go with your mobile device. View, pan, and zoom high-resolution imagery easily. Open layers, measure distances, plot GPS points, and take advantage of other available tools. Get the app through the Apple Store or Google Play
Do More With GeoViewer Pro
GeoViewer Pro offers advanced features for greater precision and enhanced analysis.Take advantage of superior projection and printing options, the ability to create image tiles during export, and more.

Suitcase TeamSync
Work Better With Cloud-Based Font Management. ync
Лучше Работайте С Облачным Управлением Шрифтами

Share Fonts Across Teams With a Cloud-Based Font Manager
Make sure everyone has the right fonts with Suitcase TeamSync. Now your in-house team, freelancers, publishers, and print production can all access the fonts they need to complete their projects with confidence. Suitcase TeamSync is intuitive, cloud-hosted font sharing optimized for remote and distributed teams.

Universal Type Server
A Powerful Font Server and Manager for Enterprise Needs. сального Типа
Мощный сервер шрифтов и менеджер для корпоративных нужд

he Enterprise Font Management Solution For Everybody
Whether it’s teams that need to have shared access to fonts globally or a company that needs to improve font compliance and spending, Universal Type Server (UTS) is a comprehensive enterprise font management solution, chosen by respected organizations like SANDOW, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and mcgarrybowen.
UTS is designed to tackle the challenges faced by creative agencies, media, print, packaging, and publishing organizations as well as fashion, retail, and brand owners who must deliver consistent typography across creative assets. This robust font server improves workflow and supports compliance — so you can focus on achieving lasting results.

LiDAR Compressor
Point cloud data goes from staggering to manageable when LiDAR files are compressed to the MrSID format. Сжатие формата LiDAR к формату MrSID.
Among the GIS applications that support the MrSID format is LiDAR Analyst, the premier feature extraction solution for airborne LiDAR data. LiDAR Analyst allows geospatial analysts to automatically extract 3-D objects such as bare earth, trees or buildings. LiDAR Analyst, and the MrSID format, are used daily by military forces, federal agencies, local governments, academic institutions and GIS service providers worldwide.

Add features and support to your existing browser or operating system to quickly and easily work with MrSID files and point cloud datasets and speed up image delivery and display.
Available Plug-ins:
ExpressView Browser Plug-in
This plug-in (formerly the MrSID Browser Plug-in) is free for individual use and enables you to view MrSID® and JPEG 2000 images natively in standard Windows Web browsers. The intuitive graphic user interface allows you to view, magnify, measure, print and save images.
LizardTech MG4 Plug-in for ArcGIS Desktop
This plug-in, available for ArcGIS Desktop 10.0, adds support for MrSID Generation 4 files to ESRI’s desktop products. Note MrSID Generation 4 files are natively supported in ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 and newer and do not require this plug-in.
MrSID Windows Explorer Shell
This free tool allows you to add a column to your Windows Explorer that will show the current version (MrSID Generation 2, Generation 3, or Generation 4) of your MrSID files.
MrSID plug-in for CARIS
This plug-in installs onto an existing installation of your CARIS product and allows you to add MrSID imagery created using LizardTech’s GeoExpress directly into a local CARIS application. CARIS created this free plug-in to enable users to share massive amounts of imagery across an organization with minimal use of system resources. Requires Microsoft Windows.

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