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Extensis (ex. LizardTech)

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2016-10-20

Extensis (ex. LizardTech)

https://www.lizardtech.com/ https://www.extensis.com/

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LizardTech обеспечил инновационные программные продукты для управления, доступа и распределения серьезных, картографических данных с высоким разрешением, таких как воздушное и спутниковое формирование изображений и данные LiDAR. LizardTech вел технологию MrSID, мощный основанный на небольшой волне кодер изображения, средство просмотра и формат файла. Формат MrSID поддерживается во всех главных ГИС-приложениях.
For more than two decades, LizardTech hasdeliveredinnovative software products for managing, accessing and distributing massive, high-resolution geospatial data such as aerial and satellite imagery and LiDAR data. LizardTech pioneered the MrSID technology, a powerful wavelet-based image encoder, viewer and file format. The MrSID format is supported in all major GIS applications.
LizardTech has offices in Seattle, Denver, London, and Tokyo and is a business name of Celartem Technology Inc.

Compress massive geospatial data files to save storage space, time, and money. Pixels add up. But image-quality is critical when you're dealing with geospatial data. GeoExpress shrinks images and data files to 5 percent of their original size while retaining the integrity of the originals.In Ville de Sherbrooke in Quebec, police and fire vehicles can access years’ worth of critical GIS data while on the go. In-vehicle data terminals are updated while cars and trucks are parked in the garage and undergoing maintenance, but that much data usually takes up a lot of space – and a lot of bandwidth on the network. Thanks to GeoExpress, the city saves time, money and space with compressed datasets, and police and fire personnel are able to receive critical data sooner. When comparing third-party one-time compression options with GeoExpress, the city found that the GeoExpress compressed images had higher quality. The city initially saved thousands, and will continue to save as it utilizes GeoExpress to compress future datasets.
LizardTech GeoExpress – программное решение для сжатия растровых изображений в наиболее популярные и эффективные компактные форматы: MrSID и JPEG 2000 (соответствующий стандартам ISO). GeoExpress обладает инструментами для редактирования геоданных, балансировки цветов, компрессии в заданной области и создания мозаики из снимков с различным разрешением.

Express Server
Access geospatial images quickly and easily from any device or connection. Get geospatial images when and where you need them. Express Server uses patented compression technology to reduce storage costs, decrease image load times and handle thousands of image requests without sacrificing quality.Using GeoExpress and Express Server, the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) compressed image files from 3 terabytes to 190 gigabytes, then transferred the files to be available via MapViewer to support military in Iraq and Afghanistan. A project originally estimated at three months (45 minutes per gigabyte) was finished in just three weeks, saving the AFSOC 1,700 man hours.

Quickly and easily view MrSid imagery and just about everything else. See it when you need it. Use our free feature-packed GIS viewer to display and explore imagery in a wide range of file formats or upgrade to GeoViewer Pro to access advanced functionality.
LizardTech GeoViewer Professional
GeoViewer - утилита для просмотра высококачественных спутниковых снимков Земли, содержащих векторные слои, файлов MrSID и JPEG2000. Также GeoViewer поддерживает отображение и экспорт слоёв из разнообразных источников локальных, каталогов Express Server, серверов JPIP и WMS. Программа совместима с множеством форматов ввода а также экспортирует данные в форматы GeoTIFF, PNG и JPEG. Это самое лучшее средство для просмотра графических растровых форматов MrSID и JPEG2000.

LiDAR Compressor
Point cloud data goes from staggering to manageable when LiDAR files are compressed to the MrSID format. Сжатие формата LiDAR к формату MrSID.
Among the GIS applications that support the MrSID format is LiDAR Analyst, the premier feature extraction solution for airborne LiDAR data. LiDAR Analyst allows geospatial analysts to automatically extract 3-D objects such as bare earth, trees or buildings. LiDAR Analyst, and the MrSID format, are used daily by military forces, federal agencies, local governments, academic institutions and GIS service providers worldwide.

Add features and support to your existing browser or operating system to quickly and easily work with MrSID files and point cloud datasets and speed up image delivery and display.
Available Plug-ins:
ExpressView Browser Plug-in
This plug-in (formerly the MrSID Browser Plug-in) is free for individual use and enables you to view MrSID® and JPEG 2000 images natively in standard Windows Web browsers. The intuitive graphic user interface allows you to view, magnify, measure, print and save images.
LizardTech MG4 Plug-in for ArcGIS Desktop
This plug-in, available for ArcGIS Desktop 10.0, adds support for MrSID Generation 4 files to ESRI’s desktop products. Note MrSID Generation 4 files are natively supported in ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 and newer and do not require this plug-in.
MrSID Windows Explorer Shell
This free tool allows you to add a column to your Windows Explorer that will show the current version (MrSID Generation 2, Generation 3, or Generation 4) of your MrSID files.
MrSID plug-in for CARIS
This plug-in installs onto an existing installation of your CARIS product and allows you to add MrSID imagery created using LizardTech’s GeoExpress directly into a local CARIS application. CARIS created this free plug-in to enable users to share massive amounts of imagery across an organization with minimal use of system resources. Requires Microsoft Windows.

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