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DelPat - Drilling and Rock Blasting Software

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2021-01-09

Главная / ПО для геологов, горняков, буровиков / Каталог / DelPat

DelPat - Drilling and Rock Blasting Software


Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

Справка - http://www.delpat.com/wp-content/uploads/Manualen/index.html?page=material-characteristics.html

Буровые работы, морское бурение, горные работы, взрывные работы, сейсмика.
DelPat is an engineering software for drilling and blasting design, planning and analysis in open-pits. Benefits are accurate drilling, better blasting, requested fragment size distribution and low costs.

DelPat features:

In this section, the effects of ground parameters on drilling and blasting operations are monitored
We do not want such a detailed geological or rock mechanical research about ground materials. Only to enter the effective values for drilling and blasting is required.
This section contains six different sub-sections:
• Hardness and Density (ton/m3)
• Joint orientation
• Water in borehole
• Rock mass
• Joint spacing
• Rock type
Fragment Size Distribution
The expected result from an efficient blasting is to have the desired particle size distribution, to obtain a homogeneous and well-shifted stack.
The fragment size distribution of blasted material is important both in terms of the selection of loading, hauling, crushing equipment and thickness of rock fill.
In this section the fragment size of the blasted material to be specified is the product that you require after the blasting process that DelPat will calculate according to this parameters.
Required parameters for definition:
• Passing size (10-150 cm)
• Percentage by weight (5 – 99%)
Drills are the main machinery for drilling and blasting operations. There are many different models or types in the market. Importantly is to find the most suitable drills type for the project.
Some of the features that we need to know at drills before preparing the blasthole:
• Dimensions of the machine
• Climbing ability
• Hole diameters (mm)
• Drilling/Rate speed (m/h, m/min)
• Fuel consumption (l/hr)
• Environmental impact
In this section, database of many drills is available. You can add new drills or change some features of the existing drills.
Many different trademarks and types of civil explosives are available in the market. The important thing is to identify the most useful.
Some important features:
• If there is water in blastholes, water resistance feature is necessary
• Detonation velocity (m/sec) according to the structure of ground (hard or soft)
• The dimensions (diameter x length) for cartridge explosives
• Simplicity of transportation and of storage options
• Delay adequacy of detonators
• Unit price ($/kg, $/, $/m)
In this section, database of many explosives is available. You can add new explosive or change some features of the existing explosives.
Many type of drilling- blasting reports are available in DelPat. Also, by using the simple filter feature, the existing reports can be customized.
Several ready reports:
• Drilling reports (summary or detail)
• Explosive reports (summary or detail)
• Drilling pattern reports
• Specific drilling or specific charge reports as a function of the hole diameter
• Drilling or blasting cost reports as a function of the hole diameter
• Unit cost reports
• Project comparison reports
• Project organization reports
• Reports for daily records of blasting (summary or in detail)
• Reports for daily records of drills (summary or in detail)
In this section, the plan layout of DelPat-prepared blasting area with the blastholes is shown.
What can be done in this section:
• Border of blasting place can be changed (rectangular shape can’t be changed)
• Location of the blastholes in the plan can be changed
• New blastholes on plan can be added
• Blastholes can be deleted
• Blastholes can be copied
• Ground level and subdrill of blastholes can be changed (in this case lenght of blasthole changes)
• Delay number for blastholes can be edited
• According to the delay pattern structure an animation of the blasting model can be watched
• Circular effective area and effective burden of the blasholes can be calculted
• The amount of pouring explosive in any blasthole can be edited
• Finally, the seismic impact of all the changes made in this section can be traced in the graphical form or at the maximum amount of explosive per delay table
Load Terrain
n this section, a terrain file with a topographic measurement can be opened and the prepared blasting model can be added to a desired point. When placing terrain models, base elevation should be entered . The difference between the ground base elevation and the top terrain elevation determines the depth of the hole. The amount of explosives inside each blasthole depends on the depth of the blasthole.
What can be done in this section:
• Terrain topographic measurement values can be monitored (No, X, Y, Z coordinates)
• Each blasting location on the area can be evaluated
• Blastholes in each blasting locations can be monitored (No, X, Y, Depth)
• Reference information appears in the corner of each blasted location (No, Ref.X, Ref.Y, Ref.Z) by double-clicking a pop-up window with several detailed informations appears
• A 3D view or contour line view of terrain and blasting area area can be monitored
In this section, values calculated by DelPat and field vibration measurements and distance values are shown:
• Maximum amout of explosives per delay (kg/delay) (calculated by the DelPat, can be edited)
• Rock factor (calculated by the DelPat can be edited)
• PVS (mm/sec) (measured,can be changed)
• Distance between measurement points by blasting site (m)
• SD (m/kg ^ 1/2), distance value with scaling factor (automatic calculted after entering the values)
• After entering all measured values into the table,PVS – SD graphic representation is shown
• Also, graphical view of “PVS – Distance” with maximum charge per delay and the changeable rock factor values is shown

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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