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Sensors & Software EKKO_Project™ Software

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2018-04-27

Sensors & Software EKKO_Project™ Software

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Sensors & Software manufactures instrumentation, including ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems, to deliver subsurface imaging solutions to customers worldwide. Understanding what lies beneath the surface of materials like soil, rock, rubble, pavement, concrete, water, ice and snow opens endless possibilities. Our subsurface imaging solutions empower informed decision-making.
Sensors & Software обеспечение производят инструментовку, включая системы наземного радара проникновения (GPR), чтобы обеспечить решения для отображения недр клиентам во всем мире. Понимание, что находится ниже поверхности материалов как почва, скала, щебень, мостовая, бетон, вода, лед и снег, открывает бесконечные возможности. Наши решения для отображения недр уполномочивают информированное принятие решений.

Программное обеспечение:

EKKO_Project™ Software
EKKO_Project is the all-inclusive software solution for managing, displaying, processing and interpreting GPR data.
EKKO_Project - комплексный программный продукт для управления, показа, обработки и интерпретации данные GPR.

Once the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data collection in the field is complete, the next step is to pull out the key information and images and generate a final report.
The EKKO_Project software makes complex GPR analysis easy with intuitive tools to organize, edit, process and plot your GPR data. Powerful visualization, analysis and integration tools allow you to quickly and easily produce impressive reports.
EKKO_Project: From field to finished report
EKKO_Project consists of a base program with optional modules. The base package provides file organization, quick visualization of your project information in a single window and automated reporting.
EKKO_Project works with project .gpz files automatically exported from current GPR systems. An embedded database structure allows all GPR data and ancillary files (GPS, topography, photos, notes, etc.) to be housed in a single .gpz file for a specific project. A project file could contain a single GPR line or several hundred lines from a complex survey. Legacy .dt1 and .hd files can also be imported. Any available project information can easily be added to the .gpz file, providing a single point for all your survey information.
The main user interface consists of a number of window panes to provide an overview of the project.
Ekko Project
Project Explorer:
Displays all Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) lines and grids in the project
GPR lines can be grouped into linesets or grids
Add, copy, delete and rename data
Select multiple GPR lines for batch processes
Line preview:
Display the ground penetrating radar (GPR) line selected in Project Explorer.
GPS, topography, photos, videos, voice recordings, field notes, sketch maps, etc.
Layer view:
Select layers to display in MapView and Line Preview
Data acquisition parameters:
All data file attributes are immediately visible, including date of collection, system type, survey type, postioning and advanced parameters.
MapView displays:
Grid lines
GPS paths
Flags added in the field
Field and Point interpretations
Depth slices generated by data acquisition hardware or processed with SliceView
Slice through all grids simultaneously, regardless of orientation
GPR Lines and Grids appear in correct location and orientation
Define Project to Global coordinates
Correct GPS for offsets from the GPR sensor
Create superior deliverables with your company logo easily using the GPR summary report button. Combine screenshots of your data and attached photographs to quickly document your insights.
Or output data files in a spreadsheet (.csv), Google Earth (.kmz) or AutoCAD (.dxf) format listing fiducials and interpretations that are easily imported by GIS, CAD and other software.
EKKO_Project Optional Modules
LineView Module
Modify and display GPR lines and export images in a number of graphic formats.
Plot GPR lines and adjust view settings.
Interpretation Module
The Interpretation Module provides all the functionality of EKKO_Interp along with the reporting and file management of EKKO_Project.
GIS and Google Earth
Interpretation Module: Add interpretations to GPR Lines and plot in MapView, GIS or Google Earth™.
SliceView Module
Process grids and line data into depth slices to visualize underground objects. Export 3D volume data into 3D visualization programs.
Depth slice to visualize underground objects
SliceView Module: depth slice to visualize underground objects.
SliceView 3D Visualization
SliceView supports 3D volume data in HDF and CSV file formats for easy use in third-party 3D visualization programs such as Voxler.
Processing Module
Filter, migrate and edit GPR lines to emphasize targets.
GPR data processing: Average Time Amplitude Plot, Average Frequency Spectrum Plot, Trac Plot
GPR data processing: Average Time Amplitude Plot, Average Frequency Spectrum Plot, Trac Plot
The complete EKKO_Project Suite with Interpretation, SliceView, and Processing Modules represents a new realm of GPR data analysis. The Interpretation Module provides all the functionality of EKKO_Interp along with the reporting and file management of EKKO_Project.
Bridge Deck Condition Report Module
The Bridge Deck Condition Report outputs in a report, a GPR Response Amplitude map image and the statistical summary of all the picked rebar in a reinforced concrete structure.
Pavement Structure Report Module
The Pavement Structure Report module outputs in a report, the pavement thickness charts of all the layers added to the GPR Lines.

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