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SES -Stoner Engineering Software

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2024-01-29

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SES -Stoner Engineering Software


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Геонавигация в скважинах - geosteering программное обеспечение. Стратиграфия_колонки_бурение_отслеживание_навигация.

Petroleum engineering behind diagrams matter. No other software replicates the 3D-logic engines in SES or the subtle, but critically-helpful geosteering interpretation features. Seriously, none have even one of its three industry-unique 3D directional drilling enabling technologies! SES is like the scalpel in your toolbox of oil & gas apps, 3D-slicing exactly where it matters and exposing drilling & reservoir knowledge like no other tool in its class.
Well log correlation in SES exclusively operates with 3D logic and beds oriented in true stratigraphic depth directions. It's more accurate, intuitive, and applies when drilling any-angle payzone and while the wellbore turns in map view. And because of SES THD, distinct cross sections and analyses—in the MD domain instead of the projected-into-2D vertical section domain—are entirely made possible. Every wellbore is 3D!
Get better results with superior, proven engineering. Multiple 1000s of ***people*** have geosteered with SES since it debuted in 2006 and disrupted the 2D geosteering software market. SES is continually improved based on enduring industry feedback and uncommon oil & gas experience.

Программное обеспечение:

SES is 3D-Logic Directional HAHZ Drilling Software

Stoner Engineering Software
SES is for geologists who are dissatisfied with drafting or gridding-tool methods of geosteering. SES is 3D technical geosteering software that makes wellbore stratigraphic tracking quick-n-easy, accurate, and easily shared. Unlike any other geosteering software, SES provides a complete suite of software features to handle much of your horizontal drilling needs.
SES is horizontal and directional well bore drilling software...from pre-spud well planning with geologic model data integration through landing and 3D technical geosteering / stratigraphic interpretation while drilling or post drilling. Includes the 3DStratBlock technical geosteering method with Relative Stratigraphic Depth (RSD) signal mapping, traditional 3D/2D well planning, survey calcs, Technical Hole Deviation (THD) calcs, THD logs, steering guidance from patented Fuzzy Logic control technology, and advanced visual geosteering interpretation tools using LWD (gamma radiation, resistivity, etc.) and other data.
SES is practical oil & gas drilling software with advanced yet easy-to-use tools to determine:
WHERE your horizontal wellbore is stratigraphically located, AND;
HOW to steer to or through your payzone (pre-spud/live well planning, & steering guidance)
Geologic earth models are great for horizontal well planning (and easily entered/viewed in SES), but, for real-time operations, constant and intelligent interpretation of virgin data is critical to maximize effective payzone penetration at minimal cost. Interpretation of the new data subsequently refines the full-field geologic earth model.
Whether geosteering live or enhancing your geologic model to help explain horizontal well production/injection flow behaviors, you can do it and much more with SES. Horizontal drilling absolutely is exploration, but only when you look and analyze carefully do you find what's clearly there!
SES Technical Geosteering provides a quantitative estimate of the payzone formation location in 3D space along the drilled wellbore path. The location and frequency of faults may also be identified, which can have multiple impacts on future development and remediation activities.
Technical Hole Deviation (THD) enables seeing the well plan, survey, Grid data, and geosteered beds, all together in the ***MD*** domain; thereby fully eliminating projection-dependent distortion issues. Through THD Technology, SES provides unsurpassed mathematical incorporation of real-time directional well planning and surveying for most-informed decision making. SES includes a one-of-a-kind Fuzzy Logic based directional steering advisory & monitoring system to further help execute enhanced directional steering & reservoir navigation.
SES exploits friendly database technology to produce an experience like no other, with respect to directional steering data management, visualization, navigation, monitoring, and geologic interpretation.
The odds--of knowing where the payzone is, while drilling or post-drilling--are maximized with SES. SES is industry's most advanced fully integrated directional planning and execution 3D technical geosteering software available and the only software that operates with 3DStratBlocks and RSD (Relative Stratigraphic Depth) signal mapping, and THD Technology.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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