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AGI Systems

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2021-01-04

Главная / ГИС/GIS / Каталог / AGI Systems

AGI Systems


Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

At AGI, we’ve been crafting breakthroughs since 1989. Our software is integral to the success of hundreds of organizations throughout the aerospace, defense, and telecommunications industries — among others. Some of the most important air, space, and defense programs of the past 30 years have relied on the products we build. We are like no other company on Earth. So how do we do all that?
Software for digital mission engineering
Deliver faster by bringing all the domains of the operational environment into every phase of the life cycle — engineering, testing, operations — using digital modeling, simulation, and analysis.
Программное обеспечение AGI системы Набор инструментов Набор инструментов, который ранее был известен как спутник, пачкой продукта компании AGI Analytical Graphics, Inc известна под названием СТК и был создан в 1989 году. Это приложение инженеры возможности анализировать землю, море, воздух, пространство и одновременно воздух. Базовое программное обеспечение для анализа и решения проблем, связанных с вращением вокруг спутника Земли. Программное обеспечение в настоящее время используется в аэрокосмической и военной промышленности.
Используется программное обеспечение 800 организаций, таких, как НАСА, ЕКА, КНЕС, DLR, Boeing, JAXA, ИСРО, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, EADS, DOD, и Гражданский Воздушный Патруль.

Systems Tool Kit (STK)
The most important thing on your desktop.
Systems Tool Kit (STK) is a platform for analyzing and visualizing complex systems in the context of your mission. Interact with data from platforms across the aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and other industries. Simulate your intended missions and communicate the results with reports, graphs, and stunning 3D animations. That’s what STK is.
If you work with engineered systems – design them, build them, test them, operate them – STK can be the most important thing on your desktop. Start with the core analytical and visualization capabilities of STK Professional. Add the STK Systems Bundle to increase the fidelity of your engineering environment with enhanced physics models and integration options. Tailor the functions at your disposal by adding domain-specific capabilities with STK Specialized Modules. Collaborate with your entire organization with Enterprise Applications. Smooth the connections in your workflows, adapt capabilities from other applications, and integrate data formats with Developer Tools.
The whole myriad of roles and life cycle phases in your organization and its programs, equipped with exactly the right tool for their work – and it’s the same tool. In the end, STK will be everything you need it to be.
STK Product Families
STK Specialized Modules
Add mission-specific depth to STK with sophisticated modeling, simulation, and analysis capabilities for any domain.
STK Systems Bundle
Enhance STK with advanced analysis features, integration capabilities, and terrain and imagery.
Enterprise Applications
Break down silos, facilitate collaboration, and accelerate computations.
Developer Tools
Extend your existing software or create custom applications with AGI technology.

Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK)
Process tracking data and generate orbit ephemeris with realistic covariance.
With Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK) you can process a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional measurements using a state-of-the-art optimal sequential filter and matched smoother to generate orbits with realistic covariance. Combine diverse sets of measurement types into one seamless result. Track objects from the ground, space, sea, and air using any kind of phenomenology – operator ranging, GNSS, optical and RF angles, time difference of arrival and frequency difference of arrival, space based optical, and more.
Related Products
ODTK Space Situational Awareness
Reverse engineer spacecraft maneuvers, and examine and correct observation association problems.
Space Event Generator (SEG)
Simulate space events for Test, Training, and Exercise (TTX) support.
Space Object Threat Assessment (SOTA)
Assess satellite risk and vulnerability.

Evaluation Tool Kit (TETK)
Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of test and evaluation activities.
Test and Evaluation Tool Kit (TETK) improves the efficiency and effectiveness of test and evaluation activities across the digital engineering product life cycle. With TETK, you can build and validate detailed test plans, monitor test execution, and rapidly analyze post-test results. Model your missions across multiple domains including aircraft, satellites, missiles, maritime and ground vehicles, and ground facilities. Communicate the results with reports, graphs, dynamic displays, and accurate 3D visualization. Watch our videos for more information or email tetk_info@agi.com to request an exploratory session with our team.

How will you know if your digital twin interacts with other systems and the operational environment in a way that satisfies performance requirements?
You won’t - unless you execute your MBSE architectures in a way that synchronizes time across systems and embeds environmental calculations in the flow of your state machines.
Moxie is a set of capabilities that integrates your MBSE artifacts with environment analysis tools to create time-synchronized, event-based, executable architectures. Moxie simulates and evaluates interactions between your models and their common operating environment to predict mission outcomes and assess system performance.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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Добавил: Алексей (samus-alex@yandex.ru) в 20 Apr 2022 20:11:20
Есть полная версия Ansys STK v.12.4 with EOIR and Analyzer + ODTK. Требуется таблетка от жадности Администратор: Есть люди, делают..Но очень не дёшево!
Добавил: Sergei (0606848@gmail.com) в 10 Oct 2021 1:08:49
Нужен AGI Systems Tool Kit (STK) 12.1 пролеченный полный Администратор: Ответил на мылр...
Добавил: Виталий (vitaliy.kruglov@gmail.com) в 03 Mar 2020 11:26:05
Добрый день, ищу Intel System Tool Kit (STK) Администратор: Ответил на мыло..Есть варианты!

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