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RocPro3D software

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2021-07-12

Главная / ПО для гидрогеологов, гидрологов, инженерных геологов / Каталог / RocPro3D

RocPro3D software


Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

The RocPro3D software is a professional application that simulates rock falls in three dimensions. It provides everything that was missing to the engineer for the accurate definition of risk areas with respect to rockfall hazards and for preliminary design of protections to implement. Программное обеспечение RocPro3D - профессиональное приложение, которое моделирует обвалы в трех измерениях. Это обеспечивает все, что отсутствовало инженеру для точного определения областей риска относительно опасностей камнепада и для предварительного дизайна мер защиты, чтобы осуществить.

Logiciel RocPro3D - трехмерное программное обеспечение для моделирования trajectography обвалов и для помощи дизайну защиты.
RocPro3D is a three-dimensional software for trajectography modeling of rock falls and for assisting protection design. It has been marketed since 2005.
RocPro3D uses a probabilistic approach reflecting both changes in shape of blocks, in soil characteristics and in the terrain irregularities.
Our powerful grid computing algorithms allows:
• definition of various soils with different geomechanical characteristics
• definition of several initial starting lines or areas for rock fall simulations
• instantaneous calculations with hundreds of non-homogenous blocks
• visualization of trajectories through cross-sections in 2D or 3D view
• visualization of digitalized maps for DTM rendering
• determination of true zones of risks
• positioning of protection works

Our easy to use front end will allow you to be productive in quick delays:
• building a terrain from scratch, starting with a scanned image, is a 20 minutes process. And it is easy to add/remove mesh points at each step of your study,
• importing a TXT, CSV or DXF files (AUTOCAD data, ARCVIEW data,...) is even faster. You can also import DEM, PLY, 3DS and STL files.
Moreover a mesh is quickly built using a modified Delaunay algorithm, which can be constrained with level curves or other boundary conditions.
Elevation models can also be defined from a simple cross section, by entering topographic coordinates and a width for extruding this cross-sectional area.

Integrating soil parameters is a "one" click process :
• creation of various soils with their physical characteristics (Rn, Rt, angle variations of horizontal and vertical rebound, sliding coefficient, random parameters and distribution method, color...)
• assignment of a soil to each triangle of the mesh. This process is fully managed with a simple mouse click or region boundaries selection

RocPro3D is articulated on four interactive windows for analysing results, which allows to see :
• cartographic 2D & 3D views
• cross-section views, with data on each impact point (coordinates, soils, angle and speed before and after rebound…), and variation of block energies along trajectories
• perpendicular views across trajectories, with height & energy data when blocks were stopped by your defined protection works
• curves and statistical graphs & plots for height and energies
• Percentage & location of blocks reaching your protections and other useful informations
• maps of energy, class energy, height of blocks, velocity, travel time of blocks, trajectory density, impacts and stopping points

The dimensioning of protection works is very easy using RocPro3D.
Create a protection work by simply drawing a line catching block trajectories (blue line), and specify a height.
In the 3D view, the trajectories catched by your protection do not pass through, and are traced so you can instantly see and analyze the results while varying the height and the position (simple drag the line in the 2D view).
in the block energies view, all the catched trajectories are represented by a point in a XZ plotting representation.
The ground is also drawn by a topographic line. Finally the color variation of points indicate the energy intensity.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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