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PHDWin is a full-featured, completely integrated economics and decline curve software package written by petroleum engineers for the oil and gas industry. It offers a complete solution to manage, organize, and evaluate reserves and economics.PHDWin - это полнофункциональный, полностью интегрированный пакет программного обеспечения по экономике и кривизне, написанный нефтяными инженерами для нефтегазовой отрасли. Она предлагает комплексное решение для управления, организации и оценки резервов и экономики.

Flexible modeling available for almost any country including U.S., Canadian and international assets. Before and after tax calculations are included. Cases can be projected in any volume convention and economics reported in the volume and currency convention of choice.
Flexible Economics
Advanced modeling for prices, expenses, taxes and royalties
Link to common price, expense, tax or royalty models
Sophisticated ownership modeling
Automated group reversions
Multiple ownership decks
Advanced reporting for combining ownership at report time
Create custom product, revenue, expense and tax streams
Investment grouping and tracking for capital budgeting
Unparalleled Automated Group Calculations
Dynamic Linking
International and Custom Modeling
Forecasting Tools
Our graphics module is unsurpassed in its ease-of-use and quality of output. Economic results are displayed immediately on a graph after any modification to either the forecast or economic variables.
Truly Integrated Decline Curves
PHDWin instantaneously displays the results of any economic or forecast change on any graph. Results such as cumulative discounted cash flow, estimated ultimate recovery, final economic limit date, cum production values, and important header data are dynamically displayed without re-running economics.
Easy-to-Manage Decline Curves
Presentation Quality Graphics
Gas Material Balance
Volumetric Calculator
Estimate Reserves
Companies need to know how much they have already produced, how much is left to produce, and the total estimated economic recovery. PHDWin provides over 60 canned reports, including some reports that comply with both SEC and NI51-101 guidelines.
What-If Scenarios
riskandscenarios Our intuitive interface makes sensitivity analysis manageable and easy.
Group prices, expenses, and taxes into scenarios to quickly and easily run sensitivity analysis
Analyze incremental economics through easy to manage, automated case subtraction
Risk analysis can be performed through the Risk Tree or through case or volume multipliers, or a combination of the three
Prospect Evaluation
Use normalized data to create type curves
Use the Prospect Generator to marry basic well data with type curves to create flexible drilling schedule
Dynamic dates make moving drilling schedule easy and fast
Economic scenarios allow for instant sensitivity analysis
International Economics
Comprehensive U.S., Canadian, and international economics for both before and after income tax considerations are available. We have modeled economics in over 40 countries/areas of the world. (See map.)
Domestic tax regimes and international fiscal regimes can be modeled within a single database. Each case can be worked in its native units, currency, and economical model. At report time, a common currency and unit convention may be selected for individual and summary reports. All unit conventions and currency conversions are handled by PHDWin at report time.
Report Results
Choose from one of 60 default report formats that come standard with the program. Roll-ups and summaries are easy to define and automate. Make informed business decisions based upon Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, and Return on Investment.
Position your company ahead in today’s fast-paced environment with easy and clear presentations of results. PHDWin offers the most sophisticated reporting in an easy to use interface. Success is easily achieved with features like:
Over 60 default report templates included
Supports all conventional economic indicators
Cases input in different volume conventions and currencies can be reported in the currency and convention of choice
Simple to control summaries and subtotals for even the most complicated reports
Full Canadian NI 51-101 reporting supported
Create custom MS Access Queries and Reports to run from PHDWin
Full access to reporting database makes it easy to implement data visualization tools such a Rosetta, Spotfire, and Tableau
Create and Share Projects
Create unlimited PHDWin projects and share data with ease. Our .phz transfer file provides full transparency of all economic inputs and results. The .phz file is also useful for creating backups and corporate archives.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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