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Mine Ventilation Services (MVS)/SRK Consulting (VnetPC™, MineFIRE™ ,ClimSIM™,DuctSIM™)

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2021-01-08

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Mine Ventilation Services (MVS)/SRK Consulting (VnetPC™, MineFIRE™ ,ClimSIM™,DuctSIM™)


Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

Программные продукты для вентиляции.
MVS utilizes other popular Ventilation software products such as Ventsim™ and VUMA™
Mine Ventilation Services (MVS), a NEW business unit of SRK Consulting (U.S.), Inc. is an engineering consulting firm that specializes in subsurface ventilation and environmental engineering. MVS has been providing engineering services and computer software to the mining and tunneling industries since 1983.
Development of computer software (VnetPC™, MineFIRE™ and ClimSIM™)

Программное обеспечение:

VNet - симулятор вентиляционной сети, предназначенный для оказания помощи персоналу в планировании подземных систем вентиляции.
VNet is a ventilation network simulator designed to assist personnel in the planning of underground ventilation systems. Adapted from VnetPC, VNet aims to be the most user-friendly, economical choice in the industry for ventilation planning.
VNet provides a numerical simulation of a subsurface ventilation network based on mine layouts, airway dimensions or measured resistances, and the location and characteristic curves of fans. VNet provides visual and tabular results including:
Branch Airflows
Frictional Pressure Drops
Airway Resistance
Air Power Losses in Airways
Ventilation Cost of Each Airway
Fan Operating Points (Pressures and Airflows)
Duties of Required Regulators and Booster Fans

MineFire - программное обеспечение для моделирования потока огня и газа MineFire - пакет программ на базе Windows, который сочетает в себе полезность кода MFire бывшего Бюро шахт США с представлением данных Windows, а также удобство для пользователя и надежность программы VnetPC.

MineFire is a Fire and Gas Flow Simulation Software MineFire is a Windows-based package of programs that combines the utility of the former US Bureau of Mines' MFire code with Windows data representation, and the user-friendliness and reliability of the VnetPC program. MineFire allows the user to simulate fires, heat flow, contaminant flow, and/or natural ventilation in underground ventilation networks using the familiar VnetPC graphical and tabular interfaces. Results are displayed both symbolically and numerically on the schematic. This gives the user flexibility in utilizing the software package as a training tool, or for other uses specific to your needs.
Some important factors to keep in mind when evaluating and using MineFire:
MineFire runs in the Windows XP/2000/NT operating systems and is designed to be used in parallel with VnetPC. Note that the MineFire program executes only the MFire calculation kernel. MVS modified this code only to increase the branch and fan limit and to allow it to compile in a Windows environment.
MineFire is based on mass-balance equations. This means that the results of identical basic models between VnetPC and MineFire may not match exactly (VnetPC is based on volume-balance).

ClimSIM - компьютерная программная программа, предназначенная для помощи инженерам шахтной вентиляции и окружающей среды в прогнозировании термодинамических и психрометрических свойств воздуха при его протекании через подземные дыхательные пути.

ClimSIM is a computer software program that is designed to aid mine ventilation and environmental engineers in the prediction of the thermodynamic and psychrometric properties of air as it flows through underground airways. The program takes into account geothermal gradient, rock thermal conductivity and diffusivity, airflow, air quality, age of the excavation, wetness of the rock surfaces and the siting and capacity of machinery and heat exchangers or other local or disseminated sources of heat and humidity.
The program has been developed to run interactively on personal computers, and in this form it has been used successfully for heat load estimation and refrigeration planning in deep metalliferous mines, intensively mechanized coal mines, potash mines and conceptual designs for proposed nuclear waste repositories. The ClimSIM program performs an analysis of heat loads on a branch by branch basis and provides a complete output of the air psychrometric conditions. Branches may be sequenced to allow a thermodynamic analysis to be performed on a network of branches, which may represent a single level or even an entire mine.

DuctSIM - это программа моделирования, предназначенная как для горнодобывающей, так и для туннельной промышленности для оказания помощи инженерам и проектировщикам в проектировании и моделировании систем вентиляторов и воздуховодов.

DuctSIM is a simulation program designed for both the mining and tunnelling industries to assist engineers and planners with the design and modelling of fan and duct systems. It provides a new user-friendly, cost-effective tool to quickly design, model, and analyze proposed or existing duct systems ranging from small secondary fan/duct installations to large series-fan systems.
According to input data, the user is able to construct models and optimize them by considering duct type and diameter, shock losses, and the number, type and spacing of fans. The program may be used for initial design, or to help troubleshoot and improve existing duct installations. It is useful in showing personnel the reasons behind a poor installation and ways to improve the system, resulting in safer working conditions.
Applications and Uses
In any type of subsurface excavation, auxiliary ventilation systems represent a critical component of the overall ventilation scheme. Without adequate secondary ventilation it is impossible to provide sufficient air to dead-end headings, no matter what the quantity or quality of air at the duct inlet. In modern mining and tunneling, face ventilation problems are compounded by the large amounts of mechanized diesel equipment, and longer overall development. The increased use of diesel engines results in heat, gas and diesel particulate matter, and the generally deeper excavations leads to higher strata heat loads. A properly designed auxiliary ventilation system helps to alleviate these safety concerns.
DuctSIM allows engineers to visualize the auxiliary system, the airflow trend, and the pressure trend along the entire duct profile. This is extremely useful in identifying problem areas or leakage paths, and in properly locating fans based on the duct profile to maximize airflow where it is desired. Design an optimum system, or show managers or shifters where an installation is sub-standard and could be upgraded to improve working conditions.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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