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Hydrographic Software & Consultancy
BeamworX is a software
engineering and consultancy company focused on the Hydrographic Surveying and Offshore market. We are specialized in the acquisition, processing and integration of single- and multibeam echosounder data.
Our software is not for sale but made available on an annual subscription basis. This provides our clients a flexible and transparent way to use our software. BeamworX - это компания по разработке программного обеспечения и консалтингу, специализирующаяся на гидрографической съемке и оффшорном рынке. Мы специализируемся на сборе, обработке и интеграции данных однолучевых и многолучевых эхолотов.
Наше программное обеспечение не продается, но доступно по годовой подписке. Это предоставляет нашим клиентам гибкий и прозрачный способ использования нашего программного обеспечения.

Программное обеспечение:

Cleaning and validating Survey Result Data the easy way!
User-friendly and robust point cloud cleaning program for Bathymetric and Lidar point data. In times where software becomes more and more complex we present a new cleaning tool that is focused on day to day cleaning on board of survey vessels or near site. Very easy to learn, easy to operate and to install program. Due to its flexible import and export it will fit in every workflow.

Easy Online!
NavAQ is a user-friendly and versatile online navigation and data acquisition program for Single/Multibeam Echosounders/ Laser Scanners and Sidescan Sonar. Due to its flexible setup it can be used for a wide variety of tasks including:
Hydrographic Survey with Single Beam, Multibeam, Laser scanners, Sidescan Sonar.
Dredging operation on hoppers, cutters, excavators, grab dredgers etc.
Laser scanning with drones and land based vehicles.
General positioning calculation/visualization tasks both on- and offshore.

Fully automated Multibeam Echosounder and Laser Scanner patch test calculator.
Your calibration report is just a click away!
AutoPatch can be used to calibrate the mounting angles for multibeam echosounders and laser scanners. It is very easy to operate, it is fast and gives consistent and reproducible results. It is also a great tool to determine the overall quality of your survey configuration.

User-friendly Single Beam Editor!
SBEdit makes it very easy to edit Single Beam Echosounder Data (SBE) in Chart Datum with the raw acoustics as background. The background makes it easier to decide how to edit the digitized High and Low Frequencies (HF and LF).
SBEdit is an AutoClean Add-On, it is fully integrated into AutoClean.
The SBE result data is presented in Chart Datum and the raw acoustics are aligned exactly to the result, you can freely zoom around at any zoom level, the acoustics will always be presented at the correct location. The presentation of the acoustics is configurable with different color palettes and drawing order. The Grid reference layer can optionally be shown to compare the data with previous or other (multibeam) surveys.

Raw Processing
Fast processing of any type of multibeam data!
With this optional Add-On to AutoClean it is possible to directly import RAW Multibeam Echosounder files and quickly reprocess the data to survey results on any survey datum. All input parameters, Vessel and System Configuration, Sound Velocity Profiles are extracted from the raw data and can be further modified as required. The blazing fast multi-threaded reprocessing utilizes full launch angle calculation and sound velocity ray tracing leading to very accurate footprint results. User interface is kept to a strict minimum which assists novice users.

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