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Petroleum Experts (Petex)

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2018-03-15

Petroleum Experts (Petex)

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Petroleum Experts (Petex) is an engineering company which develops a set of petroleum engineering software tools. All members of the team are from a petroleum engineering or engineering software development background with extensive experience in petroleum engineering. The corporate strategy developed from this expertise and a long-term business outlook have been fundamental to the success of the company.
The company's petroleum engineering software tools enable the oil and gas industry to model dynamically their oil reservoirs, production and injection wells and surface pipeline networks as an integrated production system. The success of the business has been driven through a highly focussed and sustained drive towards incremental and measurable steps in innovation of new engineering modelling techniques. This has brought direct bottom line production gains to the client - The Oil and Gas Companies.

Our Products

The engineering solutions developed by Petex are generically known as: Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) and Digital Oil Field (IFM and IVM). All the major international oil companies have taken the IPM suite as their corporate standard. IFM was released commercially in October 2006 and has already twenty-five global clients, over 200 fields where it has been deployed and some eight of the major international companies adopting it as a corporate standard. IVM was released commercially in February 2011.
The IPM suite of tools, including GAP, PROSPER, MBAL, PVTP, REVEAL, RESOLVE and OpenServer, is the industry standard for integrated field modelling and production optimisation. Moreover the tools provide production forecasts. The IPM suite model the reservoir(s), the production and injection wells and the surface gathering system. Multiple reservoirs, naturally and artificially lifted wells, plus single and looped surface pipelines networks can be handled in an integrated way. Sophisticated non-linear global optimisation techniques are used.
Petroleum Experts moved the IPM concept forward to develop real time "IPM Field Management -IFM", integrating the market leading field modelling tools IPM with online Surveillance monitoring and Automation system, using proven engineering model based techniques for quality control of field data, field wide optimisation and day-to-day field management. This is known as the Digital Oil Field – IFM and IVM.
Petroleum Experts provides unique, best in class, engineering solutions for the oil and gas industry. This is achieved through a heavy investment in original research and development. The major oil companies have classified the IPM suite as number one technically, allowing the users to deliver significant production gains.
Компанией Петролеум Экспертс была разработана серия программ Интегрированного Моделирования Разработки (Integrated Production Modelling, IPM), которая позволяет моделировать полную систему добычи от продуктивного пласта до систем поверхностного обустройства.
Сочетая программы GAP, PROSPER, MBAL, REVEALи PVTP инженер может создавать комплексные модели месторождений. Предварительная адаптация моделей пласта, скважин и системы трубопроводов по имеющимся геолого-промысловым данным позволяет оптимизировать всю систему и использовать модель для прогноза добычи.
RESOLVE расширяет интеграцию, контроль и оптимизацию для месторождений которые включают модели пласта-коллектора и системы промысловой подготовки, выполненные в программных пакетах сторонних разработчиков.

IPM Products
Petroleum Experts (Petex) develop the Integrated Production Modelling software (IPM). IPM models the complete oil or gas production system including reservoir, wells and the surface network.
The IPM suite of tools: GAP, PROSPER, MBAL, PVTP, REVEAL and RESOLVE can be run together seamlessly, allowing the engineer to design complete field models. The models can include the reservoir tanks, all the wells and the surface gathering system. IPM can model and optimise the production and the water or gas injection system simultaneously. With the Reservoir, Wells and Complete Surface Systems model completed and the production history matched, the production system can be optimised and production forecasts run.
The unique global optimisation approach permits the engineer to determine the optimum setting to maximum production or revenue, taking account of all constraints that are set in the system. These results can then be used to implement adjustments at the field level to achieve the optimisation goals.
There are literally several thousand fields worldwide having their production managed and optimised using IPM. All common naturally flowing well configurations, including multi-lateral, whether naturally flowing or with artificial lift can be modelled and optimised together.
With the use of RESOLVE and OpenServer the IPM approach has been extended to connecting the PETEX software to third party software such as Reservoir Simulators and Process Simulators. These products form a suite of complementary tools assisting engineers to improve their reservoir simulations by describing and modelling a production system more accurately.

DOF - Digital Oil Field
Online Field Management Workflow Platform
The industry has moved in the direction of fully integrated field studies with the objectives of improving field management - production and recovery - over the life of a field. Through this, improved investment decisions can be made by integrating reservoir, production, process and facilities studies as well as economics and field maintenance models.
Petroleum Experts (Petex) has pioneered this direction with the IPM suite, which is the only fully integrated reservoir, well, surface network modelling and production optimisation system in the market today. It relies on sound engineering models at each level in the system. Petroleum Experts made a strategic decision to move this integrated field studies concept forward and to develop real time "IPM Field Management", integrating the field modelling tools with online Surveillance monitoring, Automation and client field and business management Workflows. IFM was commercialised in 2006 and has the largest growth and corporate deployment across the oil industry today.

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