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Analist Group

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2018-09-25

Analist Group

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UAV Innovative Solutions, Software, Harware. Autodesk, DJI, Pix4D, FLIR, MAPIR and Leica Geosystems Official Partner. ITALY
Analist creates Cross Sections and Profiles, Contour Lines and Orthomosaics. Analist, highly performing software, imports data from Ground Total Stations, GPS, Google Earth. Analist CLOUD is the best tool for generating survey from flights with Drones. It superbly executes point clouds management, aerial imagery processing, survey data management, excavations, cut and fill, and much more. With Analist you will work with a Professional Autodesk licensed CAD.

Analist создает Поперечные сечения и Профили, Contour Lines и Orthomosaics. Analist, высоко выполняя программное обеспечение, импортирует данные из Наземных Общих Станций, GPS, Google Earth. ОБЛАКО Analist - лучший инструмент для создания обзора от полетов с Беспилотниками. Это великолепно казнит управление облаками пункта, воздушную обработку образов, управление данными обзора, раскопки, сокращение, и заполнитесь, и многое другое. С Analist Вы будете работать с Профессионалом, Autodesk лицензировал CAD.

The new Technology based on the Point Cloud from aerial imagery (DRONE) opens up to great new opportunities in terms of execution speed and result accuracy. Whether you are interested in a Building Front estimation or whether you want to trace Cross Sections or Terrain Prospects, now , Analist CLOUD enables you to work at the highest speed with the highest level of accuracy directly on your Point Cloud. Analist CLOUD has been devised to handle huge qunatities of data and for this reason it is the ideal tool for complete management of of the Point Clouds generated following a flight with a DRONE, Laser scanner or other instrumentation with Pix4Dmapper or Autodesk Recap. With Analist CLOUD you can also produce professional Print Layouts which automatically update every time you edit your Project. Power and aesthetics together at last: present your Projects like never before.

Available in the Analist CLOUD latest version: INFRAPRO, the new module for thermographic analysis. The Analist Group Complete Drone Solution for Thermographic Inspections comes as a complete workflow. The Drone with the FLIR camera which captures thermal images, now joins Analist CLOUD with INFRAPRO, able to produce a detailed report of the critical issues with temperatures. Suitable for photovoltaic panel inspection in the identification of Hot Spots, or the single cells with a malfunction or critical issues.

Analist Survey Software Topographic Functions:
- Coordinates Transformation
- Survey Data Management
- Digital Land Modelling
- Digital Elevation Modelling
- Contour Lines
- Cross Sections and Profiles
- Map Importation from Google Earth
- Point Clouds
- Cut and Landfill
- Cadastral Maps Georeferencing
- DWG and Imagines export on Google Earth
- Garmin Surveying (Tracker)
- And much more...

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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