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Software Solutions ( Сайт не работает, возможно ПО более не поддерживается, либо перекуплено...)
No two reservoir challenges are the same, so SIGMA? offers a suite of integrated GeoEngineering software tools that combine expert knowledge with sound technical processes that provide our clients with superior, customized solutions. Supporting Real-Time Dynamic Earth Modeling (RTDM), our CRYSTAL™, Seismic Studio™, and Reservoir Geophysics solution areas work together to provide an unprecedented level of integration that spans reservoir understanding to production optimization. We provide technical training and software support for these tools along with one-on-one consulting for specific project challenges.
Никакие две проблемы водохранилища не то же самое, таким образом, СИГМА ? предлагает номер люкс интегрированных программных средств GeoEngineering, которые объединяют экспертные знания со звуковыми техническими процессами, которые предоставляют нашим клиентам превосходящие, индивидуальные решения. Поддерживая Динамическую Землю В реальном времени, Моделируя (RTDM), наш CRYSTAL™, Сейсмический Studio™ и области решения для Геофизики Водохранилища сотрудничают, чтобы обеспечить беспрецедентный уровень интеграции, которая охватывает водохранилище, понимающее к производственной оптимизации. Мы обеспечиваем техническое обучение и поддержку программного обеспечения этих инструментов наряду с консультацией один на один для определенных проблем проекта.

Seismic Studio™
Seismic Studio™ is the premier statics solution for challenging land and marine data sets where shallow subsurface velocity and geometry problems degrade the quality of seismic data. In addition, geometry problems can be identified and corrected.
2D and 3D Geometry Corrections & First Break Picking
Robust seismic processing requires accurate geometries, yet typical land and marine OBC surveys often have errors in source and/or receiver locations that can significantly degrade the integrity of the seismic data and later processing workflows. Seismic Studio interactively determines seismic geometry errors and allows the user to correct them with ease.
Interconnected windows allow the user to pick first breaks simultaneously in several sort planes. Automatic picking and guided picking speed up the process, as well as pick prediction based on analysis of sparsely picking every "Nth" source gather.
Refraction Statics
Seismic Studio provides numerous diagnostic displays for the analysis and creation of the near surface model and computation of refraction statics.

CRYSTAL™ enhances collaboration and provides a suite of integrated tools that Subsurface Geo-Engineering teams need to manage their assets most effectively. This 64-bit Windows solution provides – in a single, seamless environment – an integrated suite of tools to help you accurately plan, develop, and optimize your fields. Its core functionality is based on modules that generate high-resolution geologic models constrained by seismic and well data.
Real-time completions data and microseismic events can also be visualized and interpreted in tandem with the geologic models, well geometries, and field-scale reservoir property predictions.
Sweet-Spot Mapping
More than 70% of the world's known hydrocarbon reservoirs contain natural fracture systems, and oil companies around the world are controlling the high capital costs of drilling and completions optimization by using the Continuous Fracture Modeling (CFM™) workflow from SIGMA? to build predictive models of their reservoirs.
A key part of the integrated CRYSTAL workflow, CFM can be used to compute reservoir sweet spots, as well as predict user-defined properties across the entire geomodel. CFM leverages an advanced, proprietary neural network to find and rank correlations that exist between large volumes of well data, production data, and seismic attributes. The neural network is first trained on a subset of available wells (e.g., using "fracture indicator" logs from FMI, etc.), and then validated by testing its predictions on a separate subset of wells.
The sweet-spot mapping capabilities in CRYSTAL augment the base toolkit of attributes with maps of Young's Modulus, Poisson's Ratio, brittleness, and other key properties that impact stimulation and production. Around the world, SIGMA? has used CFM predictions to enable Subsurface GeoEngineering teams to perform field-level planning and optimization - all in the spirit of determining "Where to Drill", "Where to Frac", "How to Frac", and "Where to Invest".
Sweet-Spot Mapping can also be used in combination with the High-Resolution Imaging and Inversion package to generate detailed fracture density maps around the wellbore. In addition, CRYSTAL 4.0 can generate Discrete-Fracture Networks from CFM results. These fractures can be exported as part of the geo-cellular grid for importing into commercial reservoir simulators, such as Eclipse® and CMGTM, allowing users to forecast well- and field-scale production.

Reservoir Geophysics
Reservoir geophysics today gives drilling engineers more thorough "road maps" of the subsurface to develop and carry out the best well planning with the lowest risk. In addition, the logging while drilling tools give an updated the earth model.
SIGMA? incorporates a workflow that uses proprietary technologies to develop an industry-leading interpretation of 3D seismic data to give you an unparalleled reservoir description so you can drill with confidence. Our reservoir geophysics solution toolkit includes:
Volumetric curvature
Spectral imaging
Seismic analysis
Petrophysical analysis
Reservoir engineering
Integrated interpretation

Earth Imaging & Velocity Modeling
Details make the difference, and understanding your reservoir begins with accurate 3D imaging to define essential structure and stratigraphic information in the subsurface. SIGMA? is a leading provider of Depth Imaging software and services to the oil and gas industry. With our advanced imaging technology, we help oil and gas companies visualize accurately 3D earth structures and reduce drilling risks associated with oil and gas exploration. Oil companies lower the cost of production, provide faster delivery of oil and gas to the marketplace, and tap oil and gas from ever more challenging plays.

GeoPRO Geophysical Platform
GeoPRO™ is an integrated XML-based software platform that runs on the LINUX operating system. The platform provides a software environment that includes the VizPRO™ visualization package, VelPRO™ a unique velocity analysis and model building toolkit, as well as Kirchhoff time and depth migration and Wave Equation migration.
GeoPRO has a full parallel processing capability to allow the user to implement migrations on LINUX clusters with custom node assignment on each specific job. The platform also provides a developer environment that allows for efficient implementation of the user's own software with full linkage to the visualization environment.

VelPRO Velocity Analysis Solution
VelPRO™ is an interactive velocity, tomography and model building toolkit that provides real-time velocity analysis in time and depth domain. The time-domain analysis includes traditional semblance picking for velocity and eta, and constant velocity stack (CVS) analysis. The toolkit enables real-time creation of velocity models that are immediately available to the user through the GeoPRO database.
VelPRO incorporates well velocity and geologic horizons, as well as other critical information that enables the transition from velocity picking to velocity interpretation.

TomoPRO Tomographic Velocity Solution
TomoPRO™ provides integrated tomographic velocity analysis and residual depth-domain velocity picking. The toolkit is fully integrated with the VelPRO velocity platform and the ImagePRO™ time and depth imaging platform. TomoPRO provides complete workflows using state-of-the-art ray path and wave path tomographic methods.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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