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Blast Management International. Drill and blast consulting. BLASTPLAN-PRO™.

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2021-10-25

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Blast Management International. Drill and blast consulting. BLASTPLAN-PRO™.


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Blast Management International. Drill and blast consulting
Blast Management International provides Australia wide on-site blast consulting, nationally recognised shotfirer training and advanced blast design training for open cut coal, and both underground and open cut Metalliferous mines.
Blast Management International предоставляет Австралии широкую локальную консультацию взрыва, национально признанное обучение взрывника и передовое обучение проектированию взрыва открытому углю сокращения, и и подполье и открытые шахты Metalliferous сокращения.
Specific Services include:
Audit of drill and blast operations
Existing operations may be audited to determine the effectiveness of design implementation and the effects of process variation. An initial system audit may focus on the process and procedural documentation followed by a compliance audit to establish the effectiveness of the system in managing the drill and blast operation. Audit results document achievable and effective recommendations to address identified issues.
Risk management
Area of specific risk may be analysed in order to understand operational exposure and the necessary changes and controls to manage such risk. Examples include estimating blast clearance areas, business and safety risks associated with specific operations.
Drill and blast systems development
The implementation of procedures, operating instructions and quality standards is a key to effective blast management. Blast Management International provides a facilitation service to enable sites to grow their own system from the ground up. Whilst model procedures are supplied for this process site involvement is necessary for ownership.
Blast design
Blast Management International is able to provide specific blast design for underground and surface blasting operations. Designs combine fundamental explosives / rock properties with blast performance history from a range of sites. This approach is particularly effective when blasting in new or unusual blast geometries.
Peter Duniam is a Mining Engineer with 20 years of experience in the mining and construction industry, specialising in blasting operations in difficult and technically challenging areas.
Having spent fifteen years working for major explosives suppliers in Australia, Africa and Asia, Peter established ExploFix Pty Ltd in 2004 to provide an independent consulting service to the mining and explosives industry. 2008 saw the rebranding of Explofix to Blast Management International Pty Ltd. A member of the ISEE since 1996, Peter has presented several technical papers at international conferences on a diverse range of subjects including vibration control, training, electronic detonator systems and underground blast techniques.
Skills include:
Understanding of all aspects of the explosives and blasting industry with a focus on safety and efficiency. Experience in a broad range of underground and surface mines and construction operations including large diameter tunnels in urban environments. Project management and risk management related to blasting operations. Economic and technical analysis of blasting operations leading to precise and practical recommendations. Development and implementation of competency based training systems.
Peter specialises in developing total blasting systems incorporating technical, economic and human factors to deliver an optimised result. Key to this process is the development, presentation and implementation of the standards, procedures and guidelines that comprise site-specific competency-based training.

Программное обеспечение:

Initiation Design Software provides drill and blast crews a simple yet effective package to design, evaluate, simulate and document initiation designs in surface mining applications. Программное обеспечение Дизайна инициирования обеспечивает тренировку, и взрыв членом экипажа простой все же эффективный пакет, чтобы проектировать, оценить, моделировать и зарегистрировать проекты инициирования в приложениях горной промышленности поверхности.

BLASTPLAN-PRO is a graphically based initiation design and simulation package for Shotfirers and Drill and Blast Engineers.

BLASTPLAN-PRO has all the functionality expected from a modern 3-D CAD based application with a simple and clean interface. Experience in designing previous initiation packages such as SHOTPlan and BlastPRO has enabled BMI, the developers of BLASTPLAN-PRO, to deliver a package that is usable and effective across a wide range of users from blast crew to senior design engineers.

BLASTPLAN-PRO has the following features and functionality:

A database incorporating all the major manufacturers products. In Australia both Orica and Dyno products are covered.
A simple custom product interface allowing the user to add new product ranges and create custom products.
Create and edit drill patterns using templates and standard patterns.
Directly import drill patterns and pit shells from all the main design packages such as Vulcan, Surpac, Datamine, Minescape etc.
Native 3-D capability. View and manipulate drill patterns and pit shells in three dimensions.
Simple tie-up process using auto-tie generation feature.
Simulation of initiation design including
Angle of Initiation
Direction of movement
Holes per delay for ground vibration prediction
Create charge standards using a drag and drop interface to design specific hole by hole explosives loading.
Apply charge standards to blast hole to create load sheets.
Use graphical timing objects to design initiation sequences for electronic detonator systems.
Apply timing to defined zones to enable multiple independent deck firing.
Predict ground vibration using weighted scaled distance calculations that allow for all charge decks in space and time.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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