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Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2018-11-13

Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions, Inc

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Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions, Inc. предоставляет опытные услуги моделирования для отраслей промышленности обработки воды и сточных вод.
Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions, Inc. provides expert modelling services for the water and wastewater treatment industries. We meld our advanced modelling expertise with hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of wastewater treatment design and operational processes to deliver viable solutions firmly grounded in the modern reality of treatment plant operation and design practices. We are practical in our approach, specific in our recommendations, and thorough in our execution. Our expertise can be applied to wastewater treatment plant design, commissioning, operational performance, and planning improvements.

Программное обеспечение:

Premium Water & Wastewater Modelling and Simulation Software
GPS-XTM был первым коммерчески выпущенным динамическим симулятором очистной установки сточных вод.

GPS-XTM was the first commercially released dynamic wastewater treatment plant simulator. It is the most advanced tool available in market for the mathematical modeling, control, optimization and management of wastewater treatment plants. GPS-X™ offers a user-friendly, robust, customizable, high speed platform with calibrated models and the most comprehensive suite of unit processes. It includes leading edge Influent Advisor, Advanced Controllers, Optimizer, Sensitivity Analysis, Scenario Manager and Statistical Analysis tools.

Operator Simulators for Advanced Training and Plant Analysis
SimuWorksTM представляет эволюцию в использовании моделирования обработки воды и сточных вод и моделирования технологии, расширяя ее использование вне технических офисов.

SimuWorksTM is an industry first - a flight-simulator for water and wastewater treatment plants. Leveraging the proven technology of Hydromantis' GPS-XTM, the industry's most advanced mathematical modelling and simulation software, SimuWorksTM takes training and plant analysis opportunities to new heights.
SimuWorksTM represents an evolution in the use of water and wastewater treatment simulation and modelling technology, extending its use beyond the engineering offices. Utilizing customized operator interfaces, SimuWorksTM presents views and functionality familiar to operators and administrators alike in a platform that accurately simulates the behavior of a specific plant.

Predict & Report Toxic Emissions
Планирование, проектирование и оптимизация схем процесса уменьшить выброс в атмосферу.

Build plant
Select contaminants
Observe emissions
Regulatory reporting of VOC/HAP emissions (US EPA Clean Air Act Amendments and SARA reporting).
Planning, designing and optimization of process schemes to reduce air emission.
Bio-solids disposal management studies.
Estimating maximum allowable headworks concentrations to avoid violation of emission limits, health and safety levels.
Tracking contaminant mass balance and inventory.

Rapid Design and Costing Solution for Wastewater Treatment Plants
CapdetWorks - единственное программное средство промышленности для быстрого и точного предварительного дизайна и оценки стоимости строительных проектов очистной установки сточных вод.

CapdetWorks is the industry's only software tool for fast and accurate preliminary design and cost estimation of wastewater treatment plant construction projects.
Eliminate cumbersome and time-consuming spreadsheet-based design algorithms.
Simply drag-and-drop unit processes to build a plant schematic with CapdetWorks and it will design the plant and estimate the costs to build, operate and maintain the facility.
By quickly and easily building multiple treatment alternatives to compare relative costs, your planning-level design and costing productivity improves dramatically, leading to better engineering decisions. CapdetWorks utilizes industry-accepted design algorithms to derive the required unit process designs. Sophisticated unit cost estimation techniques are used to size and cost all treatment processes.
Identify potential air and effluent concerns from treating hauled wastes.

Water Treatment Simulator for Predicting Water Quality
WatPro - современный инструмент, чтобы допускать простую оценку работы лечебного учреждения питьевой воды с микробной и химической точки зрения.

WatPro is a sophisticated tool to allow for simple evaluation of the performance of a drinking water treatment facility from a microbial and chemical standpoint.
This software allows for the steady-state analysis of disinfection by-product (DBP) formation, inactivation of Giardia and viruses, removal of organic matter, the decay of disinfectants, and pH.

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