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GLOBE Claritas является сложным пакетом программ для 2D и 3D земли и морской сейсмической обработки данных.

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2021-01-05

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GLOBE Claritas™

http://www.globeclaritas.com/ https://www.petrosys.com.au/claritas/

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GLOBE Claritas™ is developed by engineers and designed by experienced processors.

Перекуплена Petrosys - https://grinikkos.com/view_post.php?id=380
The rise of Agile development approaches, such as Scrum, have led to a fundamental shift in how software is developed, delivered, and maintained. Our Scrum cycle has geophysicists and software engineers working together over short “Sprints” to produce incremental improvements in functionality at a steady pace.
Throughout our development history, the close relationship between the developers and the processing geophysicists in the team was key to our success. The team we have in place has worked in start-ups, as consultants, as field processing staff, team leaders and QC representatives. Combined, they have processed data from almost every terrain and environment worldwide.
Our Vision
There are three guiding principles driving the development and marketing of GLOBE Claritas™:
To be the seismic data processing tool of choice and still retain core values of reliability, service and support.
To be the enabling technology allowing growth-focused companies to compete for large contracts.
To be a distributed seismic operating system that businesses are built upon, with no constraints.
GLOBE Claritas является сложным пакетом программ для 2D и 3D земли и морской сейсмической обработки данных. Разработанный для максимальной гибкости, это дает Вам слой предоставления возможности без ограничений для сейсмической обработки данных, развил более чем 20 лет Наукой GNS, главным поставщиком геофизических исследований Новой Зеландии.

Программное обеспечение:

GLOBEClaritas seismic processing software has been developed over 30+ years to align with industry needs in evolving seismic acquisition and processing environments.

GLOBEClaritas provides a cost-effective software solution when it comes to creating or enhancing your seismic data processing capabilities. Comprehensive tutorials and user-focused support information ensure that your team can rapidly start applying their geophysical knowledge. The low installation footprint allows flexible hardware specifications to suit your needs.

GLOBEClaritas is an effective and powerful solution for acquisition field qc. Whether you are looking for a pragmatic solution for your field QC requirements or looking to provide innovative in field processing solutions GLOBEClaritas can work for you.

Processing QC
The small install footprint of GLOBEClaritas and it’s ability to run on anything from laptops to HPC systems makes GLOBEClaritas an ideal solution for Seismic Processing QC consultants and Geophysicists allowing you to review results from the contractor, highlight issues and recommend suitable and more cost effective processing solutions.

2D/3D Land Processing
GLOBEClaritas provides all the tools that a processor needs to deliver high quality results on both 2D and 3D Land surveys; robust automated first break picking; data QC tools dynamically linked to 2D/3D Refraction static solutions in conjunction with class leading residual statics solutions. A comprehensive processing toolkit means that GLOBEClaritas has everything a land processor needs.

2D/3D Marine Processing
GLOBEClaritas is ideal both for boutique processing shops through to large scale processing centres. GLOBEClaritas has all the tools that you would need to effectively tackle marine processing projects of any scale, with solutions for; 2D and 3D SRME; deghosting and broadband processing; optimised 2D/3D PreSTM/PreSDM, NDimensional interpolation. The ability to scale across many cores allows you to tackle projects of all sizes with confidence.

Academic users
GLOBEClaritas is an ideal solution for both the teaching of seismic processing to graduate level students or as a tool to facilitate research projects involving seismic data at Phd/MSc level and beyond. The GLOBEClaritas processing tutorials available to all our users provide an effective ‘course in a box’. Regular updates to both the software and the tutorials mean that they remain relevant and provide a valuable teaching resource.

GLOBEClaritas – iMage
Our stand-alone iMage platform is a group of four, high-performance, parallel, seismic processing algorithms that operate alongside your existing seismic processing solutions. The iMage algorithms obtain higher quality results using less computer resources creating superior results faster.

A broadband deghosting tool that is designed to extend the usable bandwidth of a marine seismic dataset. Octave uses a constrained planar deconvolution in the FX domain to correct for the low- and high-frequency “ghost notches” as a result of the cable tow depth. Octave is effective for constant and varying tow depths.

An advanced Kirchhoff 3D pre-stack time migration with full curved-ray and anisotropic options coupled with high fidelity anti-alias operators.

An advanced 5D pre-stack regularisation and interpolation routine, that employs the POCS (position on convex surface) and IGR (Iterative Greedy Radon) algorithms in a ‘smart’ cascade. It can successfully infill even large (7-10 trace) gaps in complex data, resulting in a higher fidelity, clearer pre-stack migrations.

A true 3D SRME modelling package that uses full 3D interpolation-on-the-fly to create an accurate model of the multiple, including 3D cross-line effects over multiple sail-lines. 3DSRME outputs modelled traces at the same location as the raw input seismic.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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