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Дата и время

GLOBE Claritas является сложным пакетом программ для 2D и 3D земли и морской сейсмической обработки данных.

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2012-10-21

GLOBE Claritas™


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GLOBE Claritas™ is developed by engineers and designed by experienced processors.
The rise of Agile development approaches, such as Scrum, have led to a fundamental shift in how software is developed, delivered, and maintained. Our Scrum cycle has geophysicists and software engineers working together over short “Sprints” to produce incremental improvements in functionality at a steady pace.
Throughout our development history, the close relationship between the developers and the processing geophysicists in the team was key to our success. The team we have in place has worked in start-ups, as consultants, as field processing staff, team leaders and QC representatives. Combined, they have processed data from almost every terrain and environment worldwide.
Our Vision
There are three guiding principles driving the development and marketing of GLOBE Claritas™:
To be the seismic data processing tool of choice and still retain core values of reliability, service and support.
To be the enabling technology allowing growth-focused companies to compete for large contracts.
To be a distributed seismic operating system that businesses are built upon, with no constraints.
GLOBE Claritas является сложным пакетом программ для 2D и 3D земли и морской сейсмической обработки данных. Разработанный для максимальной гибкости, это дает Вам слой предоставления возможности без ограничений для сейсмической обработки данных, развил более чем 20 лет Наукой GNS, главным поставщиком геофизических исследований Новой Зеландии.

Программное обеспечение:

GLOBE Claritas
Based On Open Standards
GLOBE Claritas™ uses open standards for integration, allowing cost-effective flexibility with the convenience of a small installation footprint. Information is not locked inside a closed, proprietary database, so that it can be used and accessed by other tools. You can create your own modules in C, FORTRAN or Python, with no need to learn or pay for a complex “software development kit”.
Scalable Solution
GLOBE Claritas™ can scale with your business needs, offering you low-risk growth. Whatever scale of processing capability you require, GLOBE Claritas™ can scale to fit your hardware needs, allowing you to get the maximum use out of the systems or resources you have. The low installation footprint and scalability of GLOBE Claritas allows you to use the same software for laptop-based QC and massive scale 3D processing. The algorithms and licencing allow you to deploy the same solution cost effectively across thousands of cores. Tutorials, manuals, on-line videos, and technical support ensure that you can bring new staff up to speed quickly and effectively without lengthy training courses.
Streamlines Decision Making
GLOBE Claritas™ lets you test, compare, and check results efficiently - increasing productivity and reducing risk! Successful seismic data processing relies on your ability to make the right choices. At the heart of decision making is being able to compare and contrast data. A large range of interactive analysis and processing options lets you check and resolve issues without constructing fresh workflows. The ability to overlay and compare datasets helps to prevent errors and ensure continuous improvement in a process sequence.
Complements Current Capabilities
Our stand-alone iMage platform is a group of four, high-performance, parallel, seismic processing algorithms that operate alongside your existing seismic processing solutions. The iMage algorithms obtain higher quality results using less computer resources creating superior results faster.
Simple To Use
The iMage Suite is designed to be simple to use so staff can focus on the geophysics, not learning software. The algorithms are run from a simple three-step (Scan-Prep-Run) interface with:
data checking
smart parameter defaults
prevention of running with inappropriate parameters
queue detection
“parallel engine” – intelligent workload distribution
runtime bar
logging window to highlight any required action
No database import or SEGY configuration is needed, iMage algorithms read and write SEGY revision 1.
All of the iMage algorithms are also deployed as part of our full sesismic processing suite, and as such have be developed with our existing GLOBE Claritas™ clients
Parallel Performance
Scaling in parallel will always depend on the data and the system, however algorithms of the iMage platform have been run across thousands of cores with linear scalability. At the heart of iMage is our unique “Parallel Engine” that is designed to make optimal use of any cluster system, even if the cluster nodes have different specifications.

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