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Technodigit 3DReshaper

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2018-03-05

Technodigit 3DReshaper

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About Technodigit
TECHNODIGIT - французская компания, расположенная во Франции, в Neyron, на расстоянии в 11 км из Лиона.
С января 2009 TECHNODIGIT присоединился к HEXAGON MANUFACTURING INTELLIGENCE, мирового лидера в технологиях измерения.
TECHNODIGIT is a French company located in France, in Neyron, 11 km away from Lyon.
Since January 2009, TECHNODIGIT has joined the HEXAGON MANUFACTURING INTELLIGENCE group, the global leader in measurement technologies.
TECHNODIGIT is specialized in digitalization and 3D modelling, reverse engineering, surface reconstruction and control. We develop the 3DReshaper® technology to make 3D point cloud processing from measurement points. This unique point meshing knowledge allows point cloud treatment without any size limit and provides high quality models, accurate and light, even with poor quality measurements. This tool allows us to receive point clouds from all digitalization equipments and to treat them in a very short time.
This technology is available within the 3DReshaper software collection and is used in a wide range of domains as for example: Land Surveying, Cultural Heritage, Mines & Quarries, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Nuclear Plants, Jewellery, Rapid Prototyping, Electronic & Semiconductors, Medical, Dental, Automotive, Aeronautic, Shipbuilidng, and much more!
To better answer all the needs, 3DReshaper in available in two different versions:
3DReshaper for Surveying application
3DReshaper Meteor for Industrial application
And for developers who wish use the 3DReshaper technology in their own software we can provide 3DReshaper Library, a collection of C++ functions (SDK) for covering all the needs in terms of 3D modeling.
TECHNODIGIT provides also assistance and services for 3DReshaper Library integration and maintenance and support for future versions of all the 3DReshaper collection.
Finally, TECHNODIGIT is also a member of the French High Technology Federation.

TECHNODIGIT специализирован на оцифровывании и 3D моделировании, обратном проектировании, поверхностной реконструкции и контроле. Мы развиваемся 3DReshaper® технология, чтобы сделать 3D обработку облака пункта из пунктов измерения. Это уникальное знание сцеплений пункта позволяет лечение облака пункта без любого предела размера и предоставляет высококачественные модели, точные и легкие, даже с измерениями низкого качества. Этот инструмент позволяет нам получать облака пункта от всего оборудования для оцифровывания и рассматривать их в очень короткое время.
Эта технология доступна в 3DReshaper коллекция программных обеспечений и используется в широком спектре областей что касается примера: Топографическая съемка, Культурное наследие, Шахты & Quarries, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Nuclear Plants, Jewellery, Rapid Prototyping, Electronic & Semiconductors, Медицинская, Зубная, Автомобильная, Воздухоплавательная, Shipbuilidng, и намного больше!
Лучше ответить на все потребности, 3DReshaper в доступном в двух различных версиях:
3DReshaper для Рассмотрения применения
3DReshaper Метеор для Промышленного применения
И для разработчиков, которые желают использования 3DReshaper технология в их собственном программном обеспечении, которое мы можем предоставить 3DReshaper Библиотека, коллекция C ++ функции (SDK) для того, чтобы удовлетворить все потребности с точки зрения 3D моделирования.
TECHNODIGIT оказывает также помощь и услуги для 3DReshaper интеграция Библиотеки и обслуживание и поддержка будущих версий весь 3DReshaper коллекция.
Наконец, TECHNODIGIT - также член французской Федерации Высокой технологии.

Программное обеспечение:

3DReshaper is the easy-to-use and versatile software solution dedicated to processing any type of point clouds in a wide array of applications. From point cloud to deliverables, from engineering to heritage, from surveying to manufacturing, 3DReshaper is the complete toolbox to meet your 3D modeling and inspection needs.

Области применения:

The use of 3D Scanning and imaging in architectural survey applications has become more and more common, among which restoration of existing buildings, digital archiving, facilities management, land use and infrastructure policy. Any project that requires accurate as-built information can benefit from 3DReshaper.
art et patrimoine

Art & Cultural Heritage
3D scanners are quite often used for preserving, interpreting and reproducing the heritage. Thanks to 3DReshaper and its powerful 3D meshing features, making your data workable from the millions of points of your scans will be easy.
modelisation numerique de terrains

Digital Terrain Model
If your customer deliverables include a Digital Terrain Map (DTM), then 3DReshaper is the tool of choice for easy to use ground extraction, contour mapping, and breaking line extraction.

Tunnels and shafts present many challenges to those who need to build, modify, or inspect them. Fortunately, 3DReshaper has a powerful, easy to use, suite of tools directed at the tunnel engineering and inspection workflow.
ingénierie civile

Civil Engineering
If part of your project requires inspection or comparison, and you want a flexible professional software that is easy to use, then the tool you want to use is 3DReshaper.
mines et carrières

Mines & Quarry
3DReshaper is a powerful solution to compute volumes and cubatures on meshes, even if they are not completely closed. You can easily calculate for instance embankment and excavation, the capacity of a dam, the water retention as a result of land subsidence, the volume at a specific level in a tank, etc.

For general tank inspections, 3D scanners allow you to quickly capture high accuracy and high density information to evaluate the conditions of storage tanks. Thanks to 3DReshaper and its dedicated module, run a complete and guided analysis, using API 650/653 tolerances, or not. Process a 3D Inspection, check roundness, plumbness and verticality, compute settlements on the bottom of the tank.
construction navale

3DReshaper has many commands that meet the specific needs of shipbuilding (reverse engineering of hulls, flatness analysis on the deck, control of deformations).
effets speciaux vfx

VFX & Cinema
Advanced meshing and texturing capabilities make it possible to obtain aesthetic and lightweight 3D models, which can be used for augmented reality or in the film industry (visual effects).

3DReshaper Meteor
3DReshaper Meteor is a software dedicated to metrology. It is a polyvalent software in terms of 3D modeling, supplemented by 3D inspection tools and CAD. Moreover, its interface with measuring arms of the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence group makes it a complete software finding its place in many applications and all types of industries.
automobile aéronautique

Области применения:

Automotive & Aeropsace
3DReshaper Meteor allows you to create precise 3D meshes or CAD surfaces from 3D scans. 3DReshaper Meteor also has alignment and inspection commands to compute 3D inspection. You can also see the power of 3DReshaper in the Quindos / Reshaper and CoreView / Reshaper applications dedicated to the automotive and aeronautics world.

Medical & Dental
3DReshaper Meteor is also used in a medical world, as the software is used to design dental prosthesis, orthopedic prostheses or even auditory aids.
moule flaconnage

3DReshaper Meteor is also used to design a mould of a piece from a 3D point clouds, and thanks to the inspection tools, you can further control the designed mould.

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