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FLAIRBASE offers the mining industry, state-of-the-art software products and services, in the areas of: mine design, resource evaluation and interpolation, drilling and blasting, scheduling, document management, emissions control, mine production data entry and reporting, mine safety, and much more. Our Amine product is the original mine design software for the AutoCAD platform. Its user-friendly visual interface allows you to manage your drawings, designing your layouts, evaluate your resources, work in 3D or with 2D sections, design your drilling and blasting layouts, perform automated surveys, and much more.
Our SIMS product is a mine production management system that keeps track of all your mining activities, equipments, locations, people, and consumables, allowing you to take control of your costs and your resources,
Our dedicated team of engineers, geologists, developers and technicians can also provide you with timely consultation and training services, and with products customized to your specific needs.
FLAIRBASE предлагает горнодобывающую промышленность, новейшие программные продукты и услуги в таких областях, как проектирование шахт, оценка и интерполяция ресурсов, бурение и взрывные работы, составление графиков, документооборот, контроль выбросов, ввод и отчетность данных о производстве полезных ископаемых, безопасность шахт и многое другое. Наш продукт Amine - это оригинальное программное обеспечение для проектирования шахт для платформы AutoCAD. Его удобный визуальный интерфейс позволяет управлять чертежами, проектировать макеты, оценивать ресурсы, работать в 3D или с 2D секциями, проектировать макеты буровых и взрывных работ, выполнять автоматизированные опросы и многое другое.
Наш продукт SIMS - это система управления шахтными производственный, которая обеспечивает трека всей вашей горнодобывающей деятельности, оборудования, местоположений, людей и расходных материалов, позволяя вам контролировать свои затраты и ресурсы.

Программное обеспечение:

The most advanced AutoCAD-based mine design software – Amine is the perfect tool for all underground mine surveyors. It includes a comprehensive suite of tools including a laser offset function, automated CMS slicing and underground monthly reporting summary which simplifies and streamlines daily survey tasks.
Компания Datamine заключила многообещающее глобальное дистрибьюторское соглашение с компанией Flairbase на распространение ведущего в мире оперативного CAD / Маркшейдерского решения – Amine.

In running a mining operation, success is sometimes measured by how accurately you can access meaningful data for quick, accurate decision making. The SIMS central database system ( Oracle or MS SQL ) lets you cut through the clutter to access the data you need to have, when you need to have it. A customisable centralised data entry and reporting system designed specifically for mining operations, and moulds itself to fit specific company needs. SIMS has powerful query abilities to view and analyse data with easy to read tables and graphical reports.

Graphical Survey System, Survey with a motorized machine and with the click of a button turn the data into 3D Graphical tunnels, benches and pits. GSS is an AutoCAD based, fully automated survey software you can use directly from a portable computer to control your surveying instrument. This survey system is compatible with any design system using either .DWG or .DXF file types, the only software required is AutoCAD!
This software works with either a serial connection (cable) or using a Bluetooth connection to the survey instrument. You might require a Bluetooth booster for some advanced functionalities such as CMS. With this system you will be able to perform, with increased speed, your traditional survey jobs and even more.
Training requirements for GSS are minimal. We were able to keep this system as simple as possible, to perform a simple face mark-up, you just require a few clicks and the software will take care of the rest. After a few minutes, almost anybody can use this system with ease and confidence. You only require a total station to perform all your regular work and with the ease of use of this system, reduce drastically your costs. This is the new generation of one man surveying.

DEEMS integrates diagnostic and condition-based maintenance tools for managing diesel engine emissions and performance. The heart of the system is the emissions measurement and testing protocols. It also combines the “Six-System” engine preventive maintenance routine that encompasses the critical sub-systems of a diesel engine.

Produce long-term and short-term schedules graphically with Mine Scheduler and Amine. Transparently link AutoCAD and MS Project to easily build your schedules.

Electronically Sign all your engineering prints and reports without ever touching pen to paper. Securely sign off on engineering prints and store the electronic images within a secure server.

A comprehensive Geological data capture and data management application. Collect data in a mobile setting or connect to a centralized database. Produce QA/QC reports for financial institutions, stock exchanges or investors with the click of a button.

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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