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Geosoft Software & Products Seequen

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2024-01-23

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Geosoft Software & Products Seequen


Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

Seequent — это компания группы Bentley Systems, которая вместе со всеми работает над построением лучшего будущего.

Sequent Geoscience Solutions
Мы даем возможность геоданным рассказывать историю с помощью программного обеспечения, сочетающего углубленный анализ, 2D и 3D-визуализацию и управление данными. Доступный на настольных компьютерах и в облаке, Sequence объединяет надежные возможности программного обеспечения Leapfrog 3D, Geosoft и GeoStudio. Наши решения интегрируются с ведущими в отрасли приложениями с использованием API-интерфейсов Sequence для объединения данных и обеспечения бесперебойных рабочих процессов.

Geosoft Software & Products Seequen-Высокопроизводительное программное обеспечение для геологоразведки и наук о земле

Multidisciplinary Geoscience

Oasis montaj
Transform data into decisions with Oasis montaj
Visualise, analyse, and integrate all your geoscience data.

Setting the standard in geophysics modelling for over 30 years
– and still evolving
Process big data with ease
View, QA/QC, transform, and analyse all raw data – geology, geochemistry, and geophysics – with powerful 2D and 3D modelling capabilities.
Rapidly assess andexperiment with large data sets in real time, running numerous filters and processes. Spatially align all data with real-time coordinate projection.
Integrate all geoscience data
Import, overlay, and work with more than 50 common formats from CAD to GIS, to mine planning and modelling. Directly import data from many online geoscience repositories.
Bring geoscience data together to build the most complete model – and easily pass off files to teams working with different formats. Code your own processes through the Oasis montaj open API.
Customise your workflows
Each project is unique. Record and automate repetitive and complex data processing tasks. Streamline team workflows and save time – so you can focus on generating insights.
Plus, add on specific tools and workflows for the geoscience data you need with Oasis montaj extensions.
Extend your data processing power
Select from over 25 Oasis montaj extensions to visualise, QA/QC, process, and interpret specialised data, including ground and airborne/UAV surveys, magnetic and gravity, resistivity, radiometrics, geochemistry, and geology.

Exploration Geoscience

Explore with confidence using Target
Visualise, quality control, and share drillhole and geoscience data – to find what’s hidden, faster.
Visualise exploration data with Target for ArcMap
Analyse, process, and model your geology and drillhole data – in 2D and 3D – within Esri ArcMap
Find what’s hidden, faster with Target for ArcGIS Pro
Advance your understanding of drillhole and subsurface data within Esri ArcGIS Pro.
Make faster, more informed exploration decisions
Explore more effectively
Automate routine data processing tasks and streamline workflows to spend less time processing data and more time exploring. Easy-to-use interactive tools support every stage of your exploration projects, so you can:
Import drilling and subsurface data from a wide variety of sources
Perform quality control and calculate economic composites
Create plan maps and single or multiple sections with 3D visualisation and interpretation tools
Build 3D subsurface geological models, 3D voxels, or block models and isosurfaces with wireframing tools
Plan drillholes in 2D and 3D
Bring all data together
Make confident decisions using all of your existing and ongoing geology, geophysics, geochemistry, and GIS data. Create integrated interpretations that improve prospecting and discovery results.
Import and organise more than 50 supported data formats including CAD, GIS, and mine planning and modelling. Connect your 3D model with the original data to validate your thinking. Build iterations rapidly and refine your 3D results as new data is collected.
Collaborate across disciplines
Effectively share and discuss your results with team members and knowledge experts. Work together to better manage project risk, costs, and timelines.
View all your drillhole data as maps, sections, and 3D views in a single integrated environment. Incorporate data from major mine planning and other exploration software formats. Share your results as 2D or 3D PDF files or by exporting them to a variety of file formats.

VOXI Earth Modelling
Lightning-fast, intuitive geophysical inversion with VOXI
Visualise the deep subsurface with Cloud-powered speed and responsiveness
Free up your computer – run inversions in the Cloud
Create your VOXI project directly within Oasis montaj – the industry-standard platform for geophysics and then harness the power of on-demand Cloud computing.
Generate inversions in minutes, not days
Faster, Cloud-based geophysical inversion modelling gives you more time for interpretation and allows you to work on other tasks while your model processes remotely.
Cloud computing is available on-demand with no overhead cost or setup – simply click “Run.” Ensure project data is private with a secure and encrypted connection to Microsoft Azure.
Rapidly iterate models
As new data and insights become available, quickly build new model iterations using data and model integration tools in VOXI. Apply new constraints and then run another inversion to test different modelling hypotheses.
Add multidisciplinary insight
VOXI is directly integrated within Oasis montaj, providing a new way to interact and collaborate on geophysical models.
Inversion models can be constrained and efficiently integrated with exploration data from other teams, including borehole data, geological models, and geochemical data.
VOXI Earth Modelling requires Oasis montaj.

Constrain your earth models with GM-SYS
Integrate seismic, well, and geology data with observed gravity and magnetics
GM-SYS extensions are trusted by international government surveys and the exploration programs of the world's most successful energy companies.
Validate your geological model
How closely does your seismic velocity model match the gravity and magnetic data?
Rapidly create new interpretations based on the latest survey data – and see when the calculated response of the model matches the observed data using interactive tools.
Minimise risks when planning expensive surveys or drilling targets by bringing all your data together.
GM-SYS extensions require Oasis montaj.
Build a holistic model
GM-SYS extensions are directly integrated within Oasis montaj allowing you to view gravity and magnetic data directly alongside your other earth models. Import and incorporate grids, slices, and numeric data from other teams in a seamless workflow.
Run efficient QA/QC controls in Oasis montaj and instantly extract your clean data into GM-SYS to ensure your model is based on the most accurate data.
Match your model to reality
Improve the accuracy of final interpretations and focus the use of seismic surveys and drilling using gravity and magnetic data.
Draw points, polylines, add bodies, and lithology data to your geological model – then instantly see how it impacts your magnetic and gravity models.
Iterate new ideas quickly and see how to best minimise the difference between calculated and observed data.
Reduce risk
Bring data and teams together and make more confident choices about prospect targeting. Gain new insights when you see 2D and 3D visualisations of your data.
Share visualisations of your data to explain ideas and help stakeholders of any technical level make informed decisions.
Quickly interpolate areas between survey lines to develop more precise areas for further testing.

UXO Detection and Analysis

UXO Land & UX-Analyze
Detect and classify targets with UXO Land & UX-Analyze
Accurately locate unexploded ordnance (UXO) with onshore magnetic, electromagnetic, and advanced electromagnetic induction data.

UXO Marine
Accurately detect offshore targets with UXO Marine
Locate unexploded ordnance (UXO), utilities, and debris with marine magnetic and gradiometer data.

Geoscience and GIS

Target for ArcGIS Pro
Advance your understanding of drillhole and subsurface data within Esri ArcGIS Pro.

Target for ArcMap
Analyse, process, and model your geology and drillhole data – in 2D and 3D – within Esri ArcMap.

Data Management & Collaboration

Seequent Central
Manage, track, and collaborate on geological data in a single, accessible environment.

DAP Data Management
Ensure your geoscience data is of the highest quality – in one single, accessible source.

Seequent View
Visualise and share interactive 3D models with collaborators using an accessible web link.

Geosoft Viewer
Easily view and share your geoscience data visualisations, for free.

Существует ряд дополнительных программных модулей montaj plus™, разработанных партнерами компании Geosoft для решения специальных задач, например, трехмерное моделирование гравитационного и магнитного полей. Все модули montaj plus работают под оболочкой Oasis montaj и используют эффективные возможности трехмерной среды, базы данных и вычислительный механизм программы Oasis montaj.
Программные модули montaj plus:

Grav/Mag Filtering
PotentQ Modeling Lite
Predictive Targeting with Neural Networks
acQuire (GIM Suite) Подробно >>>>>>

Заказать и получить вылеченную от чрезмерной жадности программу подробнее >>>>>

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