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Leapfrog Software & Products Seequen

Автор: Гричуха Константин

Дата: 2024-01-23

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Leapfrog Software & Products Seequen


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Our story beganbecause people struggled with only having part of the picture to make good decisions.
From the very beginning we have understood that context is the key to connecting the right information to give us theright insights to make the right decisions. For more than 10 years Seequent has been leading the worldin the visualisation of complex data to make meaningful differences to people, companies and the environment. Seequent — это компания группы Bentley Systems, которая вместе со всеми работает над построением лучшего будущего.

Sequent Geoscience Solutions
Our powerful geoscience analysis, modelling, and collaborative technologies enable new ways to solve increasingly complex problems, manage risk, and uncover valuable insights from data.
Последовательные решения в области геонауки. Наши мощные технологии анализа, моделирования и совместной работы в области геонауки позволяют находить новые способы решения все более сложных проблем,управлять рисками и извлекать ценную информацию из данных.
Интуитивно понятное, совместимое, интегрированное программное обеспечение Sequence вносит ясность в сложность геоданных и принятия решений.
Мы даем возможность геоданным рассказывать историю с помощью программного обеспечения, сочетающего углубленный анализ, 2D и 3D-визуализацию и управление данными. Доступный на настольных компьютерах и в облаке, Sequence объединяет надежные возможности программного обеспечения Leapfrog 3D, Geosoft и GeoStudio. Наши решения интегрируются с ведущими в отрасли приложениями с использованием API-интерфейсов Sequence для объединения данных и обеспечения бесперебойных рабочих процессов.

Leapfrog Products & Software

Geological Modelling

Leapfrog Geo
See trends in data with Leapfrog Geo
Rapidly integrate, communicate, and interpret geological data with industry-leading 3D modelling
Spend time on geology, not data
Leapfrog geological modelling is made by geologists, for geologists.
Intuitive workflows,rapid data processing, and visualisation tools bring teams together – and enable the discussions that drive decisions.
Save your time for interpretation
Build and refine geological models with user-friendly tools. Input large data sets and rapidly generate models directly from the data, bypassing time-consuming wireframing. Quickly see your geological data visualised in 3D and gain visual insights to guide your interpretations.
As you add new data to a model, the rules and parameters you already set are automatically applied. Make a change to one model and any dependant models are instantly updated – ensuring models are always up to date.
Analysing data is quick and intuitive with Leapfrog Geo’s features, such as exploratory data analysis, distance function, structural modelling, vein modelling, and indicator interpolation tools.
Minimise risk and uncertainty
Test new ideas and refine your model, quickly. Duplicate models and apply streamlined workflows so you can iterate interpretations the moment new insights become available.
Rapidly copy, modify, test, and share alternative interpretations. Keep track of how decisions were made for auditing with a record of all input data and parameters used to construct a surface.
Get teams and non-technical stakeholders on the same page by sharing 3D models or 2D slices with annotations. Create movies of your model to illustrate ideas clearly, and export high quality images for reports and presentations.
Incorporate all your data
Bring in data directly from industry-leading partner solutions, such as acQuire, Maptek, ioGAS Link, IMDEXHUB-IQ, ALS Coreviewer, Coreshed, and Imago.
Import and work with many different types of data, like GIS, maps and images, drillhole, points, geophysical, structural, meshes, polylines, and geochemical data.
Add resource estimation to your geological model
An industry first, Leapfrog Edge integrates the resource estimation workflow with your geological model, allowing you to update resource estimations rapidly as soon as new information is available.

Leapfrog Edge
Know your resource with Leapfrog Edge
Fully integrate resource estimation into your 3D geological models
Make confident resource estimations
Combine the visual insights from your 3D Leapfrog models with the industry-standard resource estimation tools you need most – in a streamlined, flexible workflow.
Link to geology
Fully integrate your resource estimation workflow with your geological modelling. Refine or add data at any stage and the changes flow downstream from the geological model to the resource model and everywhere in between.
Work with data using highly visual tools, such as domained estimation object with boundary analysis, variable orientation, resource reporting, and variography block interrogation.
Break down barriers
Intuitive, flexible workflows and uncluttered workspaces accelerate the resource modelling learning curve. Hand off block models easily to other teams in common industry file formats.
See data differently
Visualise and interact with your data throughout your resource estimation process. Iterate rapidly and see the results in 3D to gain new insights and guide decision making.
Share cross sections, videos, and interactive 3D models with non-technical stakeholders to help them understand your insights.

Leapfrog Works
Gain subsurface insight with Leapfrog Works
Dynamic 3D geological modelling designed for civil engineering and environmental projects
Turn complex data into clear, easy to interpret visualisations
Leapfrog Works helps you visualise and understand your data so you can communicate risks with stakeholders of all technical levels – and make better decisions on all your civil engineering and environmental projects.
Save time for analysis
Change how you look at and work with data using streamlined workflows. Generate cross sections rapidly and use tools that integrate your models with engineering designs.
Increase the productivity of your 3D subsurface modelling with rapid creation and updating of geological models. As new data is input, your models and outputs (such as cross sections) dynamically update without needing to recreate them, saving both time and money.
3D subsurface modelling offers an unrivalled level of accuracy and efficiency in understanding ground conditions. Better identify and assess risks at every stage of the project lifecycle and spot challenges early on.
Communicate clearly
Seeing subsurface insights in 3D brings clarity to even complex data, giving you a higher level of understanding.
Highly visual 3D subsurface models help you better interpret ground conditions. Clearly communicate risks to all stakeholders using free visualisation tools, including Seequent View, Leapfrog Viewer, and movies, and export high quality images and section layouts for reports and presentations.
Collaborate with all teams
Leapfrog Works supports industry-standard ground investigation data formats. You can also combine your geological models with engineering designs, BIM workflows, and groundwater flow models, to see the complete picture of your project.
Give geologists a seat at the table when making critical decisions on ground conditions. Combine your Geological Information Model with your Building Information Models and enable collaboration with other teams to develop an Infrastructure Information Model.

Leapfrog Energy
Make clear and confident decisions for energy development and operations.
Understand the complexities of the subsurface with Leapfrog Energy
Powerful geomodelling technology for an industry in transition.
Intuitive workflows, rapid data processing, and visualisation tools designed for energy experts allowing you to spend time building and analysing robust 3D conceptual models.
Tools and workflows tailored for subsurface professionals
Leapfrog Energy is an intuitive, workflow-based 3D subsurface modelling software that enables you to build and refine models – fast. With over 30 years supporting the energy industry across the Seequent portfolio, this powerful technology streamlines your workflows and reduces risk to meet energy industry needs.
Make intelligent decisions about your project with workflows for well targeting, ground modelling, basin and play screening, and reservoir geoscience in a single 3D model. Leapfrog Energy’s user-friendly tools and processes streamline data and empower collaboration, so you can.
Accelerate Reconnaissance and QA Workflows
Rapidly build and analyse robust 3D conceptual models from multidisciplinary data. Take sparse well, geophysical and legacy data and build robust 3D conceptual models accelerating high grading workflows for prospects or plays. Make confident decisions on well targeting and during drilling operations.
A screenshot of a 3D model in Seequent's Leapfrog Energy
a person looking at a screen
Optimise well planning and targeting
Make confident decisions on well targeting and during drilling operations. Rapidly build and test well trajectories and prognoses in 3D based on your subsurface models, ensuring you’re always working with the latest information.
Add new data or make changes to a model to dynamically update all dependent models. Gain insights to change the trajectory of wells as you drill them as soon as the latest data becomes available.
Reduce risk in complex offshore environments
Understand and communicate the complete picture of the subsurface with powerful 2D and 3D visualisations. Influence foundation design or location for turbines utilising geophysical, geological and geotechnical data
A screenshot of a 3D model with wind turbines in Seequent's Leapfrog Energy
a man and a woman looking at a computer screen
Eliminate Silos
Unite geology, flow, and numerical models to create a continuous workflow between teams. Bring all geoscience data into a single environment through direct integrations with industry-leading subsurface engineering and geophysical software.

Data Management & Collaboration

Seequent Central
Manage, track, and collaborate on geological data in a single, accessible environment.

Seequent View
Visualise and share interactive 3D models with collaborators using an accessible web link.

Leapfrog Viewer
A free desktop application, anyone can view scene files exported from Leapfrog modelling products.

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